Dyeing info

These lists were started prior to Pinterest, I am updating my Pinterest pages to include these. Work in progress right now, I'll update links, thanks for your patience.

Dyeing with Food Coloring from the Crafty Herbal Knitter
Dyeing Wool in a Pot from Gleason's fine Woolies, instructions for dyeing in a pot. Good clear instructions.
Fiber Fevor Good tutorial on kettle dyeing, everything you need to know to get started.
General Bailey's farm All kinds of ewesful infomation, from cleaning to koolaid dyeing and much more.
Handpaint your wool with Knitty and food coloring, three methods covered here.
How to dye self striping sock yarn from Streets and YO's
How to dye with food coloring tutorial from the Pea soup blog, step by step
How to Pain Roving and Yarn A tutorial from Gleason's Fine Woolies Ranch
Felting info here also.
Kathryn Ivy - Yarn Dyeing Tutortial - This is a detailed tutorial using easter egg dye, goes over everything throughly
Knitpicks.com A microwave dyeing tutorial.
Lion Brand Yarn has instructions on how to dye with tumeric, pretty golden yellow.
Making the colors you want, a handy chart from Australian organic wool. Don't make a muddy color, refer to chart here.
One pot multi color dyeing-from Crystal palace and Staw.com, using a steaming method.
SnowAngels-Kool Aid dyeing-details of her experiments with dyeing. Good info.
Spindle and Wheel Info on dyeing with food colors
The Dye Forum all kinds of answers to your questions from a community of dyers
The Dye Pot blog Similar to a recipe book for dyeing yarn, photos of the yarn and how she got the color, also a section on how to dye varigated yarn.
Wooldancer workshop A blog from Michelle Snowdon, this is a link to her tutorial on dyeing with food coloring, but look around.

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