Spinning update

Here is a busy bee in my garden...

I have been busy spinning, working and cleaning,

how do two dogs make so much hair? I guess if I had that much

hair all over my body and it was in the 90's I would be dropping

an alarming amount of hair also.

Here is the amount of yarn I have

spun during the Tour De Fleece.

This shows the amount of fiber I have left from the 4 oz.

that I want to spin during this time.

Also the primary spindle I have been using,

a bottom whorl made by my hubby and a spindle bowl from the Knitwitch.

I did get my Sursa shawl done.

And I'm still working on my Lola bunny.


  1. I love your spun yarn! It seems to have a pinkish/lavendar color to it. Maybe you have enough for a hat? Your Sursa shawl is absolutely GORGEOUS! The ruffle color was just the perfect match. Enjoy :)

  2. You are a spinning machine! I can't believe how many skeins you have already spun. So what are you going to make with it?

    Congrats on finishing your shawl. It looks fantastic!

  3. Vicki,
    Good job on the spinning.
    I love the shawl. The ruffle around the edge is perfect. Did it take long to make?

  4. Anonymous7/21/2008

    Wow Vicki, I sure admire your enthusiasm and the dedication you have. I wish I could get busy and do something. I dream of a lot of things, but seldom get going on them it seems. Sigh...hehe. I like the shawl a lot. Looks very cozy for the cool nights that will arrive all too soon I fear.

    Happy spinning!


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