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Five fun links….

-I like this idea of monograming your own mugs, Hey and Valentines day is coming up. Thanks Design Mom!

-I love reading Threadbanger! Here she has found a tutorial on making a cuff watch out of a mens shirt!

-Sneezerville teaches us how to unravel a purchased sweater, find some great yarn in a bad sweater? Turn it into a beautiful item with a little work.

-Print your own calender with Sofia’s World! Free and pretty too, get organized!

-How about sewing  a Memory quilt with Todera, use some of your memory filled fabric or clothing.

-And I couldn’t resist this one, make some Monster Spray for your little one.

Knit Fast, Dye Yarn
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain."


Cool DIY Planter and Hanger

I was making several plant hangers for my plants to save space (see post here with free crochet plant hanger patterns). I ran across this YouTube video from JoeyFingis. I though it was interesting that he up cycled a 2 liter pop bottle into a planter with a water run off reservoir using a water bottle, and made a acrylic crochet plant hanger to hang it with. I think the idea is stellar. Check it out!

I thought this would be good for starting seeds, and cuttings for plants. Which started me thinking about all kinds of things.

I found this quirky idea of hydroponic gardening with a crocheted net from grubbycup on urbangardenmagazine


I’m ready for spring, and definitely going to try this, let me know if you do!!



Shawl Cast On Itis

I’ve become a casting on fool. While at my Dad’s house, I cast on the LaLa Shawl by Laura Linneman (free pattern) with the yarn I had at hand which was a multicolor yarn by Paton's Lace. I wasn’t sure if I would like the color changes, but I turned out to really like the look of it and the yarn.

I’m still working on my Dummy Clap Shawl, I just keep knitting, and thinking it is not long enough, I am knitting it in a fingering weight and it is never ending. I’m trying to decide if I should just cast off and be done with it. *grin* Love the pattern, but it is a little to mindless, after a bit, if I had made it with worsted weight (I believe it calls for that) I would be done by now.


My Dad lives 4 hours away from me, so I had picked up a skein of Paton Lace from JoAnn’s, not being close to any real yarn stores, It is described by Paton's as a Soft lace weight with a beautiful halo. Beautiful range of gently shifting colors. The fiber content is 80% acrylic (I know, this made me nervous), 10% Wool, 10% Mohair. I must say I really like working with it, it feels nice, and does have a slight halo on it, Not too much. I don’t know how this will block up? Anyone tried it? But I’m enjoying knitting with it, and would recommend it so far.

In fact I bought more yarn to start the Citron Shawl pattern (free pattern) by Hillary Smith Callis, published in Knitty Winter 2009. I know many people have made this pattern and I love the look of it. It looks fast and easy. I’m going to use more of the Paton's Lace

093In a green/dark purple/white color variation called Sachet. Well will see how it goes. I need something to keep me busy while visiting my Dad again as he has colon cancer and is having surgery. Need some knitting that doesn’t require much brain power.

If you need info about colon cancer, staging and treatments, the best online source to help you understand it is at Cancer.gov, the National Cancer Institute, it explains the staging, treatments etc…. This is an excellent site for many types of cancer info that you are looking for help in understanding.

I’m also casting on a 3rd shawl made with Vickie Howell Caron Sheep(ish) 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool in the color Plum(ish), I haven’t decided what pattern to use on this yet I have 4 balls, which is about 640 yards.

094 The shawls I’m considering are the Oaklet Shawl by Megan Goodacre (free pattern)
The Schieffelin Point Shawl by Kate Gagnon Osborn (free pattern)
The Crow Waltz Shawl by Juju Vail (free pattern)

Which now that I look at them all together are very similar, back to the Ravelry pattern search I want something simple but with a little more lace pattern. Any suggestions??