Le Tour De Fleece updates..

Just a little roving spun up.

I seem to have spindle ADD, A little on this spindle, a little on that, lets see how this works, no how about that?

The Spindolyn is fun!

CJ Kopec Creations..adding fiber to your creative diet.

I love the roving!! Thank you Cjkopec!

I was originally planning on making socks with this yarn, now I am considering a scarf, if you have the new issue of Spin Off (thanks to Phyllis of Spin, Knit and Life), one scarf 10 ways, Morning Surf Scarf, it is fun to look at( scarf on front) Also a excellent article on Choosing your first wheel, get it right.

Enjoy your spinning!


  1. Oh, I'm loving that roving and what it's becoming! it's beautiful!

  2. The handspun yarn looks so pretty. I love the thick and thin way you got it to come out.


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