Curb appeal and 2nd baby blanket done!

After my big de cluttering episode, which is still going on at a much slower pace.

I have been working on the front of the house.

Painting the window trim, and porch floor, I added some bird houses and a new mat, etc...

008 I have some petty Lizard material that I am going to make drapes out of for the attic windows.

Ready to kick back on the front porch and knit awhile.

005 It's done, I really like the colors, when I was working on it, my co workers kept telling me it was the color of sherbet. YUM.

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  1. It's wonderful when you get to remodel, redecorate or simply maintain your home. When I was younger, I did everything...paint the house, install new screens, fix door handles, and so on. It gave me such pleasure to upgrade and maintain my home. Then came the boys, the dog and heck now I'm exhausted and would rather wait weeks or months for hubby to do them or pay someone to do them.

    However, nothing can replace the joy and satisfaction I felt when I sat back and saw what my hands had done.

    Sounds like you are enjoying the work on your home, too. I love the porch; it looks happy!:)


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