Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns

I’m always on the look out of free knitting and crochet patterns.

free-stuffcombination knitting tutorial

There are so many talented designers that publish online for free! I’ve started linking to these on my Facebook page, I’ve tried to I include some daily, but if not daily then 2-3 times per week.I may accidently link to a pattern that is not free, but that would be an oversight on my part.

If you are interested in checking these patterns out I’ll leave my Facebook page link, not selling anything or capturing any info on anyone, just trying to share great patterns from Indy designers, and big name also!

https://www.facebook.com/knittingdragonflies main page


I actually am linking to patterns from both pages, different patterns, I was going to try to consolidate into one, but had people following both pages. Enjoy, and if you know of any great patterns, please share them with us!


I also have a Pinterest page with free knitting patterns and one with free crochet patterns that I’m always adding to, feel free to take a look there, and please let me know of any great links!



Happy Knitting and Crocheting!


Sisal Mats

I like to knit with unexpected materials. I’ve knitted with wire before and made some fun birdhouses, which held up well and have had many generations of bird families in them. (See posts here)

I found some Sisal at my local Stuff Mart, and bought 4 balls. Ended up casting on with size 8 needle and about 20 stitches to test it out, and the result was two very nice mats to sit plants on in our sun porch. My original plan was to make a door mat, but I decided I would start small. In the meantime I’ve found some cheap trays and am making inserts for them to set plants etc.. on.


The larger mat (above) is done on size US 13 needles and cast on 30 stitches and knit until it is long enough. The casting on it the hardest part of the process. Then I cast off and I did a row of single crochet all around to make it neater looking. I had though of crocheting an entire mat, but this proved to be too hard on my fingers.


Before soaking above, all wavy & stiff                   Drying after the soak, outside in the sun, pull it even.

Oh Yeah, one of the most important parts of knitting with sisal! After you have the size you want. Fill the sink up with warm water, and soak your mat for about 20 min. Then put it out in the sun to dry flat. It will be ripple free and all nice and flat!


These work out nice to set plants on, easy to wash and there is an air space between the pot and the surface. If it gets wet and moldy, no problem just scrub it out, and lay it out in the sun and your good as new.

Off to cast on with some jute now….and also knit a larger sisal door mat.


Wouldn’t You Like to be Knitting Here….

My husband and I have spent much time in the Smokies. Good memories of hiking and knitting and great adventures.

I love this photo from Dave Allen Photography, Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Morning Haze at Oconaluftee

I couldn’t resist sharing it! I would love to be there looking out over the hills and casting on a new project. Where have you been knitting lately?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Morning Haze at Oconaluftee

May your knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies….


Everything is Coming up Daisies

I saw a hexagon granny square pattern and had decided I needed to make it. A blanket made of flowers! Easy to take along and work on, what's not to like?  I was out of town when I decided to start on it, so ended up buying the yarn at Wal-Mart, I wanted something durable, soft and washable.
Yarn, amounts, needle used:
I choose Caron Simply Soft due to the colors and fact that I could buy more if needed. I wasn’t sure how large it would turn out. I do love the yarn for blankets or something that is going to be used and washed a lot. Easy care, love the sheen on it and softness.
The colors used were: white #9701, Sunshine #9755, Ocean #9758 and Charcoal Heather #9508, I didn’t keep track of how many skeins I used, I think is was approx.. 2 yellow, 1 white, 5 blue, and 7 gray. All of the colors have 315 yards or 288 meters except the gray (heather) which has 250 yards or 229 meters per skein. So in total I would say an estimate of total yardage was: White 315 yards (had a small amount left on skein), Yellow 630 yards, Blue 1575 yards, Gray 1750 yards.(I used the gray to go around it 4x to make a boarder)
Needle size used: G size or 4 mm, also I used the Clover brand hook that has a flat soft grip on it. I loved it! It is hard for me to go back to the skinny ones now, especially if it is a small gauge.
I picked Daisy colors, but think it would look nice in colors similar to a purple cone flower, or a black eyed Susan. I will probably make another one. It was easy to carry and crochet on these little flowers, I discovered after making a few that the assembly line technique was most efficient. So I figured out my line lengths, (which for me ended up to be 7 or eight motifs, and made that many centers and then did the next color. I tried to hold the ends down and crochet over them so I wouldn’t have to sew as many ends in. Originally I was going to make the blanket longer and larger, but it was heavy and I decided a throw size would be better. I settled on 13 rows long. The size ended up to be approx.  (48 x 65 inches).in the end after going around it several times in double crochet.
That being said, I’m primarily a knitter and just do simple crochet. The pattern I found was The Bobbly Flower Hexagon by The Mad Blanketer.  I decided that was too thick and I modified slightly as below, I’m glad I did because it was plenty thick for what I wanted. A beautiful pattern!

Daisy Hexagon pattern modifications:
The Main stitch pattern for the petals I did a total of 3dc instead of her 4 dc for each petal.
After round 4 I added dc all around in each stitch and 2 dc open areas and 3 dc in corners.
To Join: I used the sc all around holding the hexagons wrong sides together. I liked how this gave me the “ridge” in-between all of the hexagons.
Boarder: I dc all around two times, decreasing two stitches in each dip area in between motifs, and increasing two stitches at each point.
There are all kinds of ways to join granny square, I didn’t know they could actually be crocheted together as you make them. Great video on this from The Corner of Craft https://youtu.be/Pw5hrNwLDi8 (you tube video)
Here is a tutorial from The Crochet Crowd on 5 ways to put your squares together (you tube video)https://youtu.be/F31ActsLT9Q
There is also a hexagon group on Flickr if you need any eye candy or inspiration!
I love how it turned out, and I made it for my niece
Happy Knitting!