Find your DIVA or inspirational person (someone whos knitting inspires you or makes you understand the craft)

For me it was Elizabeth Zimmerman, until I found her and her book Knitting without Tears, I couldn't knit anything but a square. Website is Schoolhouse press
Some other great knitters:
Yarn Harlot She blog, she writes books, she makes knitting funny and approachable.
Nicky Epstein She has many books, most famous for her "on or over the edge" books.
Lilly Chin Master Knitter and longtime designer for knitting magazines

Sally Melville She has lots of books, I have a few, she takes you step by step, she has a knit stich book, purl, colors, by the time you are done you really understand design and knitting.
Kaffe Fassett He has wonderful quilts, and knits. Has a real gift for color and design. His books will inspire you.
Debbie An easy, soft, romantic view of the world, her patterns are lovely yet easy. While this isn't a person, I can buy any of their books and just immerse myself in it.
Abby Franquemont Wow, she is a spinning queen. Read her blog, I felt like she held my hand through buying my first wheel, she has many informative posts.
Brenda Dayne and her Cast on podcast, informative, entertaining, you must listen, even if you don't knit.

And of course thousands of great bloggers and their great talent!!

Let me know who your knitting inpiration is!
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