May giveaway

Happy Mother’s Day. So many families are non-traditional now. No matter if male or female, young or old, you “mother” someone. (maybe even, or especially your pets) So Happy Mothering Day to all.

A little chilly this mother’s day, perfect weather to throw on my Sursa shawl from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton - Book # 2. I first found this on The Knitting Blog by Mr.. Puffy the Dog.

This pattern is easy, fast and looks great, made with Noro. Look on Ravelry for many different looks. I would make this again and again. Great for a gift also.

My May give away is…some lace weight yarn, I have lost the label to it. I believe it to be either Rowan Kidsilk Haze Spray, it is 25g, or something similar it does have some mohair in it and the color is variegated.

Leave me a comment here and at the end of May I will draw and ship it out to you. I would also love to know what you make with it.

Good luck!

May your knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies…

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  1. Very pretty yarn. There is a new pattern for Lace socks in the Creative Knitting July 2009, I think I'd try them.
    Theresa N

  2. Very beautiful. How can you bear to part with it? I'm knitting a fingering weight lace scarf right now but I'd love to try a lace weight scarf soon. I've never knitted with anything that delicate before.

    Is it warming up down there? My mom is in Scottsburg and she said it was hot and humid Sunday.

  3. Such a lovely yarn!! Thanks for the suggestion of the Sursa Shawl, as I have been looking for my next shawl to make.

    bjtilt on Ravelry

  4. The shawl looks wonderful! I love the different colors in it.

    How ever did you get your rose bush to bloom so early? Mine won't bloom for another month.

    The color of the laceweight yarn is very pretty. I think I would make an heirloom baby shawl with it.

  5. Vicki ~ what a terrific photo of you in your shawl! I love it :)

    Hum. One can always find something fun to make with lace weight yarns!

  6. I love the halo on this yarn, it's very pretty!

  7. Oh that is beautiful. I admire your willingness to part with it.

  8. Beautiful yarn! I would give it to my sister who knits and bribe her to make me a shawl.


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