Hills and Valleys Cowl/Hood (free pattern)

I was searching for the perfect cowl that I had in my mind to knit. Trawling on Ravelry, I wanted one, just the right size around, only once around my neck and not too tight, loose enough to pull up around my face and tall enough to get it around my ears during a windy dog walk, but able to squish it down into my collar of my coat and not be too thick and bulky. About a third of the way into the pattern I decided to make it long enough to pull up as a hood also.  I finally just un-vented this one, as Elizabeth Zimmerman would say.

This is a simple stitch textured cowl/hood (you decide the length). Suitable for beginning knitters. Purl ridges make the cowl easy to scrunchy down or pull up. You can wear the ribbed end on top if you are wearing it as a cowl to make it snuggie around your neck or, wear the purl ridges on top if you are pulling it up as a hood. If you have any questions or find an error please let me know so I can correct it!  I’ve added some tutorial links/videos for clarification.
Yarn/Yardage: I used some from my stash, Fisherman’s Wool from Lion Brand, it wasn’t a whole skein, approx. 375-400 yards for the hood and 275 for the cowl. Worsted weight yarn, After I knitted the first one, I decided this would be good for handspun also.
Gauge: 3 stitches/inch, don’t stress about this too much, cowl can be looser or tighter by a couple of inches.
Needles: Size 10 circular (29 inch) or size needed to get gauge
Size: Approx.  28-29 inches around
Length: 12-13 inches (see * repeats for longer option to allow for a hood or super snugly cowl, adds about 4-5 inches)
Cast on: 88 stitches, using a loose cast on, I used the knitted cast on. (see here for tutorial) Long tail cast on also good
Join to knit in the round, place marker
rows 1-10 are to make your purl ridges
1-Purl all around
2-Knit all around
repeat rows 1 & 2 six times
3-knit 4 rows
4-purl 2 rows (purl 4 rows for longer hood version)(repeat rows 3 & three times for cowl and 4 four times for longer hood version)
Moss stitch section
5-k2,p2 all around
6-p2,k2 all around
repeat rows 5 & 6 four times
Purl Ridge section7-Purl all around
8-Purl all around
9-Knit all around
10-purl all around 

repeat row 9 & 10 two times (for a total of 16 rows)  (*for hood or longer length repeat row 9 & 10 four times for a total of 32 rows)
Making a seed stich section below
11-k1,p1 all around
12-p1,k1 all around
repeat rows 11 and 12 six times
purl ridges
13-Purl all around
14-Knit all around

repeat rows 13 & 14 two times (*for hood/longer length repeat 4 times)
Ribbing area this is your last section
Plain ribbing
15-p1,k2 all around
repeat row 15 five rows
Cluster ribbing section
16-p1,yo,k2, with left needle lift yarn over up and over the 2 knitted stitches and slide the yarn over off of the needle) See video here for help
17-p1,k2 all around
repeat rows 16 & 17 two times, (*repeat 6 times if making the longer/hood cowl)
18-purl all around
repeat row 18 two times
19-bind off using a stretchy bind off, I used Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind off, also the Russian Bind off is a good one or other technique to get a loose bind off. EZ sewn bind off link, Loose bind off link

Happy Knitting!

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Loree Jackson said...

This is really nice. I love the Fisherman's wool. It's like an oatmeal color. Very pretty