Knitting Credo (Latin for "I believe")

It occurs to me that maybe we all need a Knitting Credo, OK maybe I have been working too many hours. In workspeak, I'll have to "revisit that topic".  After all look at all of the Organizations that had one and got a lot done: Karl Marx, Black Panthers,   Wow way too many to list, political, artistic etc....

If I had a Credo would it consist of a list of methods I wanted to accomplish? lace patterns, cable, color methods in a  Master Knitter like way? A organized time line to be marked off one by one, a to-do list?

Would it be more like 550 pages of "all work and no knitting makes me a dull girl", (sorry I love The Shining).

More likely it is a ever changing list in my head, some scribbled notes, and ideas.

Yes something like, Oops no that is not working,

switch to this pattern, needles, yarn.

Go to LYS and ask for opinions from anyone who walks in, (who is always willing to give some sort of opinion, or often valuable nugget of sage advice).

Rip this out entirely and look for another pattern, or put it away and let it rest, (or me rest).

Or oooo that is perfect I can't believe it turned out so beautiful.

Like yarn and fiber my Credo would be ever changing, sometimes knotty and twisted, sometimes smooth, beautiful and just right but always dictated by the moment.


And that would be my Credo!


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  1. I tend use the 'let it rest' matra more than the others you listed. It gives me time to rethink the design/pattern and time for the yarn to rest and recoop.

    Love your pups! They are too cute.

  2. Anonymous8/01/2008

    My mantra tends to be "get er done" but I'd be way better with "let it lay" since I ruin more stuff by forcing it just to get it over. I tend to be a control freak in that respect only it seems. I'm learning to do better though, at least I think I am.

  3. mine:

    "thinking too much, better get out the knitting"


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