How to get your Knitting Mojo back…..

MOJO (from the urban dictionary)

1. Self-confidence, Self-assuredness. As in basis for belief in ones self in a situation. Esp. In context of contest or display of skill.
2. Good luck fetish / charm to bolster confidence.
3. ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma and negative attitude

She lost his mojo when she had to frog her socks five times.
She got her mojo back now.


Above is the PowerPuff girl villain Mojo Jojo

I stepped back and took at look at why I was having knitting project problems. How many times do I just keep hitting my head against the wall without stopping to think and look at the problem. Ok, so I stopped and looked……

If I have knitting problems, I usually think it is one of three things (or a combo of them)

1. Yarn, wrong yarn for the project. Yarn I don’t like.

So I looked at the yarn, no, it is yarn I’ve used before and  I like this type of yarn.

2. The pattern isn’t making me happy, flawed pattern or not the right pattern for the yarn.

No I’ve used this pattern many times before.Besides I already frogged the toe up pattern and switched to this one, still problems…

3. The needles, wrong type, size, (gauge, well this is a whole separate topic).

OK, no I hate the needles…..Yay! I’m off to get new needles…


I was using two circular needles of different types. One of them was  a very old circular with a horrible join, that I had to push the stiches over each time I came to it. That begin said, I love the two circular needle technique, a la Cat Bordhi.

To my LYS!!


Great Addi Turbo needles


Back and now that I’ve purchased needles that were a wee bit more expensive that I wanted, I decided I would use them many times over thus saving myself money in the long run. Right????

After chancing to the new needles, Yay, I can breath while I’m knitting! First sock done! Now on to the 2nd!


Now to tackle the sweater I’m knitting, well that is another post…..and problem,

Until then,

Happy knitting


Frogging again….

frogging again

One week post surgery….and no those socks still are not right…


Well at least this means I’m knitting, or frogging. I got to the toes of these socks, ( which had been frogged a few times already, they started out as toe up socks), and was ready to graft the toe, hummm……1 inch too short, ok, not a big deal. Frog again.

I don’t know where my knitting mojo is! Am I too picky right now? Nothing seems to be turning out right. Of course I am looking at a bulky sweater that I have two balls of yarns left and sleeves, and collar and button band to knit. That had me pause and think.

Then these socks, that I have carried around in my knitting bag for miles. Probably more miles than I’ll ever walk in them, especially due to the fact that there is not even one of them yet. Seriously may be a one sock syndrome pair!

I think the answer to both of these questions is……cast on something else, quick….LOL

Keep knitting…..


A little knitting everyday…..helps anything

strange weird funny pictures of_Knitting-Relieves-Stress

This guy lives by that motto, and is he rocking that outfit????? As Tim Gunn would say, that is a lotta look!! Maybe a little too matchy matchy??

Keep knitting….


Under Pressure

So I work well under pressure, with a deadline.

I decided, last minute, to sew my DH a shirt on our anniversary. So I got started in the morning, not early. I bought a heavy golden flannel, with a tea stained like pattern on it. He is a real outdoor type of guy. The shirt would be good for hiking etc.


Getting things cut out. It’s been a LONG time since I sewed anything from a pattern. (that was clothing), how wide is that material? Yes, a LONG time.


All cut out and ready to go, you can’t see it very well, but it is sitting on my new sewing basket. The one I was using was the one I had to buy in 6th grade for home ec. So after finishing the quilt I was working on I decided I deserved a new one.

By the time my DH came home I had most of it done. Had to alter the shoulders a bit and the collar/neck. I still have the buttons to sew on and the buttonholes. (and the hem). But I’m pretty pleased with it.

I especially like the button flaps for the pockets. The back yoke echos the pattern. I’ll post a photo when I’m totally done.


He seems to be happy with it.

Now I’m off to do some actual knitting. Don’t faint. Sock is coming along. I’m still determined to knit a toe up sock. What is everyone’s favorite pattern?


Hopefully tonight we will be able to get up around 3 and see the meteor shower. Then I’m off to work.

Keep knitting

De-cluttering and Farmville

Yes, I love to game, I have a problem stopping, and it can be 1 in the morning before I know it. I have stopped before and used that energy to, well sleep maybe, LOL. Or knit and spin.

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 12 08.49

This started innocently enough, Farmville, it is a slow game, relaxed, right? I think the big draw of this is it’s utopian like world I can create. Yes, my neighbors are all nice and help out to raise my barn or send me bees or parts. My crops might wither, but that is about the worst thing that happens. My farmer is always smiling and ready to plow and plant more seeds. The animals are adorable, no disease or death, the worst is my puppy will run away if I don’t feed him.

The weather is always pleasant, sunny skies and I can fix up my farm with as many little doo dads as I can buy.

Meanwhile in real life, I’ve gotten into my summer de-cluttering purging event. I’ve even purged my walk in closet! *gasp*. So I feel good on that count.

Of course today is our anniversary and I have fabric to make my DH a shirt. (still in the bag), it is almost 9am and he gets home at 3. I have to get sewing!! Oh well, I work well under pressure (see the great panic quilt for my brothers wedding!) LOL


So I have to get seriously busy! Right now! And catch up on what all of my blogging buddies have been up to!


Hummm, Yes Syd is skeptical about this also…

Keep knitting, or creating!!