New spindle bowl to speed up my spinning

I finally decided to buy a spindle bowl from KnitWitch.

My spindle fit nicely in the dimple in the bottom of the bowl, giving me support (and more control, for me)

and faster spin.

I have tried the bowl with my bottom whorl, and top whorl spindle, it works nicely with both!

I couldn't decide which one to get.

And it's so pretty!

The bottom gives it good stability.

Thanks KnitWitch!

Now I'm ready to start super spinning with my spindles.

On to the Tour De Fleece....



  1. w00t!!!!! I'm so glad you finally got one! I was wondering if that one was going to you!!! I'm so glad you are enjoying it.

  2. Nice bowl. I love the colors.
    You are moving right along with your fiber. Thanks for the mention also. When this Tour de Fleece ends we won't have any fiber left. We'll have to go out and buy more lol


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