Check these things out..until my life stops interrupting my knitting....

1. The Knitters Review. This site is great. Anything you want to know about knitting or knitting item? Check it out here.

2.The Book Start Spinning, this is on my "to learn list", but until I find time, I like to read books about it and dream.

3. The old Farmer's Almanac. Info on when to plan those spring flowers. Home, Gardening, Astronomy, and lots of interesting things.

4.Dig your own grave, Flight of the Hamsters, I don't remember who sent me this link, but it is an addicting little time waste.

Not a long list, just a few things.


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  1. Ooh, I was wondering where you were. Hopefully, it's the good things of life that are keeping you away. =)


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