Fast Knitted Wrap

This pattern is the Melanie Shawl (free pattern), This is a repeat knit for me. I made the first one a little longer and can actually double it and wrap it as a scarf.
This shawl I used 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun, I didn’t know what to do with it. I had started another wrap with it that was crochet and forgot how I dislike working with the Homespun yarn. It is so splitty! Terrible to crochet with (for me anyway)!  Knitting with this is OK and it is soft and fluffy, easy to care for, machine wash and dry on cool air.
IMG_6437 (2)
This was super fast and fun way to get rid of this yarn and ended up looking very nice. Good to toss over your shoulders or I keep it on the back of a chair for anyone who gets chilled in the house.

Need more options for a rectangle wrap? Check out these free knit patterns:
From Tonia Berry, a classic wrap (link), Look at her other free pattern on Yarn and Soul (link)
Marji LaFreniere offers this pattern that has some textured interest to it (link)
From Lion Brand a shawl that looks cozy and good for snuggling (link)


Arlequin shawl with hand dyed

It was the middle of summer, that time when the humidity is high and the temps are triple digits. Sultry outside and yet walking indoors your are greeted by the icy blast of chilly air that initially feels great, but quickly chills you. I started looking for a simple, fast wrap, but I wanted something a little edgy with some interest. But not too hard.
I like the long  triangle shape of this wrap, easy to secure around my shoulders and keep my hands free while looking stylish. Added texture adds interest without being too difficult of a knit, and makes this wrap fast to complete. Pattern is Arqulein Shawl by Peggy Maxheim (free pattern link)
Arlequin Shawl/Scarf (free knitting pattern)

Arlequin Shawl/Scarf (free knitting pattern)

I like how variable this pattern is, if you browse through the completed ones on Ravelry, it is amazing how different this pattern can look. Vary the yarn and color and size of this, and it can result in a small neck wrap or a larger body covering shawl.
I had some various colors of my own hand dyed from peach solid to a darker papaya with some green mixed in. I mixed this together starting with the solid peach (lightest) on the small end (tip) to the darker colors at the other end. I’m happy with how this wrap turned out enough to have started another one in a lighter weight yarn.
I would highly recommend this pattern for everyone from beginners to stash busting your hand spun mini skeins!