Things I’d Like to Make….

First off, don’t forget to check out the Spring/Summer 2012 Knitty Issue! Lots of tempting patterns from talented knitters!

I’ve fallen in love with this quilt!! Thanks to Film in the Fridge, a quilt tutorial on a quilt called Converging Blocks. One of those “OOOO I’ve fallen in love with this scrappy, colorful, free spirited pattern”. It looks easy and fun. There is also a list of mostly quilting tutorials on her blog!


I was captured by the simple yet different look of this easy to make lamp!

From MoreDesignPlease a DIY light cloud!


How cool would it be to knit a swifter cover? And knit up your stash. Well I found a list of bloggers at Tipnut that did just that.


Happy Creating!!


Make your own funky feet sugar scrub, and have super soft happy feet


I had a container of foot salt scrub, after using it all up, instead of buying more, I decided to try making it myself. (and improving on it)

Do you or your man have the funky feet? Working out and working all in the same day sometimes leads to foot funk. The gym floor is loaded with foot fungus, I decided to add something to battle this.

My result? Easy, cheap and my feet and my DH are soft and good smelling. Suitable for a gift also.

sugar scrub

Items you need:

A container, plastic type is good, A Ball jar looks great also, especially if you are making this for a gift.


Tea tree oil, (you can add additional essential oils), sugar (I used white but you can use brown also), oil of your choice (Jojoba, olive, almond, sesame seed, peanut, even baby oil if you don’t object to adding mineral oil), and a couple of squirts of antibacterial soap.

Take your clean container, add the sugar (I like this better than salt), to about 3/4 inch from the top. Now add several pumps of antibacterial soap. I add about 10 drops of tea tree oil, you can add more if you have really funky feet. Now stir your sugar mix all up with a stick/spoon. After mixing well, pour in your choice of oil(s), to cover the mix. Mix this all up thoroughly. Yay! Now you are ready to pamper your feet, Scrub away and you will be amazed at how soft your feet are afterwards. Also all foot fungus be gone!

Tea tree oil-Tea tree oil has been scientifically investigated only recently. Some sources suggest beneficial medical properties when applied topically, including antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic qualities It also has beneficial cosmetic properties. Read more here.

Sugar-Sugar is the perfect thing to use to exfoliate and repair dry skin. Not as rough as salt, sugar is a great exfoliate, if white sugar seems too harsh, try brown sugar, it is finer and gentle to your skin.There is also some evidence that sugar helps to heal skin.

Oils-You probably already have your favorite oil(s). I love almond oil and have read it is especially soothing to skin. Olive oil to Jojoba give one a try. Need some help?

Interested in making more scrubs? I found this how to from the TipJunkie filled full of Sugar scrub recipes!


Spring Spinning


I received some roving from a friend of a friend to spin up.

She had traveled to a B&B in KY, MapleHillManor, which is also an Alpaca Farm. A knitter but not a spinner, she found me and wanted me to spin up her 4 oz. of very nice alpaca.


I spun up two bobbins, and S plied it. It was nice to spin with and has gotten me back into using my wheel.

Below is the plied yarn.


She wanted to knit a scarf with the yarn. The result is 190 yds. of nice alpaca yarn. I hope this is enough for her to make what she had in mind. I did weigh the fiber and it was actually 3.6 oz. of fiber. There was 4 oz. if you include the weight of the bag and labels it was packaged with, or maybe she had removed some. I have found when I spin up 4 oz. my yield is an ave of 220-240 yds. of two ply yarn.



It takes quite a bit of fluff to make yarn. LOL

Below is a rough estimate I found online of amount of fiber to get the yards you desire.

Lace = 2600+ yards per pound
Fingering = 1900 to 2400 yards per pound
Sport = 1200 to 1800 yards per pound
Worsted = 900 to 1200 yards per pound
Bulky = 600 to 800 yards per pound
Very Bulky = 400 to 500 yards per pound

Happy Spinning!


Couldn’t resist sharing this!!

From the blog Nocturnal Knits! Thanks Laura! Check out the finished product and pattern!


Happy Spring!

Everyone is happy spring is here!

cow in spring

Kick up your heels and enjoy it!


Time to spin for me!!


Day in the life of….

I know, long time for a break…..

But I’m back…..missed you guys! Have to catch up on what everyone is doing!

To sum up…

-I think summer is here! Yay!! Sun!

Sun Bible!

photo by Denis Collette, check out his beautiful photo stream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/deniscollette/

-Synthroid, sometimes tricky to get the dose right. I’m feeling pretty good, but experience some serious brain fog. I can forget what I’m saying in the middle of a sentence. On the bright side I can’t remember what I’m stressing about. LOL

-Still committed to not coloring my hair, as it grows in…..kind of used to looking at the lighter color now. Need lots of conditioning for grey hair, lots of moisture needed to tame the wild and crazy, course feel of it. I’ll have a list of products that I’ve settled on for now. Or I’d love to know any that work for you. I found that having grey/white hair allows me to talk to any women with the same. I pass a women showing her greys and smile. Love the freedom it has given me. Hey, lots of extra cash and time, (no more appointment's every 2-3 weeks for touchups), more for yarn!

-Just because I let my hair go grey doesn't mean I’m letting the rest of it go!  Keep up the Yoga! What is your favorite Yoga? Anyone tried Bikram Yoga / Hot Yoga? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.

-No knitting, but I’ve been buying knitting books! Many reviews to come….I mean “lots” of knitting books!

-Still cleaning with natural and home made cleaners! Yes, I’m a total convert! see post here. Updates to come.

-Still searching for great things to help my dry skin and hair, I’ll have a list of what I love, thanks to everyone who has let me know what works for them! I’ve always been oily/normal, so this new territory for me.

-Totally committed to natural deodorant! Love, love, love it! see post here. Seriously now it is warm out, does a better job than Secret (which was my regular, pre home made)

-Knitting and spinning help stress! Memo to myself, don’t forget!!

-I’m so close to finishing up numerous projects! Of course sweaters are great when it is 80 degrees!

-Got crazy one afternoon and bought quite a bit of yarn, (still packed up) but I’ll show you that and my plans for it.


Happy Knitting!dancingintheraingif