Fate Of My Iced Sweater..and developing a laptop/IPad bag pattern (sneak peak)


Is there anyone out there that knits a sweater pattern without drama? Ha, all frustration aside, gauge problems, pattern tweaking etc.…[pattern here] I powered through all of my knitting drama with this pattern, well it did have extended “resting” times, but my biggest hurtle was, (see above photo) this is all of the yarn I have, see little bitty ball at the bottom!  11 skeins later and the arms of the sweater are just to my elbows. I dithered around for a bit, I had spent more money on this yarn than I had planned, and not made it into the pattern I had bought it for (of course *snort*).

But I ultimately decided that I do in fact, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this is turning out, (it is super bulky thick and thin yarn) and is very warm and soft and squishy, I originally thought, when I realized that I would not have enough yardage to complete it, that I would make it into a vest. Having a raglan sleeve posed a problem with that idea. So I decided to knit as far as my yarn would allow me to. Knitting from the last ball, a row on this sleeve and then a row on the other sleeve. I finally came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to be happy with the sweater with some substitute yarn that kinda, maybe matches.

So I’m all in and embarked on a quest to find two more balls of my discontinued yarn. I searched Ravelry with no luck and then did find some in several misc. online yarn shops, at almost double the price I paid! Could it be I’m not the only one looking to complete a project? On Knitters Review forum, (gotta love those ladies!, and men, sorry), they directed me towards a shop on EBay, which did in fact have 4 skeins of my much sought after yarn. Colinette Point Five Cardinal, Yay. At a reasonable price and shipping also, so I put them in my cart and promptly bought them! Since my yarn seller is in the Netherlands, now I’m just waiting on it to arrive!

In the meantime, I really didn’t want to start another sweater, I have enough yarn for 3 sweaters and one coat. I hope we are having a chilly winter!  I decided to knit some stash up and began creating a Laptop bag for some friends and family.

Sneak peak here, pattern to follow, if anyone is interested! OK, don’t judge the yarn, I believe the colorway is called Drunk In Mexicali, I’m using my stash up, LOL


Until then, here are some laptop, IPad patterns that I did find, but weren’t what I was looking for:

Knitted and felted:

Laptop sleeve, very cute! This pattern is from slumberland,  I would like to make this one!

Nice felted laptop cover here from RebekahMartin.

I like this felted laptop snggie pattern from EunnyJang Knits

LindsayDayton, has a felted laptop pattern that would be good for stash bustin!


I love this tutorial from MyPoppet, a sewn scrappy IPad cover from wool scraps! So Cute!

TipNut has a list of laptop patterns, that included knitted and sewn, very nice!

Tipnut also has a great list of IPad/Kindle covers! Thanks TipNut!!!

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


Have a Knittin Thanksgivin


Cooking has started here, and I’m looking through the ads and going to get some knitting done. In the process of making some laptop bags (pattern to follow) for presents. Easy and fast.


For anyone following the Iced Sweater slog-a-long, I’ve knitted all of the yarn up that I have which was 11 balls, I love the sweater (really a coat, LOL, made from super bulky yarn), and hunted down someone online who had some more of the discontinued yarn (she is in the Netherlands, *grin*, god bless her), and I ordered two balls up. Hoping to have them by the end of December so I can finish and wear it. So close!! I decided that a substitute yarn to finish the sleeves wasn’t’ going to make me happy, so I should just go all in and got on a crusade to find the yarn to finish it with!

Happy holidays!


Where is my sewing machine?


In my “moving like a sloth” period I was looking for a tutorial for a fleece poncho with a hood, maybe sewing something will make me feel like I’m accomplishing something *snort*. I found lots of ideas but then came upon this site that I had to share. I swear you will find something you need, even if you don’t, it is rather addicting looking through the links.

Sewing Stuff, free online sewing patterns, but don’t let the title mislead you, it is a super compilation of links. In the process I found more good blogs to follow, and some interesting ideas. (she has knitting and crochet, quilts, etc.… links also)

From Halloween costumers and underwear to moccasins and hair scrunchies to lawn mower covers and mermaid dolls. Need a portfolio cover or interested in recycling? Charity sewing? Going to a Renaissance Fair? There is a section for you. Keep looking, don’t stop at the top, the more you look, the more you have to look.

I love the portfolio cover, I was just going to buy something similar from thirty one, this one is better!


ThirtyOne organizer (left)                          Amy Butler small and large right (link to free pdf)


Need a casserole cover? Perfect time of the year for this! Hey in the Midwest everyone needs one of these…because food is the perfect thing to bring in any situation! http://elisabeth-dixiedoodles.blogspot.com/2008/04/cozy-toter-casserole-dish-carrier.html Thanks DixieDoodles!

April 25, 2008 22841

Or have you desperately wanted you DH to cover that motorcycle in your family room that he has been working on? No joke, where else would he want to take it apart? Well there is a pattern for that also, and lots of other covers for mowers etc..


I found an amazing number of things that would be great gifts, and just handy stuff in general. In these green, on a  budget, trying to simplify times, I think this has something for everyone.

There is a help section and if you don’t see something you are looking for a section to post that! If you are wondering who made this? A woman named Mary, you can see a little about her here.

Have Fun!! I never made that poncho that lead me to Mary’s site, but I have lots other ideas now.



The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin'

This makes me smile, time to get knitting...


I Slipped Through The Cracks….

slipped through the cracks  
Photo from Mark Lorch
I’m beginning to feel alive once more. While I was viewing myself as being chronically lazy and unmotivated, there was a reason for this.
While visiting my surgeon (I had my thyroid partly removed recently) he discovers I’m not taking any Synthroid. and says, “well you look ok”. This may explain why I have been doing a lot of sitting, and sleeping, and forgetting what I was going to do, no hot flashes, in fact I’ve been wearing sweaters, and it’s 50 out.. I’ve become really good at sleeping with newspaper, (and waking up with newsprint on my face), sleeping with my knitting, (those needles are pointy), and well you get the picture. On the bright side, I can’t remember what I was going to do or say, and discovered it is less stressful if I can’t remember what I was worrying about. Ha
Cut to some fast blood work, and a prescription, it has only been about 4 days, and I’ve begun to feel more alive. I’ve not started to knit yet, but I’m thinking about it. Hoping to get something done besides working, sleeping, and repeat…
Meanwhile, I’ve gotten my hair totally chopped off. It is as short as my husbands. It will grow in with my “real” color, silvers and all. I think I’m pretty much white in the front but still salt and pepper in the back, I’ll be able to tell more when I get some length on it. I was “blonde” for so long before my henna years, I forgot that my hair was a brownish color. *grin*
Thanks to all that answered my plea for help with dry skin! The best things I’ve found so far!!
I love the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, and try Vegetable Glycerin Oil, I’m totally in love with the Savannah Bee Company, as well as Provon skin moisturizer, I wash my hands so much at work and they will not let us use anything that doesn’t have antibacterial properties, *grimace*
So until I do start knitting I’ll leave you with some more creative links:
-How about some tiny polaroid magnets from Ambrosia Creative!
-Easy Peasy Fingerless Mitts from JCasa handmade, with an afterthought thumb, super easy and fast! You might want to add her Easy Peasy Cowl to go with it.
-KillerBDesigns has a tutorial on sliding door for some privacy in your home, check it out! I love this.
-I keep seeing these. Take something old and make it new again. RecycledLovelies shows us how to make a slash sleeve tee.
Keep knitting


Easy, Fast Tutorials for A Rainy Day…

Raining here today and cold. 1137372-3-another-rainy-day[1]
I’ve not been very productive at home, so I’m looking for some quick, good looking items to make. I searched these out on YouTube.

Make Your Own Hand & Arm Warmers: EASY & CHEAP!, this tutorial is from twxitbetwxit, (etsy shop here, in case you just want to buy a pair. Fun and fast, I think kids can do this project also.

How to make a dog hoodie, this takes some sewing skill, but it is so cute. From IMadeThisForYou blog, this tutorial lets us make a sweet dog hoodie for any dog. Take a look at her blog for more ideas.

DIY - From a shirt to a cardigan,

thanks to http://viviantranx3.tumblr.com/ take a knit crew shirt and turn it into a surprisingly stylish cardigan.

How to : Make a simple wrap, cardigan, from TheCreativeBoutique, this would be nice over a variety of clothes this fall/winter. She also has more fast tutorials on her blog link.

Have Fun!!


Knitting patterns I like…..(all free)

I’m in full blown sweater knitting mode!! Guess I’m ready for winter! *grin*.

I’ve been browsing around, and as usual, love to find free knitting patterns online. There are so many great ones! Enjoy, and please send me some of your favorite ones!

I’ll include a link to the free pattern, and a ravelry link so you can see other versions and read reviews of them.

Happy Winter! (almost)



-Sonnett from Knitty fall of 03. My girlfriend is knitting this, it is a side knitted pattern, I especially like it, due to the fact that it is written so you can use any yarn and calculate your own pattern. [rav link below]

-Paulie cardi from Grasfleckin http://owlsisters.blogspot.com/2011/05/free-paulie-for-you.html

this is knitted top down, from reading the comments on Ravelry, it looks like a good knit, well written pattern, I love the simplicity of it and the stripes to add interest.

[rav link below]

See photo here, just published Oct. 2011, I predict this will end up in many knitters, to knit lists!

-Recipe for a Rustic Jacket from Mona C. NicLeoid (free download but In keeping with the spirit of the design, if you like the pattern please consider making a small donation to a local organization that cares for forests, woodland or similar natural areas. see ravelry link)

Gotta love a pattern with this much flexibility! Knit it your own way! A Cabled, hooded, cardigan knitted bottom up in the round, and it is shaped, the waist is a waist, and the hood won’t look like a pointy one.  (I love in the round knitting!) This is in my queue for sure!

Enjoy your knitting….



DIY’s I like….

This is so cute, little mushrooms to add to your plants! This is a great idea for gifts, especially since fall and shorter days are here. Add a little brightness and whimsy where it is least expected!

An easy fun DIY from PrettyHandyGirl, thanks! Suitable for kids also.


I like these basic boy pants from MyGrowingHome, great tutorial, but I think it could be used for any size person. I’m going to try a pair for myself. Super comfy, and nice to lounge around the house in, I’ll just need some fun fabric, maybe even some corduroy!

From kimboscrafts AGirlAndAGlueGun a simple tutorial on how to make a bedskirt from a sheet! It looks nice and hey make a couple and change your bedroom look up. This is on my list of things to do.

ThanksIMadeIt has a very good looking wrap bracelet made out of a zipper who won’t like this tutorial? It looks cool, I would never think this was a zipper!

As always look further into these blogs for more great tutorials! Thanks everyone for sharing your creativity!


A Little Get Away


We got away to one of our favorite spots in Gatlinburg, TN. We had beautiful weather, and did some hiking.

And I got some knitting done also.

Happy Fall, knit something to keep you warm!