Man’s Classic Knitted Scarf

A manly scarf, sometimes in our yarny world of color and exotic patterns. Always trying something new and different. We just need a plain scarf. I’m looking for a pattern for a manly scarf, and somewhere about 1.5 hours later, after looking through books, trolling blogs and Ravelry, I was still looking.

I’m not sure what I wanted, maybe that was the problem. What was on my “must have” list? Well…..I think all one color. A classic style, something a man could wear to a winter wedding, church, I guess I wanted a simple but stylish scarf. I looked at ribbed styles (no), cable (high contender), seed stitch (closer), basket weave (too much pattern), and finally decided on moss stitch (just right). (see bottom of post for links to the other free knitted men's scarf patterns I considered)

Moss stitch, it has some pattern, but not too busy, nice texture, lays flat, looks the same on the front and the back. Not too complicated, I can knit it while my mind is busy elsewhere.


IMG_2261What is Steve looking at? See hawk photo below if your interested, The hawk was in the middle of catching a bird and having lunch.


The yarn: I wanted a acrylic blend, I thought black was the color but decided after starting with it, that it didn’t show the stitch, too dark. Gray was the winner on color, a classic timeless gray that would go with anything. The yarn brand, I ended up with Lion Brand Wool Ease. I’ve got a whole post on acrylic and acrylic blends coming out. If I’m knitting for a gift, unless it is a knitter, I use a blend, even then, I’ve had them come back to me in a felted ball *grin*. I’ve knitted with Wool Ease for years, and wore and washed it, so was comfortable with this one.


Scarf pattern is a  simple moss stitch. Pattern from Jennifer Refat, Eaton’s scarf this is a free pattern. I did add one stitch on either side to knit, and/or slip first stitch to make sure the scarf stayed flat.


I’m pleased with the results, it is soft and toasty and easy to care for!

I’m including the runner up patterns (all free and simple) that I considered:
-Simple Scarf by Denise Amazonas
-Patterned scarf by coats n clark-
-One row handspun scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
-Extra Warm Men's Scarf by Kyoko Nakayoshi
-Ridge Rib Men's’ Scarf by Linda Thach
-The Prismatic Scarf by Huan-Hua Chye

All of the above are so beautiful I’m digging in my stash to see what I can knit next

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  1. I love moss stitch. I like Woolease too. Your husband is a good sport. Mine would never stand still or he'd make some goofy pose, lol!


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