Kool Aid Dyeing my Handspun

Kool aid dyeing looked so fun. And me with three skeins of handspun.

This is the first attempt at spinning and plying on my first wheel, a Lendrum.

This was some merino that I purchased at a fiber festival. I bought about 16 oz. my plan was to use this to practice with on my first wheel.  I had no live person to teach me, but many online people, in addition to You Tube.

Usually when I have a day off from work I have a long to-do list. Well I still have that list, but decided that today was going to be a fibery day!  After reading some on the internet and asking for some advice, I was off to buy some Kool Aid.

I thought I wanted yellow but decided on orange.

Right now, I am cooling the water, but I am anxiously waiting to see how it looks!


  1. Well? How did it turn out? Does it smell like orange? Both time I dyed with kool aid it smelled like the color I used.

  2. Perfect. The sunny color matches the glow of spring.

  3. Anonymous8/26/2009

    So how do you like your Lendrum?
    That was my first wheel and is my favorite.It is the most versatile wheel out there as far as im concerned.it goes from a 5 to 1 ratio all the way up to a 45 to 1 lace weight which is damn fast.I hope your having a blast spinning, dying,knitting and creating.


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