Knitting Credo (Latin for "I believe")

It occurs to me that maybe we all need a Knitting Credo, OK maybe I have been working too many hours. In workspeak, I'll have to "revisit that topic".  After all look at all of the Organizations that had one and got a lot done: Karl Marx, Black Panthers,   Wow way too many to list, political, artistic etc....

If I had a Credo would it consist of a list of methods I wanted to accomplish? lace patterns, cable, color methods in a  Master Knitter like way? A organized time line to be marked off one by one, a to-do list?

Would it be more like 550 pages of "all work and no knitting makes me a dull girl", (sorry I love The Shining).

More likely it is a ever changing list in my head, some scribbled notes, and ideas.

Yes something like, Oops no that is not working,

switch to this pattern, needles, yarn.

Go to LYS and ask for opinions from anyone who walks in, (who is always willing to give some sort of opinion, or often valuable nugget of sage advice).

Rip this out entirely and look for another pattern, or put it away and let it rest, (or me rest).

Or oooo that is perfect I can't believe it turned out so beautiful.

Like yarn and fiber my Credo would be ever changing, sometimes knotty and twisted, sometimes smooth, beautiful and just right but always dictated by the moment.


And that would be my Credo!


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Oops look what came in the mail, Eye Candy!!

Malachite superwash Merino From The Ranch on Etsy

Carnival from the same place, also superwash merino, I couldn't

resist, it looks like cotton candy. And it is sooo soft also.

Check out their profile

The Ranches Angoras

I am anxious to start spinning this.

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Inspirational book: Intertwined by Lexi Boeger

I am new to spinning. I am searching at my local bookstores for any

spinning related books. I happened upon this one to my surprise at


It is full of inspiration, and even if you don't try any of these spinning

ideas, beautiful to look at.

Pictures are great, and Pluckyfluff aka Lexi Boeger  covers it all. She does

briefly cover a "balanced yarn" but this book is about nontraditional spinning,

including everything from chenille, nubs, slubs, and cocoons to shredded paper

and ribbons.

Lexi recommends a drum carder and says, "I would rather have a drop spindle

and a drum carder than a fantastic wheel and commercial roving." I think

this tells you what kind of yarn you will see her produce.

Pluckyfluff  gives advice and permission for us to look at

everything, and think we could add it into our spinning, mistake? No such


There is also a large section devoted to patterns, both knit and crochet, felt

and woven.

Even if you don't buy this book, I urge you to pick it up and browse through

it, or check it out at your local library.

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Tour de Fleece 2008 update

I did finish spinning all of my fiber from Etsy's CJ Kopec creations.

I don't have all of it off the spindles yet. This is my first time

at spinning something other than practice fibers.

I'm happy with the result and with the 4 oz I spun, I hope to knit

a hat to wear while I'm dog walking.

It is soft and I love the colors! Thanks also to Knitwitch, I bought

a spindle bowl and without that I wouldn't have gotten it all spun.

It really speeded things up.

All of this has really gotten me hooked on spinning.

Now I need a hat pattern.....giggles

You know how I love to shop, I found the cutest little drop spindle earrings on Etsy.

I think I need a pair!!

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Wouldn't you like to be knitting here...

AMAZING sunset in figi

Summer Knitty is out

The Summer Knitty is out! There are some great things in it, as always.

Don't forget to check out the Knitty spin sections.

The calender contest deadline is approaching, if you dare enter. Give it a shot.

This has my rapt attention right now (Sea Tangles). Sounds easy and would be nice to throw over all kinds of pieces.

Also found a good spinning link Spinning Down Under, good info and tons of interesting links.

I've been working too much, I hate it when that happens, and my head gets all wrapped up in the work drama.

All work and no play makes me a dull girl.


Summer spinning and heat

While taking a break from spinning, I happened to

catch a swallowtail on a hummingbird bush.

I found this interesting link http://www.pjsadventures.com/DragonsKeep/personal/PVCWheel.html,

plans to make a walking wheel from PVC.

This is similar to the Babes Walking Wheel.

On another spinning note, I have come across the

Mother Marion kick spindle, I first saw a clip on

">'>you Tube. Looking interesting.

The cicadas started to sing a few days ago. Even with

the dastardly heat it's nice to get out in the evenings.


Spinning update

Here is a busy bee in my garden...

I have been busy spinning, working and cleaning,

how do two dogs make so much hair? I guess if I had that much

hair all over my body and it was in the 90's I would be dropping

an alarming amount of hair also.

Here is the amount of yarn I have

spun during the Tour De Fleece.

This shows the amount of fiber I have left from the 4 oz.

that I want to spin during this time.

Also the primary spindle I have been using,

a bottom whorl made by my hubby and a spindle bowl from the Knitwitch.

I did get my Sursa shawl done.

And I'm still working on my Lola bunny.


Slipper mended and pattern found

Thanks to Paula at The Quilter for the pattern, and to Phyllis

at Spin, Knit and Life for a great link to all kinds of cool

knitted slipper patterns! A Feather Adrift also has made

these slippers and says she started from the toe down.

Many, many thanks, I think I am going to urge my

girlfriend to try and track down her long lost friend

from collage. She says she moved to Guatemala. How fun it

would be to help reconnect two lost friends.

015 I decided to "mend" this slipper in

a red and white yarn. It is on the bottom and I managed to

get it fairly "flat" (who wants to walk on lumps).

Also washed these as she was afraid to due to the unraveling.

So they are ready to wear.

Everyone likes warm feet, and its nice to have slippers

than you can fall asleep in also. She says these fit snuggly

and warm her heart. Here is a cool link for a knitted

heart pattern that is woven, thanks to Noreen Crone-Findlay.


Spindle physics or did the KnitWitch put a spell on me

And Tour de Fleece update....

I am new to spindles and have been practicing

tenaciously, insert giggles here.

Coming along fairly well, watch some You Tube

videos which helped quite a bit.

Then I joined the Tour De Fleece to help motivate

me and meet some spinners, spindles, I had met

KnitWitch online and lusted after her yarn bowls before

I got my spindles.

I noticed that she also made spindle bowls, and thought

"would that help me much?" OOOO so pretty, so I

ended up ordering one, see previous post.

Wow, I started really using it today and cannot believe

how much it has increased my speed. During my

light speed spinning, actually wondering if I would

break the sound barrier.

It has been many years since my last physics class,

so I was wondering as I was spindling along what

was going on. Well, knowing the answer to almost

every question is on the interest I looked and

found Wendy from pointysticks and her spindle physics tutorial.

Interesting stuff.

Enjoy your spinning

The 14 year old knitted slippers

It's funny, when you have a knitted item you love, really love, sometimes there is no replacement.

My girlfriend that I am teaching to knit brought me these slippers. And said "don't laugh, can you fix these?" She said they were a gift from a girlfriend 14 years ago, and she has been wearing them. She said "they have molded to my feet perfectly!"

I recognized the pattern, thank goodness and offered to try and "mend" these but told her I will help her make another pair.

Of course the variegated acrylic Christmas? yarn may be hard to come by.  I am going to try to use a plan red or white.

It looks like it is knitted double stranded, and knitted flat with purls on each side of the foot to make it form the sides, toe is a k1, p1. I remember  making a pair of these many, years ago. I'm talking grade school.

She called them Elf slippers. Anyone out there know a link to something like this? I am currently just thinking of actually counting the rows.

Proof of how appreciated a knitted gift can be...sometimes I loose track of that.

I wish the woman who knitted these could know that, they survived the test of time, and have been loved very much.


New spindle bowl to speed up my spinning

I finally decided to buy a spindle bowl from KnitWitch.

My spindle fit nicely in the dimple in the bottom of the bowl, giving me support (and more control, for me)

and faster spin.

I have tried the bowl with my bottom whorl, and top whorl spindle, it works nicely with both!

I couldn't decide which one to get.

And it's so pretty!

The bottom gives it good stability.

Thanks KnitWitch!

Now I'm ready to start super spinning with my spindles.

On to the Tour De Fleece....



Le Tour De Fleece updates..

Just a little roving spun up.

I seem to have spindle ADD, A little on this spindle, a little on that, lets see how this works, no how about that?

The Spindolyn is fun!

CJ Kopec Creations..adding fiber to your creative diet.

I love the roving!! Thank you Cjkopec!

I was originally planning on making socks with this yarn, now I am considering a scarf, if you have the new issue of Spin Off (thanks to Phyllis of Spin, Knit and Life), one scarf 10 ways, Morning Surf Scarf, it is fun to look at( scarf on front) Also a excellent article on Choosing your first wheel, get it right.

Enjoy your spinning!


Etsy seller pic


In the middle of spinning, I did a little shopping....

Check out this seller A Keepers Jackpot

My favorites are A Black Widows Web Necklace

Custom Beaded Hiking Safety Whistle

SALE Shades of Purple Necklace WITH FREE EARRINGS , who can resist a sale!!


Blue Egg Earrings 

Her prices are very reasonable, who doesn't love a little bling every now and then.

She has a nice blog here

While I was there, I ended up buying more roving, I don't know how that happened, I am in the Tour De Fleece, in which we are using our current stash and oops, more is on the way!

Check this out

From The Ranches Angoras

But I am spinning, I promise, pics to follow....


And the Tour de Fleece Begins!

I have spindle, roving and I'm off, hopefully not to be caught up in a pileup!

Although anything is possible.

Today consisted of a lot of work, because I need to pay my bills and hopefully there is a Spinning Wheel in my future.

Going to a girlfriends dog show...

And now I will spin!!! My roving is from cjkopeccreations.etsy.com, which is divine!  I'm already looking at more.

Spindle made by my DH. bless his heart. He is a carpenter, wonder when I should tell him I'm sending for plans for a wheel? Giggles.

And the Tour De Fleece Begins!