Are You a No Reply Blogger

I’ve had some questions on my blog recently that I cannot reply to. I enjoy interacting with all of my readers. If you refer to the below linked post it will explain this.

See the linked excellent article about this from Paula the Quilter,



It’s A Daisy Day

I had been experimenting with acrylic yarns, and in the process found a series of cute crochet patterns. One thing lead to another and I started an afghan. I’m hoping to get it done for my Nieces Birthday! So everyday is a Daisy Day at our house!

What is so nice about Granny Squares? Portability, stash busting, quick to make. Downside? # that I need to make a blanket, *grin*!


I started reading crochet blogs, and found some cute patterns, well a lot of cute patterns. This pattern is from: Mad Blanketer and is called the Bobbly Flower Hexagon (pattern link). I also found a similar one at Attic 24 (who has all kinds of crochet goodness on her blog)

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Solids, Love this! I now see why people rave about this! I wouldn’t make a sweater out of it, but love it to crochet with. I also made some placemats out of it to begin with, and I did knit those, I have washed them and dried in the dryer many times, and they look as nice as the day I finished them. I was surprised to not have any pilling.

Placemats, knitted in seed stitch with Caron simply soft yarn

I’ll add some crochet blog links that I have been reading, I might be a convert! Lots of creativity below, Enjoy!

A Creative Being
Bunny Mummy
Cherry Heart
Fox’s Lane
Dada’s Place


I Love Mices to Pieces

I was reading some blogs and saw the cutest crochet owls on Karen Makes Stuff (who is a prolific creator, check her out, you want to make it, she probably already has and can show you how), of course she has just made them up without a pattern. Super Cute! They would be perfect for my niece, which I was looking for a little something to gift her to cheer her up. And then they show up in the mail! Thanks Karen, you are so sweet! Check out how small they are, love the colors!


Along the way I found crochet mice patterns, which I had no intention of making, but they caught my eye, from The Green Dragonfly, she had a through tutorial, which was very easy to follow. Well they were somewhat addicting to make, LOL (look through her free crochet patterns! I’ve already found a few I’d like to try)


Who us??                                                                      …..and then she said…..


While the owl and mouse have a relationship to each other, maybe not ideal, well for the mouse.

Below is a wooden stamp available from Workshoppe see link!


More creating soon….

Happy Knitting