Knitting patterns I like…..(all free)

I’m in full blown sweater knitting mode!! Guess I’m ready for winter! *grin*.

I’ve been browsing around, and as usual, love to find free knitting patterns online. There are so many great ones! Enjoy, and please send me some of your favorite ones!

I’ll include a link to the free pattern, and a ravelry link so you can see other versions and read reviews of them.

Happy Winter! (almost)



-Sonnett from Knitty fall of 03. My girlfriend is knitting this, it is a side knitted pattern, I especially like it, due to the fact that it is written so you can use any yarn and calculate your own pattern. [rav link below]

-Paulie cardi from Grasfleckin http://owlsisters.blogspot.com/2011/05/free-paulie-for-you.html

this is knitted top down, from reading the comments on Ravelry, it looks like a good knit, well written pattern, I love the simplicity of it and the stripes to add interest.

[rav link below]

See photo here, just published Oct. 2011, I predict this will end up in many knitters, to knit lists!

-Recipe for a Rustic Jacket from Mona C. NicLeoid (free download but In keeping with the spirit of the design, if you like the pattern please consider making a small donation to a local organization that cares for forests, woodland or similar natural areas. see ravelry link)

Gotta love a pattern with this much flexibility! Knit it your own way! A Cabled, hooded, cardigan knitted bottom up in the round, and it is shaped, the waist is a waist, and the hood won’t look like a pointy one.  (I love in the round knitting!) This is in my queue for sure!

Enjoy your knitting….


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  1. Hey, that first sweater looks awfully familiar!! I've finished the body and almost finished the first sleeve.

    Problem: Sweater looks good... but now I've decided that I HAVE to lost some weight so I've put myself on a 1200 calorie diet and starting running/walking on treadmill. So that means by the time I get the cardi finished it may be too big!!! LOL!! I just can't win with this yarn (this is the third sweater I've made out of this very same yarn... and the last!!!)


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