Dry Skin

Since my thyroid surgery, my skin has been as dry as a pop corn fart. (now I don’t know how dry that is, but it is a saying from my husbands family, which makes me think way too much about farts and dry vs.: wet)
Someone suggested cleansing oils. Then I found info on making my own.

I did find out this info on cleansing oils, and a great deal of  info here on the cleansing oil method, and various recipes for all types of skin. Also some good info on acne.org, on cleasning oil, how to make various recipes, recipes for toners, masks, lots of good info on how to proceed.http://www.acne.org/messageboard/OIL-CLEANSING-METHOD-Hi-t141871.html

From SimpleMom I found good info on making my own facial cleansing oil, and how to use it. I’m going to give it a go.
Since I’ve written this, I’m 3 days into using the cleansing oil method. I consider my skin dry, but still having breakouts (OK mother nature, come on…?). I choose to use castor oil 3/4 and jojoba oil 1/4 to begin with (just because I’m somewhat oil phobic) My skin feels great, and looks better than it has in a long time. I will continue this and let you know my progress.
OK, it is about 10 days into my facial cleansing oil trial, and I’m like a infomercial, I’m trying to convert people at work and elsewhere, LOL. My skin is looking great! The price is right, and now I’m investigating other uses, I found the “Castor Oil Challenge” on Hairlista.com, hummmmm….checking this out….I have been oil phobic most of my life, due to complexion problems, I thought I always had to avoid oil. Now I’m finding that mineral oil is a large molecule and the oil that clogs pours. Most other oils are not.

Lots of castor oil use info here..http://skinverse.com/castor-oils-many-uses-for-beautiful-skin-and-hair.html.

I work in a hospital and found that castor oil is good to use to heal bed soars. I found lots of into on its uses (not internal, ick) http://stevehamlin.blogspot.com/2008/07/castor-oil-topical-use.html, also more info from livestrong http://www.livestrong.com/article/27338-external-uses-castor-oil/  I have also come across reports of using castor oil to get rid of warts (OK sometimes I get suspicious when it cures everything…)http://www.ehow.com/how_2309213_cure-warts-castor-oil.html, worth a try if you have them?
Anyone had good/bad experience with castor oil? Leave a comment, I would love to hear any info you have.
I’m also searching for a good hand cream. I’m using some almond hand cream now from Sally’s. It isn’t cold out yet. I have problems with my hands cracking in the winter so I’m trying to head off that problem. I found a easy recipe for making hand cream from a sonomagarden, and she includes a label to download. This might be a good idea for gifts for the holidays. Anyone have any recommendations on a good hand cream?
Thanks for any info and help….
Keep knitting…..


Almost Done

I did quite a bit of knitting on vacation. The drive there, I was trapped in the car with
“the sweater”, so I had no choice but to knit. That was my strategy and it worked, but after 6 solid hours of knitting I was still on the collar! Well really the shawl collar which includes short rows and the front. Due to my yarn shortage I had taken the bottom and sleeves and put them on waste yarn. My strategy was to finish the front/collar, and then see how much I had, if I had enough, finish the bottom.

I made my husband stop at a gas station and take photos so I could tell what it looked like, I was trying to tell what it looked like in the front seat of a small car. *grin*


No not there yet! I was surprised at how much knitting it took to get it long enough, basically I just knitted on the collar/front, until I was sick of it, and called it done.

I then knitted a bit on the bottom, and then put a k2, p2 ribbing on it.


Still knitting on the bottom ribbing here. After I was happy enough with the length I actually had a bit more left so I put one ball on each sleeve and started knitting the sleeves at the same time to see how long I could get them!

002 (2)

Not sure how long they will become, I’m hoping to get them to 3/4 length sleeve or just below the elbows, I don’t think I have enough for full sleeves, I sure would love it if I did! More on this soon.

The pattern: Iced from Knitty'

The yarn: Colinette Point Five, a thick and thin spun yarn, 100% Extra Chunky Wool, In Cardinal color way (discontinued) *snort*


New Juicer

I got a new Juicer for my birthday!


I’ve been trying to buy one, but my DH kept telling me “no”, which I thought was odd, but it didn’t “click” that my Bday was coming up.

So I was totally surprised when I opened it up! A Jack LaLanne PowerJuicer. I am impressed with this juicer. It is advertised as “whisper quite” and it actually is very quite. It extracts a large amount of juice, the pulp is quite dry when it is done. The mouth is large, and while I don’t recommend putting an entire apple into it without cutting it at least in two, it could be done, and I haven’t gotten anything stuck yet.

Since I’ve had half my thyroid removed, I’m trying to include more high nutrient items into our diet. More on that later…

I put a bag into the pulp bin and the cleanup is very easy. I just rinse it off under the tap. It comes with a brush to clean the blade and filter. It is fast and easy to make juice. If you have never had fresh juice, it is amazing.

I don’t use juice recipes, I just buy and add veggies together. I always use an apple to sweeten the juice. Mainly adding carrots, and apples, then adding celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers etc.… to add different flavors. If you do need some juicer recipes there are plenty available online.

I’ve never used the pulp before, but I decided to try some of the recipes for it. I’ve made these muffins twice, and they are very good. Carrot Apple Muffin juicer pulp recipe.

The pulp can be added to soil as a composting aid. I add a little to my dogs food. Wildlife loves it!

Juicer pulp ideas…http://www.thebestjuicerreviews.com/juicer-pulp-recipes.html, looks like veggie burgers, cookies, pastas, cakes, dehydrate it and make crackers, etc.… one of the most creative ideas I’ve seen is paper making. more ideas here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5743858/uses_for_leftover_juicer_pulp.html?cat=7



As if they need any encouragement!


Cool DIY’s I Want To Make…

I Love this DIY at moredesignplease.com, also seen on etsy, a great sailor’s knotted bracelet.

Hex Nut Bracelet from the same blog!

Recycled Lovelies has a pretty tutorial to dress up your tees!

Behind the Seams shows us how to make an easy good looking wrap that can be worn several ways! You have to go see it to believe it! No sewing involved!
Pinned Image

I'm not much on wreaths but The Painted Hive has a tutorial for a twig wreath that I have to make!

Now go create!!