Too much knitting? Stretches for your body!

This summer I’m participating in a number of KAL’s (knit along s). If you have never signed up for one I would encourage you to do so. The first one I did was the Berroco Lopi Sweater. It made me try new patterns and get out of my comfort zone. Plus I met so many nice people online and learned a lot.

There are all kinds of KALs available to you, for practically any type of knitted project.  I’ll include more info on KALs soon. Ravelry is a great resource on finding/checking them out. Go to Ravelry, search in groups and type in KAL, and check the box (active in the last year). Browse around, if you see something that interests you click on that and the "guidelines” will be listed. The pattern may be free or need to be bought. Yarn can be your choice or sometimes from a specific company. The time it runs is stated.

But along with lots of knitting comes hand/arm/finger stress, and repetitive injuries. Protect yourself by doing some of the below stretches so you can knit for many years to come trouble free.

Don’t forget to stretch your neck and shoulders also!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOpDVR4UGTs (you tube link if the above vid does not work)






Enjoy your knitting and take care of your body!


Double Moss Stitch Cowl (knitted flat, free pattern)

This yarn was an impulse buy, I had other yarn in my cart and decided to try it, since it was on sale. I bought it from Craftsy, it is the Sprightly brand, the acrylic wool worsted (link) It is similar to the Lion Brand Wool ease I believe from the label info. 80% Manufactured Fibers – Acrylic, 20% Wool. I’m hoping it does not pill up and is nice and warm. It is very springy and light, but not as soft as I had hoped. I’ll review it in a later post or on Ravely after my cowl gets some wear.
Double Moss Stitch Cowl (knitted flat, free pattern)

I used two strands held together and made up my own pattern, but looking on Ravelry I found one that was similar, so I’ll link to it also. This linked pattern is wider than mine (link)
Super simple and fast to knit, It was not boring, due to the knit, purl combo and it was so quick to keck out. I could have done it in two days easy. It took me longer because it is summer out and I wasn’t knitting steady on it. But I still had it done in 3 days.
Double Moss Stitch Cowl (knitted flat, free pattern)
Double Moss Stitch Cowl
Size of my cowl was 10 inches wide by 68 inches around, for a double wrap
I used size US needles 13 or 9 mm.
Yarn: (For Double wrap around the neck, you can use half and get a single wrap one)  I used two skeins of the Sprightly worsted weight yarn (total of 432 yards), but you could use around 220 or more yards of bulky weight yarn. I think Lion Brand Thick and Quick (2 skeins) or if you want acrylic I have made another cowl using Lion Brand Hometown which is 100% Acrylic and super soft! (2-3 skeins)
Cast on 25 stitches, or more if you want it wider, in an odd number.
4 Row pattern, (First 2 and last 2 stitches are Knit to prevent curling)
Row 1: K2, (k1, p1)* repeat to last 2 stitches and then K2.
Row 2 : same as row 1
Row 3: K2, (pl, k1)* repeat to last 2 stitches and then K2
Row 4: same as row 3
Repeat these 4 rows until cowl is desired length, bind off.  Then sew together. (I’ll add some mattress stitch links for info. on joining the ends together)
This is how I joined the ends of the scarf to make a cowl (link).
May your knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies


Twin Rugs (free crochet pattern)

I have a friend who wanted me to reproduce a crochet rug that she has. It was a wedding gift and was wearing out. She loves it and had someone reproduce it about 10 years ago. So I’m the 2nd person to remake it. Each rug lasts her about 10 years!  I told her OK, but don't consider myself an expert in crochet, by any means. so I held my breath with what I imagined the rug looked like. I was relieved when it turned out to look fairly simple!
She wanted it duplicated, that was actually not so hard. It was hard not to tweak the pattern. I kept wanting to make it thicker or change the stitches, definitely change the fringe, I wanted more of it, thicker, denser. But no she wanted the same rug.
Twin rugs (free crochet pattern)
New rug vs: Original rug, colors were picked out for me to use
It was difficult for me to figure out what stitch this was, I tried a cluster (bobble) stitch, popcorn and finally found a video explaining the differences between them! I had never done the puff stitch.
The difference between puff, bobble and popcorn stitch.
Thank you Bella Coco for making this helpful video!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct3TvXeHCkc
I finally found a pattern with a puff stitch. Bingo, we were in business. This puff stitch makes the rug nice and cushy on the feet. We picked out Red Heart 100% Acrylic yarn for easy care (that is what the original one was made in and what she wanted again) I’m giving her a copy of the pattern for 10 years from now, in case I’m not around, or if I am I probably won’t remember what I did.
original rugoriginal rug2the beginning
Original rug                                       close up of original center                   My reproduction, the beginning
Pattern that I used is linked below, Thank you charissapraydesigns.com, for sharing! The only thing I did different was make it bigger to match the original rug and add the fringe that she wanted. Her rug had lasted in front of her toilet for 15 years so I think it can be considered a sturdy rug. This pattern calls for a cotton/acrylic blend chunky yarn. I would try that if I was making it for myself.

on the right trackgetting bigger
Trying to make sure it is the same size!             Getting bigger!
Rug pattern: (link)