Crochet baby octopus for my bathroom..

I found this pattern on her blog. Wunderkammer

This pattern is free and a quick easy into into her world of sea worthy created creatures.  Jessica Polka also has an Etsy shop with more of her patterns.

This little guy was so fun to make, I made him in one sitting. I used some stash yarn and instead of white I picked a multicolor.

003 001

In my bathroom!! Where else?                  Reading the TV listings.


Check her out!!.

Curb appeal and 2nd baby blanket done!

After my big de cluttering episode, which is still going on at a much slower pace.

I have been working on the front of the house.

Painting the window trim, and porch floor, I added some bird houses and a new mat, etc...

008 I have some petty Lizard material that I am going to make drapes out of for the attic windows.

Ready to kick back on the front porch and knit awhile.

005 It's done, I really like the colors, when I was working on it, my co workers kept telling me it was the color of sherbet. YUM.


Crochet sock progress, Finished!!

003 007

Syd checking out the new sock                 One done

One sock done, one sock to go...

Pattern is here.

002 Done! Now I feel the need to knit some socks!


Another pair of Fibertrends felted clogs done

011 I got my butt in gear and finished sewing the suede soles on my Fibertrends felted clogs, of course it is 80 degrees here today and humid.

009 I needed the yarn to finish my crochet socks, I was afraid I would run out. So that "forced" me to finish these. They feel very cozy!


To do List, make knitting a priority

lists It occurred to me that in my attempt to organize and declutter I have become a big list maker.

And I'm not getting much knitting done. I am getting lots of things done but not much knitting.

Solution!! Add knitting to my lists of things to do. AHA....

lightblub 001 019


Free Knitting Daily top 5 Sweater patterns

The top five reader's choice awards for sweater patterns are available free on Knitting Daily, they include:

1. Sunrise Circle Jacket

2. Cable down Raglan

3. Swallowtail Shawl

4. Nantucket Jacket

5. Tweedy Aran Cardigan

These are great timeless patterns.

Check them out here.

ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 16 12.56 Enjoy!!


If I'm not knitting at least I can dream about it!


Update on crochet socks

I did located the yarn labels, the yarn I am using is Malabrigo, left over from making some felted clogs. The color is Apple Green. I love this yarn, I bought so much of this yarn, (a couple of years ago) and now am trying to find things to knit up the left overs.

P9110008 These are my husbands, before sewing on the soles.

007 These are how they look now!

I have mine done, all except sewing on the soles.


The pattern is the Fiber Trends felted clog pattern, easy, but a lot of counting. I had trouble finding the soles to put on them, I finally located them at Patternworks. And it is worth buying them and putting them on.

After all of the work, you will fall in love with these and use them for a long time.

So haven't gotten too far on the crochet socks. I have made so many knitted socks, I am having trouble deciding if I like them.

I don't know how to explain, but the whole rhythm is different. I'm having trouble getting into the flow.

024 This is my husbands lovely foot. LOL


Need some knitting graph paper or converting a picture to a knitting pattern?

This link is great. I wish I had this when I made my husband's first "Sherpa hat" I made some little dancing men and they ended up looking like they all needed to go on a diet!

This is from a web site call The ABC's of knitting. It has all kinds of info, from Japanese patterns, to how to's for the basic things. Lots of projects, and links also.


If you need to convert a picture, logo, etc. into a knitting pattern this is great free software.

From the software info....


http://sourceforge.net/projects/kpg/ is a free program that can create knitting patterns out of pictures. It can either create straight patterns or illusion patterns that only reveal the picture when viewed at an angle.

The knitting patterns are simple rectangles (squares) that use simple stiches, a regular "knit stitch" and optionally a "perl stitch". The patterns can be used to create large blankets or many smaller patch-work squares suitable for making a large knitted piece. Experienced knitters are able to take the simple square knitting patterns and integrate them into more complex pieces such as jumpers/sweaters.

kpg can take any kind of bitmap image and create a knitting pattern. It is recommended that low colour images/pictures be used to ensure the knitting process is as simple as possible. It is possible to use a black and white picture and create a pattern using only one colour and using different stitches for the picture. Examples below.

kpg http://sourceforge.net/projects/kpg/ is the only free open source tool I know of to create knitting patterns. Essentially a png2knitting_pattern converter. In theory the patterns kpg generates could be used for crochet (with minor modification).

It is amazing what is available to us online!



Blue baby blanket Finished!!! And a little of what I have been up to...

Yeah!!! I have one baby blanket done. Two to go.

Here is what I have been doing

instead of knitting....Painting, notice my dogs are "helping" and the "much marks" in the background was done by board puppies, to be repaired sometime.

I am painting all of the trim in my house white. It is all painted various dark colors now. Great to try and cover. ugh..

This is my husband putting together a new aquarium stand, so he can have his desk back. LOL

The door is the new color.

The kitchen in the background is to transform also. Notice the bilious green, yes it really is that green, everyone who goes in there looks like they need to go to the hospital due to the green cast it gives everything.

I left for work one day and told my husband I wanted the kitchen green, well he painted EVERYTHING green, trim, cabinets etc....It's a lot of look!!

The top color is the what the living room will be, when I get it done.


Crochet pattern for socks

I have always loved to knit socks. So portable, so many different patterns, lace to tennis socks, yes we can make them. Babies to Sasquatch footed men, everyone loves them.

Sock yarn, well yes, we love that also. All of the different types of fibers. From Self patterning to I spun it myself.

Recently I have been crocheting more, maybe more than I ever have. So my thoughts went along these lines with socks.

Can we crochet socks? Well I'm sure someone has, so let me search.....

This is what I came up with....


Check it out!!!!


If you are just interested in looking and comparing, take a look and see what the other side is doing. Or get your hook out and give it a go.

Here is the yarn I plan on using. I usually like to knit my socks with worsted weight, and wear them in the house instead of house shoes. Also to bed, I have cold feet.

007 socks1


004 Here is the cuff started


Featured Etsy Seller

The featured Etsy seller for this month is Stormy Designs.

First this seller is having an April sale! I'm a big sale shopper.

A littler bit about her:

About Stormy Designs:
Stormy Designs offers unique sculptures, art, home decor, art jewelry and accessories for your shopping pleasure. All of my creations are hand-made with love.

And it's good to have someone to stand behind their work:

I guarantee my wire work to withstand normal wear, if proper care is given wire wrapped items should last for years. Should something break please save all the pieces and convo me about repairing it. Polymer clay beads may shatter or chip if dropped on a hard surface so treat them as you would your pearls.

There is a large variety of designs:

If you are a bold gal:


Of course I had to point these out:


Not only jewelry:

il_430xN_22958350 OOOOO I could see this in my new sewing room, filled with knitting needles....

These would be a great gift to put on a keychain for any dog lover.


Knitting a spring sweater that needs buttons?


Browse her shop at Etsy: Stormy Designs

She has a blog at: Here and keep up with what she is up to.

Enjoy browsing around!


Check out these knitting theme undies and other funny things!

From The Marnie Speaks! Good Girl blog, which is a great blog.

She sell interesting panties at Cafe Press, giggle, giggle...too funny. I think it would be a big turn on for my husband to find me in a pair of these, I can't decide which ones. LOL, actually they are thongs.


I also like the bags at Diva Knitting . The wallet is also cute. This is for that day when I forgot to take my estrogen.

How about some knitting needles with a frog, monkey, dragon, Buddha, or something else.

Look at this weird flesh toned knitted anatomically correct outfit.

Of course Natalie Dee's tee shirt. Classic

I like this scissor leash, although I think this would be mostly for sewing.

I always love looking at stitch markers. And I think the best assortment is at Etsy.

check these skulls out. I don't even use stitch markers that much. They just make me smile when I need it. She also has donuts and pie, cake and many more funny stitch markers. Cute.

So when I'm not knitting, yes I'm thinking of knitting.....


Pieces of April

April, makes me think of rain, flowers, new leaves, growing grass, (get those lawn mowers ready) and babies,


Mother nature is on the move as well.

It also makes me creative as well. Lots of new ideas to knit, sew and decorate. I get in the mood to clean, clean out, and renew.

I am an Etsy seller, although, I have been busy creating, not to sell but to give. I have 3 Baby blankets in the works. See my free patterns if you want to make one of these..

It's April, and whatever pieces you choose to make, may they be beautiful!!


Women knitting...

Women have been knitting and inspiring creativity for a long time....

Jean-François Millet

Francoise Duparc (1726-78) Woman Knitting

Knitting Girl, 1869, William Bouguereau

Bernardus Johannes Blommers
(Dutch, 1845-1914)
Girl Knitting

390px-KnittingMadonna Visit of the Angel, from the Right Wing of the Buxtehude Altar, 15th century


Madonna and child

And if it was good enough for them.....


But when the virgin appears in cheese toast why isn't she knitting?

But she doesn't look as peaceful....
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Check these things out..until my life stops interrupting my knitting....

1. The Knitters Review. This site is great. Anything you want to know about knitting or knitting item? Check it out here.

2.The Book Start Spinning, this is on my "to learn list", but until I find time, I like to read books about it and dream.

3. The old Farmer's Almanac. Info on when to plan those spring flowers. Home, Gardening, Astronomy, and lots of interesting things.

4.Dig your own grave, Flight of the Hamsters, I don't remember who sent me this link, but it is an addicting little time waste.

Not a long list, just a few things.