Spinning Info

Spinning info of all kinds

These lists were started prior to Pinterest, I am updating my Pinterest pages to include these. Work in progress right now, I'll update links, thanks for your patience.

I can spin.com Videos on how to spin, spinning techniques, plying and lots more.
Rabbit Geek show us how to make a cardboard Charka
Handspinning at La Hottee Lots of great advise on spinning, building your own, info on wheels, preparing wool and some history. A section on how to pick out a wheel also.
HJS Studio Tutorials A large variety of advice from dyeing to fiber, equipment and more
KnitKittn A beginning spindle spinner with lots of good links for spindle and how to's

Spin off Magazine.com The online compliment to the paper Spin Off Magazine, online community, forums and more
The Joy of Handspinning.com A online source for just about anything you need to know about spinning and fiber.
Knitty Spin.com The spinning compliment to Knitty.com, great info, patterns, go visit.
Simple Knits.com This blogger has a great blog pattern link list of 653 patterns to knit with 1-285 yards of yarn!
Spindle and Wheel Spinning advise and how to's, and some dyeing info.
also includes some nice patterns for your hand spun.
Spindlcity.com Reviews, articles, projects techniques, take a look
Spinning Down Under.com Wow, lots of good stuff here, spindles, fiber prep, weaving, carding, drop spindles, wheels, visit her.
Spinning Wheel Maintenance from Spin, Knit and Life blog, tools and how to
Yarn count converter from the girl from auntie.com
You Tube is always a wealth of info just search for spinning fiber or spindle etc., from there you can find people, blogs etc...

Have more spinning sites? Let me add them here.
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