Fit Bit Obsessed

Well, I read and looked at reviews, talked to people who had one, and finally purchased a Fit Bit. I decided on the one. I didn’t like the look of a rubber bracelet. Little did I know that this little device was going to launch me off of the sofa to crazily walk everywhere. I literally got hardly any exercise, my excuse was I’m always standing at work, and walking. And I do walk quite a bit of work, but seeing the numbers, for some reason really made it “click”.


As David Sedaris  people either get a Fit Bit (or other activity monitor) wear it and when the charge runs out, put it in the drawer, or worry because they won’t be wearing it while it is charging. Well that was me. When to charge it? I’m loosing steps!

Maybe I am slightly obsessed, one morning I dropped by fit bit one while transferring it from my sleep band (for my wrist) to my clip, and dropped it! It landed just on the corner, and it wound not record steps! I gave an involuntary shriek, and my husband says “what's wrong? Are you OK?” I bought my Fit Bit at Best Buy and he took it that day and they replaced it with a new one! Whew!!


I chose the Fit Bit One after much thought, I was going for the bottom of the line no frills Zip, but I liked the fact that I could have ‘Floors counted” one floor for every 10 feet in elevation gained, nice on outdoor walks, that big hill I walk up really is big, (14 floors). The Sleep mode helped me, I’m a light sleeper, and usually walk around the house quite a bit at night, go outside, look at the sky, read, etc.… When I saw it on my Fit bit weekly stats I really started paying attention to how little sleep I was getting and paid closer attention to “sleep hygiene” This eventually lead to me getting a better quality of sleep and feeling less tired. (I would advise you to put the setting on the Fit Bit to “normal” and not “sensitive” for sleep)

I found the One to be reliable in counting steps for me, I wear it attached to my bra strap. Easy, and no one knows I even have it on. If you are interested here is a link to the different trackers that Fit Bit has (https://www.fitbit.com/ca/compare and their differences.

Read this interesting essay from David Sedaris in the New Yorker (link here) It is so funny, I understand what he is experiencing, but I’m not this obsessed. David's blog here

It has sidetracked my knitting. Any spare time? I could be walking. Instead of relaxing, I could walk down the street. I know how many steps it is to just about anywhere that I usually go. If I could only knit while I walk…

Taking 10,000+ steps a day has health benefits, see article here, and I get to eat more. I don’t worry about that piece of cake, now I’m on the search for the most comfortable running shoes. And trying to avoid injuries, I started running=more steps faster, but decided I can walk as fast as a run. LOL

There is a FITBIT group on Ravelry, and numerous knitting groups on the Fit bit website.

Get off the couch and take some steps so you can live to knit longer!

This is a real review, Not sponsored, I choose and purchased my Fit Bit myself. Now there are many other lifestyle trackers. I would be interested in hearing your opinion on your favorite! I’ve had this one for over a year and it is still going strong. But when it dies I will be buying another one!