Featured Etsy Seller and blogger

I like this Etsy Seller and Blogger, Create A Thought, shop here, and she blogs here. She creates journals, greeting cards and other items.
I have a fondness for journals and cards, when we are so quick to send an email, it is nice to receive a card in the mail, and put your thoughts down on paper, along with some doodles.

I like her Art Book Journal Kit

It includes everything you need to make a journal yourself or would be a nice gift. Price $10.00
Good for a knitting journal?

This Funny Frog Mini Journal is a good size 3x5

I would put it in my purse and have something pretty to scribble my lists in.

Price $4.40

She has many more and other interesting items. Take a look.


  1. I love the funny frogs, I keep going back to that one. But it's inspired me, I have a little travel journal that traveled with a "traveling scarf" project from last summer. (story is on my Rav Project). Anyway, the journal stopped when the scarf stopped, but I loved the idea of jotting really quick "here I am" messages and I'm thinking I can continue in it. (sorry for long comment)

  2. Thanks for the feature, and if there is anything you want you get a special etsybloggers discount!


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