Knitting in Southern Illinois with Lime & Violet BAG

This is a picture of me knitting (with poison ivy) in a campground (I made my husband stop at one with a shower) notice the Lime N Violet knitting bag!!! I love these girls!! They inspire me and make me laugh, Oh and I like to think I don't normally look quite this bedraggled.

Back from our Camping/Hiking trip

OK we are ba-ack!!! Had a wonderful time hiking in Southern Illinois, beautiful weather, saw some wildlife, got bit by some bugs, have some poison ivy..great time had by all.

We stayed for several nights in a cabin, (wonderful, with a hot tub and lots of wildlife, including some icky centipeds, but that is what a man is for ..right? To take care of bugs)

I did get quite a bit of knitting done, was quite pleased, I have about 17 balls of Rowan Big Wool in a light green, that was bought for another project and has been knitted and frogged several times. Well I finally found the "perfect pattern" in "KNITTY" Blackberry Shrug in Aran design by Jennifer Thurston, I am soooo excited it is beautiful so far, and going along quite quickly.

http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/PATTblackberry.html (see pic from Knitty article above)

Hope I can find time to work on it, I actually got the fronts, back and one arm totally done.

I have been in a big knitting slump, we got two puppies we rescued from the animal shelter and they are about 1.5 years now. Suppose to be one half Min Pin, and one half Rat terrier, OK, they were soooo cute I guess I wasn't thinking that 10 lbs for a 8 week old puppy is a little large for what they were suppose to be.....but as you can see, they were ours, a male and a female. So most of our time has been taken up with training and repairing things that have been chewed, eaten and destroyed.

I will take some pics to post of my version of the shrug, are you like me and nothing turns out like it was in my head????

Keep knitting away to your happy place..


Jump in now!!!

Well I finally decided to set down and do this!! Being the perfectionist that I am I have been waiting for the exact perfect time to start!! I guess that time is now..
Worried that I am not pithy enough or exciting enough to have a blog, I guess I'll find out.
I am a forty something female, living in the southern Indiana area, knitting to keep sane, (and that is not working as well as I need it to lately).
I work at a mid size hospital as a med tech in the lab, (for going on 30 years now) Ugh....my husband (a drummer and artist, working as a carpenter) were only coming to this area of the contry for one year!! We still talk about moving, but I am beginning to wonder if that will really happen..