Locker room rendezvous

We are having fun at work, stitching. Any stitching is good. I started knitting on break and lunch. This expanded to one girl who wanted to learn to knit, that turned into 4 to learn to knit. Now we have 2 learning to crochet also, with another making noises about learning.

We have total newbies. Women who "used" to crochet, and a occasional spontaneous person who sets down and learns to knit one or two stitches.

Usually we would sit and put our feet up for awhile and grump. Now I hear chatter and see smiles.

I even had a illicit meeting in the locker room, for a emergency baby blanket stitch consult. LOL

Keep on Knitting....



A lovely sunset...

Earflap hat

Yes this is my husband impersonating a pixie. Don't tell him I said that.

I have started a Earflap hat. My husband loves these hats, i have knitted them and crocheted them. Ended up having more luck with the crochet ones.

This pattern is from the Lion Yarn Company Website. Free pattern but there website makes you register and log in, which is slightly irritating. Check them out. Lots of fun things.

Here is a pic of of the arms of my Bridesmaid wrap from the Wedding Knits from Suss Cousins. They are coming along. I think I should have made them on larger needles. My body of the wrap is on #11, in K1, P1, these are ss on #8. We will see. I am not going to frog them. (at this point, talk to me later on LOL)
For a lovely free bridesmaid or bridal wrap pattern see here.

Here are my pups, both 2 years, Penny and Syd. Syd is the piggy one (75 lbs) in the lighter crate. It is about 1 degrees outside and they are spoiled.
I have kidded that I was going to knit a doggy bag for our walks, I am a good neighbor, we poop and scoop. I was online and found this pattern for a "doggie bag". Too cute. I am going to cast on for this today.
And I love the blog that it came from "The Yarnpath" it is a great blog, and she has a "Knitting Chatter" Saturdays, 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM, I am going to check that out. Looks like she has been blogging for at least 4 years, and has a 2ND blog "The Dyepot".
Keep on Knitting....


Frogged pyramid sweater morphs to .....

Yes I am going to cast on something with my frogged yarn from my pyramid sweater this weekend. Really I am.....the yarn has been in a pile on my shelf silently mocking me, and making me feel guilty.
Beautiful yarn, and it needs to become something beautiful. so I will search on the Internet, and magazines and books until I find the pattern that whispers to me, make me.....
I am looking at this pattern right now, I think I would like something like this yet with row by row color changes, maybe more like this?? I hope.
So more on that soon.
When I was having some fun I found this blog, as I am always trying to organize myself. I found this interesting. OK well maybe I don't want to be that organized, seem like it would take away from my knitting time.
I have been having thoughts about quilting again.
Today I was so excited, my girlfriend is pregnant!! This will be her 2ND, her first little girl is 9, and is a trisomy 8/cp.
I am trying to decide if I should quilt, crochet or knit a blanket for her. She does not know what she is having yet.
I think I will walk the dogs, relax and cast on!!


Esty seller Finger puppets

I found this Etsy seller while shopping around and having my coffee this am. staceyrebecca.etsy.com.
These puppets are so cute and afforable. They make me smile. Check this store out. I think this is a original and fun idea.

Blanket done in time for baby shower

Here is the finished baby blanket, just in time for the shower.
I ended up crocheting the picot border in a sc in 3, then chain 3, sc in next 3 stitches.
Pretty, but took me a long time to get around it.

Now on to the bridesmaid wrap, still working on the first sleeve. Since I bought the yarn from Handpainted yarns.com, it comes shrink wrapped with very little info about it, just the dye name. So I cannot remember what the estimated yardage was, and it does not say on my receipt. I decided that I should do the arms first and then see how much was left for the wrap part. And I am thinking about doing a little roll collar.
More to come soon.
I cannot believe that is all I have on my needles right now. I am usually a 5 project at a time girl. I better start casting on something. That means digging into the stash....
Keep on knitting!!

And stay warm.


Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern

Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern (free)

I have been working a quick Baby Blanket. I got this pattern from a girlfriend. This is a pattern that her mother in law used to make all of her baby blankets. It is a lovely pattern and quick. I like the shells nested into each other, (no little fingers or toes poke through) I have another shell pattern but they are directly on top of each other.

I have made this many, many times. Usually I make it in Red Heart yarn, because it is indestructible, I have even bleached a blanket made out of it and the colors did not alter. (Kinda scary)

Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern (free)It usually take two of the Super Saver skeins. If you are in a super big hurry try this...I have used two strands of Bernat Baby coordinates in sport weight, this yarn has a little shiny thread like ribbon running along the yarn. In the pictured blanket you can see the little sparkle it gives it, not too much bling.
In this blanket I used 4 skeins of Bernat 5.6 oz yarn, 2 pink 9412, two white.
Ed's Mom's baby blanket pattern, Nested Shell stitch.
chain about 78 stitches. If holding two strands of yarn together (see above Note)
chain 163 stitches, if holding one strand.
Or multiples of 6 +1.
Use K crochet needle for 2 strands, G size for one strand.
Row 1: 2 dc in 4th ch from hook, * skip 2 ch, 1 sc in next ch, skip 2 ch, 5 dc in next ch *. Repeat from * to * until 3 ch remain, skip 2 ch, 1 sc in last ch. Ch 2, turn.
Row 2: 2 dc in the first sc, * 1 sc in 3rd dc of 5 dc group, 5 dc in sc *. Repeat from * to *, end row with 1 sc in 3rd chain of previous row, ch 2 turn.
Repeat above row 2 until you have it as long as you want. I like to make a square for a baby.
Finish option 1, your done!! Weave in ends.
Finish option 2, Try sc all around two times, at corners, sc 5 times in stitch. This gives it a nice looking band around.
Finish option 3, Oops not quite big enough? Try dc all around two times, (or more) Remember dc in corner stitches 5 times (to make your corner turn)
Like to add a fancy look? Try crab stitching around, when done, or I have also done a simple picot of, sc in 5 st, *then chain 5 stitches, sc in next 5 st and repeat.*
A great website to check out if you need help or want more info on crochet is Crochetme.com.
If you make this pattern, send me a pic of what you make, I would love to see it.


Sock knitting on circular needles

I love to knit socks, so satisfying to knit. Compact to travel and stuff in a purse to go with me anywhere. Wonderful to wear! Great for a gift, even people who have never had hand knitted socks will go "ahhh..." when wearing them.

So when my LYS offered a class to teach knitting two socks at the same time on circular needles I immediately signed up for it. It used the often heard of Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles: a Manual of Elegant Knitting Techniques and Patterns by Cat Bordi.

I was so excited. I dutifully bought all of my needed items!! Ohhhh a chance to buy more sock yarn. (I have some at home, but when signing up for a class, I get 20% off whatever I buy) So of course I had to pick out some new sock yarn!!!

Sockotta, The Plymouth Italian Collection, Cotton/wool blend, Color 605 a blue/green/gold, blend. I was ready!!
Well life happened and I missed the class. The yarn, book and needles are still untouched.
But then I discovered this crazy book on a yahoo yarn group, and ordered it, if you are interested in knitting socks, that fit, on Two at a time, on two circular needles, toe up or cuff down you have to check this site out!!
This book is sooooooo detailed, I cannot even emphasise how many photos (over 240, yes no typo here) there are, you could buy it, and not know how to knit and get these socks done.
You can use any yarn, put lace into your pattern, or cables, a "fitted" sock that really fits and feels great. Best of all, when you are done with them, you have them both.
There is also a Yahoo group, for any questions you may have.
This is a super fun book and you will really use it.
Check it out!!
Keep On Knitting!!


Gone over to the dark side of yarn....

Since the Penguin episode in my life, I have become very interested in Amigurumi, I bought the book Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute . I like this book a lot. I am in the process of making the little pig in it. This is a basic book on making Amigurumi animals, covering the basics of crochet, best yarn to use, tools, and a short section of stitches needed. I like it very much.
I am primarily a knitter, and do crochet, but usually simple flat objects, translation afghans.
I feel like I have gone over to the dark side.
With that being said, I found these to be fun, quick, good gifts and really cute.
Keep Happy Knitting......


Think then knit

Meez 3D avatar avatars games


Aran Shrug, Bridesmaid Wrap, Baby Bunting Pattern free

Here is the start of my "Bridesmaid wrap" from "Wedding Knits" by Suss Cousins. I am making it out of heavier yarn, From Handpainted yarns I love the yarn it is so soft and the colors are beautiful. The wrap is made in mohair in the book. I plan on making it a shorter wrap, due to the heavier yarn. I hope it turns out OK. If you check out the book link, there is photo of it.
If you want a free Bridesmaid wrap pattern this is a lovely one from Knitty!

I made this baby bunting, on the spur of the moment, just playing around. I used one skein of red heart yarn, and a small amount of the fun fur yarn in a coordinating color.
Cast on 80 stitches at 4 sts/inch.
Knit in the round, until 24 inches long.
If you would rather knit flat, knit even rows, purl odd rows.
Add Fun fur yarn, or other novelty yarn for the last 10 rows.
Bind off, using a very loose bind off. I like to use the Elizabeth Zimmerman method of the Sewn Bind off other wise, I find I bind off too tightly.
Sew the bottom together, and your ready to insert baby!!

Here are some pics of my Aran Shrug done!!! I ended up knitting the ribbing quite a bit longer than the pattern called for, then i knitted 3 rows so it would make a "little roll" before I did my bind off.
It is not really a shrug anymore, it is a coat, and in the Rowan Big Wool, a very warm one.
Of course it is 70 here today!!
Keep on knitting....


Penguin home

You can see how big the Penguin turned out!! No word yet on his name.
This is my great niece and nephew.

I am still working on my shrug. Binding off this evening. Hopefully I will have it done soon.

I am looking for any books or websites/blogs that have knitted stuffed animal patterns. If anyone has any input I would love you for it.

Right now I have bought some pink yarn and am trying to get a pig done. More on this later. By next weekend. Yes, I do love to do most of my work under pressure. LOL
Pics' soon.
Keep on knitting....


Etsy Wed, Esty Seller Knitted Gems

It's Etsy Wed!!

I love Etsy! I love to look and shop there. It is nice to buy gifts there, you can get one of a kind things!
Whether looking for original gifts, or something for yourself. I am constantly amazed at the creativity that I can find there.
You are supporting individuals, not the mass chains of stores and catalogs.
With that said, my first Etsy pic is knitter, Knitted Gems is her store. She also has a blog http://knittedgems.blogspot.com/. Please check her out!
What brought me to her shop was this item:

A hand knitted alpaca beaded shawl for Barbie, now my theory that Barbie has everything is really true!!

Then I look further and see she has all kinds unique knitting patterns.
The thing I really love about her patterns are that they are all something I would actually knit and either use or gift to someone. From decorative pillows and vase cosies to scarfs, and hats, among other items.
This shawl is lovely, it looks complicated, but is not.

She furnishes PDF document with written instructions and charted ones on some patterns.

I like that for each pattern she adds all of the needed info.
-The skill level
-Yarn she used for project
-A list of supplies needed
-Info of possible lining for the bags.

The knitting patterns seem to be for either Easy or Intermediate. Now I have been knitting for over 35 years. But most of the patterns I look for are in this range.

Fun to knit, and something that you will use for years.

Knitted Gems also has a few knitted items ready to buy. That comes in handy when I am out of time, yet want that hand knitted item.

On this item I could buy the pattern, lovely. Or if I am in a crunch, buy the blanket!!
I love that option.
From the Knitted Gems Shop:
I am proud to present 14 unique knitting patterns for the hobby knitter. All the patterns are my original designs. They are provided in a line-by-line written format. Knitting charts are also provided on some of the Easy and Intermediate patterns. Documents can either be mailed or e-mailed to you. Please note the skill level on each pattern. For pictures and progress on upcoming patterns, check out my blog: http://knittedgems.blogspot.com/
Knitted Gems BIO
learned to knit from my mother-in-law eight years ago. I wanted to learn the craft so that I could make knitted bags for each of my six bridesmaids. It was an ambitious plan that was quickly shelved. The bridesmaids ended up with sewn bags instead. Yet, I was hooked on knitting. Within the last three years, I started to design my own patterns mostly out of necessity from my bad shopping habits. Like many others, I buy yarn because I am wooed by the pretty colors or the soft texture. Then, I get it home and have no idea what to do with it. Inspired by the stitch dictionary I bought while at Knitters East, my first sweater design was born. This sweater, like so many of my early creations, went to my niece. Currently, I do design work for a local alpaca farm.
Additionally, I am working on a book.