Propeller felted purse

This pattern is from Bags That Rock. Yarn is Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted. I picked two of the kettle dyed variegated skeins that complimented each other. (or so I hoped). This pattern is very easy, and suitable for a beginner knitter.

It was a fast to knit, the “propeller” patterns on the purse are done in duplicate stitch. This was the first time I even did it, super easy.

After felting I decided to use purchased handles, because I wanted this purse to keep its shape. I usually line my purses and put a strip of pockets across each side, for organization.

I had an enormous amount of trouble finding a fabric that “made me happy”, of course the one I found was pricy but worth it. It is a batik fabric with trees on it, I also used a two way zipper, what the heck I’ve already spent more than I planned on. Giggles

I was afraid this pattern might make a purse that was too flat and not hold enough, as you can tell, I like to be prepared for anything, guess it was all of those girl scout years. But I have stuffed it full and am pleased to say to holds everything I need.

I’m happy with this purse and would consider making it again, maybe in industrial type colors, due to the propeller images.

I am knitting the Sophie Bag now, that I first found on Instrucables. I was intrigued with the handles. Two I cords that twist together, prior to felting.

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…

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Knitting Tarot Tuesday Reading…

The Star

An excellent card for a knitter to draw. Enter into your knitting or spinning without fear, you will be able to guide your hands to your satisfaction.

The Star card generally suggests serenity, assurance, and hope. The maiden, who has the blue sky and stars around signifies guidance and comfort.

The waters running from the maiden's pitchers are never-ending. There is an abundant supply of love and the cycles of life run smoothly along the currents of peace, and the gardens are fertile.

The sky is clear with a hue of blue, which is a symbol of inspiration, creativity and aspiration. She pours out healing waters in dimensions of time: pouring out a pool in the present time, and pouring out a healing river that runs through our future days as well.

The Tarot is a deck of cards that originated over 500 years ago in northern Italy. Although the Tarot was first used in a game called Triumphs, it was quickly adopted as a tool for divination, and popularized by occult societies such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The early Tarot symbolism was deeply rooted in Medieval and Renaissance Europe.

Today, the Tarot is far and away the most popular tool for spiritual introspection in the West.

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies

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My summer seems to be felting

Spring quickly turns into summer.  We have had so much rain here, I feel like I am living in a rain forest, upside to that is lush growth of the garden and flowers. The air is heavy, even at 80 you perspire, and, as my friend pointed out, everything you stick in your pockets come out damp.

This spring I began with my first felted purse, I am still carrying it and love it. This quickly turned into an obsession. Fast forward to now, and I have numerous skeins of yarn, patterns and friends that I have drug along in my felt mania.

I’m going to try to arrange a “felting party”, some friends, (yes all of my friends have had knitting needles thrust at them), some wine, snacks and a Saturday on the deck.

Knitting and felting a purse is a great project for a beginner knitter. No matter what style of purse you prefer there is a pattern out there, or you can tweak one. Pick your color, or colors and your off. Mistakes disappear, a way too big knitted sack appears and the fun really begins, felting is amazingly fun.

The only thing you need to know:

-need 100% wool yarn

-or wool fiber

-whatever you knit will get smaller, and this has a lot of variables, different yarns, temp of water, ph, soap, and more. So you do have a element of surprise.

-knitting a swatch and felting can help (see above)

-there is also “needle felting” which includes fiber and a various size of large sewing like needles, a lot of poking (watch the fingers) and amazing results. Add designs to knitted/felted purses or other items, you can felt small animals, or shawls and other items. Thanks to Phyllis at Spin, Knit and Life for opening this door for me.

My favorite book is by Kelley Deal from The Breeders, (her twin sister Kim Deal is in the Pixies) the book is Bags that Rock, not all of the bags are felted, there are all types from rock and roll to dainty and feminine. Good variety, even what they class as intermediate is easy for a beginner.

I bought a “felting kit” from Wildhare on Etsy, and was inspired by Tal Gal Knits and Spins, look at her felted bag. Very Pretty!!

More on the “felting party” on a later post.

Along with felting I have been Kool Aid dyeing, great fun, smells good also. I picked orange and bravely went to town on my first handspun from my new Lendrum wheel.

Get out your knitting and get happy.

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Featured Etsy Seller and blogger

I like this Etsy Seller and Blogger, Create A Thought, shop here, and she blogs here. She creates journals, greeting cards and other items.
I have a fondness for journals and cards, when we are so quick to send an email, it is nice to receive a card in the mail, and put your thoughts down on paper, along with some doodles.

I like her Art Book Journal Kit

It includes everything you need to make a journal yourself or would be a nice gift. Price $10.00
Good for a knitting journal?

This Funny Frog Mini Journal is a good size 3x5

I would put it in my purse and have something pretty to scribble my lists in.

Price $4.40

She has many more and other interesting items. Take a look.


Kool Aid Dyeing my Handspun

Kool aid dyeing looked so fun. And me with three skeins of handspun.

This is the first attempt at spinning and plying on my first wheel, a Lendrum.

This was some merino that I purchased at a fiber festival. I bought about 16 oz. my plan was to use this to practice with on my first wheel.  I had no live person to teach me, but many online people, in addition to You Tube.

Usually when I have a day off from work I have a long to-do list. Well I still have that list, but decided that today was going to be a fibery day!  After reading some on the internet and asking for some advice, I was off to buy some Kool Aid.

I thought I wanted yellow but decided on orange.

Right now, I am cooling the water, but I am anxiously waiting to see how it looks!


Knitting, spinning or fiber references in holy books…

From BibleGateway

Psalm 147:16
He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes.
Psalm 147:15-17 (in Context) Psalm 147 (Whole Chapter)

Proverbs 31:19
In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers.
Proverbs 31:18-20 (in Context) Proverbs 31 (whole chapter)

Exodus 26:1
[ The Tabernacle ] "Make the tabernacle with ten curtains of finely twisted linen and blue, purple and scarlet yarn, with cherubim worked into them by a skilled craftsman.
Exodus 26:1-3 (in Context) Exodus 26

Judges 6:37
look, I will place a wool fleece on the threshing floor. If there is dew only on the fleece and all the ground is dry, then I will know that you will save Israel by my hand, as you said."
Judges 6:36-38 (in Context) Judges 6 (Whole Chapter)

I would be interested in fiber related text from other Holy Books, if you know any, please feel free to share them!





May your knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies..

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May giveaway

Happy Mother’s Day. So many families are non-traditional now. No matter if male or female, young or old, you “mother” someone. (maybe even, or especially your pets) So Happy Mothering Day to all.

A little chilly this mother’s day, perfect weather to throw on my Sursa shawl from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton - Book # 2. I first found this on The Knitting Blog by Mr.. Puffy the Dog.

This pattern is easy, fast and looks great, made with Noro. Look on Ravelry for many different looks. I would make this again and again. Great for a gift also.

My May give away is…some lace weight yarn, I have lost the label to it. I believe it to be either Rowan Kidsilk Haze Spray, it is 25g, or something similar it does have some mohair in it and the color is variegated.

Leave me a comment here and at the end of May I will draw and ship it out to you. I would also love to know what you make with it.

Good luck!

May your knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies…

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Wouldn't you like to be knitting here?

great wall-simatai-wangjinglou
May you knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies...
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What kind of frogger are you?

Everyone who knits frogs, why do you?

I tend to frog when I don’t think the yarn, needles or pattern are not working to my satisfaction. Not when I’ve made an error. I like to think I creatively incorporate my errors into my patterns.

I like to let mistakes lie for a bit, let your knitting sit overnight, often in the middle of the night, or during a dog walk, I can come up with a improvisation to allow me to continue. If the error is not obvious to anyone but me, I often let it go. Can I make it into part of the pattern, add some design, or shaping? Or just outright ignoring it, especially if in an underarm or other inconspicuous area. I even found a dropped stitch once that I couldn’t ladder back up and tacked it down.

I also take into account how far along I am, if not far, well I’ll rip it out, almost done. Start thinking creatively. Of course if you are going to “see” the mistake every time you look at your item. Definitely rip it out and fix the problem we must be at peace with what we knit. Most of us have left in mistakes that in retrospect we wish we hadn’t and at other times felt we wasted a lot of effort correcting something that wasn’t worth correcting.

On the other hand, I am very particular with my projects, I like the pattern and the yarn to be perfect. Even the needles have made me rip it, and start over with a pair with sharper points, bamboo or circulars.

The yarn talks to me, I can be halfway done or more, and have to chuck it all and frog it, if it’s not making me happy. Then, I’m off to find a new pattern that would be a good “match” for it.

It is good to give your self “permission” to get silly and playful with the yarn again.

So which kinds of frogger are you? What is your tipping point?

May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies…

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Knitted wire birdhouse #2 for under $3.00

After my first attempt at a knitted wire birdhouse, see pattern link on sidebar, I decided to try another.

They are easy quick and fun, and I’m starting a series of them now.

Knitted Wire Birdhouse #2

Using size 13 needles

And 26 Gauge Floral Wire, I used silver approx .94 cents

Two sheets of Foamies, choose your color (9 x 12 inch sheet) approx .65 cents each

Optional: crochet hook, size K, (any large size will do, gauge not important)

Warning: Please be careful of wire, it is sharp and can poke you, causing injury. Ouch..

Cast on 25 sts, loosely, I used the single cast on.

Knit every row. The house is constructed with the cast on and bind off edges, being in the front and this will form the entry hole.

While knitting you have to stretch out the wire and smooth in down, it will be very stretchy. When you reach your desired length pull and flatten it down. Similar to “blocking”

Knit until it measures approx. 12 inches. You can turn the piece around and see if this is large enough for your bird house, if it look too skinny, keep knitting until it is big enough around for your birds.

Bind off . I used the knitted bind off. My girlfriend had trouble with this, and we just thread the wire through the last row of stitches and removed from the needle.

Now lay your wire piece down and place your foamies under it. Trim your foamies to measure just short of the top of the house by about two inches.

Form the sides by pushing them in, to make one half of each side of your entrance hole. Now trace this onto your foamies and cut.

Now I turn the house over and make zig zag cuts on the top of my foamies, this will be pushed in to form the top of the house. After cutting, take the foamies and roll it up, see if the points come together to form the apex of the house, you may need to cut some deeper, or add more.

Stitch your house together using a shorter piece of floral wire, I “stitched” around the entry way to reinforce it. Stitch all of the way up to the top, leave top open.

Now gather you foamie up and roll it, then insert it into your house, I took my wire and “stitched” around the entry way to keep everything in place, and make it tidy looking.

Sit your house on a foamies and trace the bottom, cut it out and put it in place, hold it, (you may want to use some tape to hold it temporarily)

Your may weave the bottom, with a piece of wire, just go back and forth across until it is sturdy enough , if your bottom is not staying in place use a piece of wire to “sew” it around the edges.

Take the top of the house and “gather” it up with a piece of wire, or just scrunch it together at top and wrap a piece of wire around it, until secure.

Now we are ready to make a hanger, I crocheted one by chaining with a large crochet hook until, my chain was long enough. If you don’t want to do this, a length of yarn, rope etc will also work.

If you made a chain from your wire, just twist it on, and twist any pokie bits out of the way.

Now pick out a spot and hang your bird house up!

May your knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies..



Sockotta drawing

Thanks for all of the entries for the Sockotta yarn, with out more suspense the winner is…..Ikkinlala from Canada! Please send me your addy and I’ll post it off to you!

Next fiber related drawing coming up soon.

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies..

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