Catch up

In the dog days of summer in this part of the country, I find myself staying inside and sewing or knitting, and now spinning.

Yes making my carbon footprint even larger, turning the AC up and getting out that large quilt, or sweater that has been half finished.

It seems I can find the warmest, (hottest) item to work on, and of course will need to have it on my lap to start working on it.

This always amuses my family. Over the years I have finished a California King quilt, (large and hot), a Fisherman's cable sweater, (this was early on in my serious knitting and I was determine to make this), a sweater coat for myself, (which is so hot I seldom wear it out in the winter) and numerous other projects.

Maybe I am trying to fool myself into pretending it is cooler out. I guess it is a reverse hibernation of sorts. Turn the air down, put on a movie, or ipod and cocoon into my projects.

Stay cool, get those needles out and make something....

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  1. Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one increasing my global footprint. Everyone talks so much about it these days that I'm almost afraid to mention that I have my AC running. (a lot of it has to do with humidity and not being able to breathe)

  2. I consider you lucky! While our house came with AC we have never used it. We need to economize on a fixed income, and this is one way we do it. A ceiling fan and other fans throughout the house helps a lot and cool baths too. But unfortunately most crafting gets put aside until it cools off again. I did get some hand piecing done on a quilt wall hanging yesterday, but it wasn't all that hot either.

    I envy you! Dontcha miss the birds singing though? I always do when the windows are closed.

  3. it would be hard to bring everything outside, wouldn't it? I think a bunch of us are inside, doing our "thing."

    thanks for posting! {:-Deb

  4. I hate how I have to have my AC on while my computer is on or ironically it "freezes" up. I love summer warmth but my computer is having hot flashes!


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