I Love Mices to Pieces

I was reading some blogs and saw the cutest crochet owls on Karen Makes Stuff (who is a prolific creator, check her out, you want to make it, she probably already has and can show you how), of course she has just made them up without a pattern. Super Cute! They would be perfect for my niece, which I was looking for a little something to gift her to cheer her up. And then they show up in the mail! Thanks Karen, you are so sweet! Check out how small they are, love the colors!
Along the way I found crochet mice patterns, which I had no intention of making, but they caught my eye, from The Green Dragonfly, she had a through tutorial, which was very easy to follow. Well they were somewhat addicting to make, LOL (look through her free crochet patterns! I’ve already found a few I’d like to try)
Who us??                                                                      …..and then she said…..

While the owl and mouse have a relationship to each other, maybe not ideal, well for the mouse.
Below is a wooden stamp available from Workshoppe see link!
More creating soon….
Happy Knitting


The Crazy Hair

My husband has what we refer to as “the crazy hair”, he has cowl licks and loves to wear hats. Add those together and unless he has just gotten his hair cut, he is usually sporting “the crazy hair”. His hair likes to stick straight up, but also pushes together in a Mohawk like ridge. I don’t know how it happens, but am thankful he loves hats, and will wear them 3 out of the 4 seasons. In fact I just finished a hat for him, in 100% wool, and in Southern Indiana it is in the 80’s now, he came home from Starbucks with it on. Well I can’t complain of a husband that will wear my hand knits!
IMG_3003 - Copy (2) (480x640)

I picked out this pattern The Modern Rib Hat by Susan B Anderson, but had decided to style it into a slouchy hat. The pattern is free on Ravelry and written well and super easy to follow. It has 6 sizes, from baby and toddler up to an adult size. This is great, a size for everyone. Style it from the tradition rib, or cap size to fold up brim or a slouchy hat. I will be making more of these. Any size, any look and easy, well written, and free, well it doesn’t get better than that! Thank you Susan! Susan also blogs here, check her out for some inspiration.
So Steve is all set he can look a little slouchy cool, or go all Jacques Cousteau, for those of you who didn’t follow his exploits, see more about the famous diver/explorer, “father of scuba diving”.
IMG_2989IMG_3000jac with his hatHum mm, similar, *grin*
Yarn:Lion Brand Fisherman's 100% Wool yarn-Worsted Weight: Afghan, Aran Yarn, 8 oz. (227 g), 465 yds. (425 m), 100% pure virgin wool,  Gauge: knit 16 stiches x 22 rows = 4 inches (10cm) on size 9 (5.5mm) needles.
Product Care Instructions: Items made from this yarn may be laundered through the use of water, detergent or soap and gentle hand manipulation. No bleach product may be used. A machine dryer may not be used. Lay out horizontally for drying.
While this yarn is a bit scratchy, I still keep buying it. I can buy it at JoAnn's’ which is close to me, I love the natural colors, and the cost is great, especially when using a coupon! Listed price is $12.99 for 4 oz., but I never buy it without one of those wonderful JoAnn’s 40% off coupons. I’ve tried other wool yarns there, I also like  Patons Classic Wool Yarn, at list price of $6.99 for 240 yds.,  it is a softer yarn and described as merino, but have always gone back to this one. I’m not sure if I’ll buy anymore of this yarn, I think for the quality and price I’ll switch to Patons Classic Wool, or travel to my LYS.
I’ve noticed lately that the yarns in JoAnn's, Michaels, Hobby Lobby etc.… are going up in price, It makes me get back in my car and travel to a local yarn store to pick out something,
I think this yarn softens up after washing and although it is described as worsted weight, I would say it is closer to DK weight. I believe this yarn used to be manufactured in the US but it now has a brown wrapper on it, no just saw it today and it has a wrapper similar to the original one, but still says made in China.
Lion Brand does make some of its yarns in the USA,  The wool yarns made in the “US are LB Collection Pure Wool, and Martha Stewart Merino, and Martha Stewart Roving. I have not seen these anywhere. I passed through JoAnn's and they had all of these out, I looked at them, and there was an increased range in colors of the Patons Classic Wool also. They are also online to purchase. It seems they are pricing these yarns at a higher price point.
Well this turned into more of a yarn rant than  I had planned on. If you don’t know where a local yarn store is near you, take a look at the yarn store locator here. Yarn store GPS app (IOS), yarn store GPS app (Android). Go visit one, they usually have a wonderful staff who can advise you on yarns and patterns, and I usually find some knitting friends there.
Happy Knitting!


Easy Knitted Camp Fingerless Mitts by Tante Ehm

It is funny how many times a good idea comes along while looking for something else. I ran across this free pattern for Finger Less Mitts. It looked fast to knit and I really liked the pattern.

Free pattern link (ravelry)http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/camp-out-fingerless-mitts


These fingerless mitts are worked in two directions. The hand portion is worked flat in garter stitch. Stitches are picked up and worked in rounds for the thumb and wrist portion. I enjoyed knitting this pattern! It was easy to understand and well written. I did add two modifications to the pattern. Even with my modifications I had this done with under 150 yards easy, I had a partial skein left over.


Above is the palm done and I’m ready to start on the arm, I decided to add a “thumb”, I did this by picking up 19 stitches around the thumb hole, and k1,p1 all around for 4 rows, or until it is long enough to make you happy Winking smileWhen finish I cast off in pattern all around.


I also noticed in the photos that the sleeves are finished to roll. I like to wear mine under a jacket and was afraid this might bunch up for me, so I added a k1,p1 ribbing all around the last inch to the sleeve.

I love this pattern, I was able to wear it for several weeks before it warmed up. I’m planning on making another pair for my husband in more manly colors. He also wants finger holes which I think I can make by simply sewing together the finger edges in three areas.?? Well that is my plan, it works in my head, LOL, See below for yarn info and review, I plan on using a different yarn for these next time. This yarn is a tad bit bulky for the pattern.

Yarn Review:

I’m on a quest to test knit acrylic and acrylic blend  yarns, so I picked up some Red Heart Boutique Treasure in the colorway Abstract. I was attracted to the softness of it. It is a 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool blend. It states it is Aran weight, I think it is a might thicker than that. The yardage is 151 yds. for 100 grams, I got mine at Michaels on sale, its normal cost is listed as $6.99. Yarn has a nice sheen to it and a fair number of colorways. I can’t be sure how many, I’ve seen 8 different colors. Knitting Tension:16 sts - 22 rows = 4" (10 cm) Suggested Knitting Needle:6 mm, US – 10 . The care: Label states to hand wash, I haven’t yet (I’ll update when I do) I’m afraid these may pill, due to the low twist of the yarn. 

Color way has a long transition, So the colors transition in a pretty way.

Yarn is a tad bit splity, that didn’t bother me at all. If you need to frog it, the slight fuzziness of it will make it difficult. That being said, I love the feel of this yarn, and I did have opportunity to wear these for several weeks before the weather got warm. My hands were warm and dry. None of the clamminess that I find when wearing some acrylic yarns.

It took me I skein, and I had a might bit leftover. Also I did add some modifications to this pattern, so I believe one skein would be plenty to knit it up wit

Happy Knitting!


Spring Dyeing



I love this bright coral color that these skeins ended up! I wound up about 2000 yards of 100% Wool yarn and decided that it was bright and sunny out, so it was time to do some solar dyeing

I was going for a light pink, but after that skein looked rather wimpy, and my husband said he thought it would look good more vibrant. I decided he may be right.

I like to use sun tea jars to solar dye my yarn. It is amazing how warm the sun makes the water and really bakes the dye into the skeins, I’ve used different combos of fiber mixes and 100% wool gives the most vibrant colors.

I wound all of my yarn on a swift, and tied each one off in at least 5 places. I found to error on the side or more ties, to reduce tangles. But tie them very loosely, I like the little mark of lighter dye where the tie was located, it gives the skeins a more varied look.

Soak the skeins, making sure all of your wool in underwater, I usually put a plate on top of them to weigh them down. Gently squeeze the air out, put the plate on top and let them soak for at least 30 min.


While your skeins are soaking, mix up your dye according to the instructions for your particular kind. I like to use the hottest water I can out of the tap. Don’t fill your jars all of the way up, the wet skeins will overflow it if you do. I usually place two skeins in each jar. Then set them in the direct sun, and leave them all day. I have found if I put them on the cement they stay hotter.


Next day, I wash and rinse them, and hang them outside to dry. I have two jars and do 4 skeins at a time this way, I usually wind about 240 yards onto each skein. So approx. 500 yards in each jar.


Wanted to have enough for a sweater, I have the pattern for the Wonderful Wallaby by Carol A. Anderson (rav link) This pattern by Cottage Creations, (cottage creations page here, they also have other great patterns) comes in sizes from child to adult. I knitted one of these in 100% cotton yarn, way back before Ravelry and am still wearing it. A seamless traditional hoodie, and I’m that kind of girl. I can never have enough hoodies.

Now I’m in the mood to dye more yarn, and have bought some turmeric. more on that later….