Wearing the pants or controlling the zipper…


Time to put the zipper into my baby jacket! I’m planning on hand stitching it in.

So I’m off to find some good zipper tutorials…I find they fall into two methods, using the sewing machine and hand sewn in.  I ran across all kinds of interesting ideas.

Hand Sewn insertion links…

Beat Knitting has a great zipper tutorial that also tells me how to measure for my zipper and shorter it if necessary.

Splityarn uses blocking wires to help with the zipper insertion!

Lobolita shows us how to put a zipper in using a crocheted steek!!

Getting Stitched on the farm’s tutorial reminds us to wash and block first!!!

I go to search for some videos, I find Eunny Jang with a great zipper tutorial, using a latch hook device called a knit picker, which makes the zipper into a knittable item to incorporate into the sweater!

Pauline Designs shows how to use the knit picker to knit the zipper into the sweater in one step!!

Machine insertion links…

Pickin and throwin has a method that covers everything you need to know for hand sewing or machine insertion, she shows us an example with machine.

Whew! That is a lot to think about! So since this is a small project I decide to hand stitch it in. The winner so far in ways to put in a zipper is Pauline Designs, and that means I’m off to search for a knit picker for the next zipper adventure!

How do you insert your zippers!


Wedding Quilt

My brother is getting married, and after much consideration, I decided to make a quilt. I haven’t made one for a number of years, so I asked much advice on the pattern.

It is a fine line between too simple and too complicated. *grin*  I liked the Irish Chain quilt pattern, From the simple single pattern to the more complicated looking triple pattern, it leaves quilt a bit of room for creativity. So I set the four patch blocks alternatively with plain squares.


Current documentation on the Irish Chain quilt pattern indicates that it was developed in America in the early 1800s. Quilt historian Barbara Brackman, states that 1814 is the earliest known date for this pattern. She goes on to say, Dated examples appear consistently across the decades, indicating the design's popularity throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This quilt pattern leaves a nice solid space between the chains to display the maker's needlework skills. Choice of fabric design and color can give this quilt many different looks.


I ultimately decided to add a Star into the spaces, the only star I have ever made was the Sun Rays quilt block, (I’m sure it has another name, sawtooth?), so I decided, since I was on a timeline to use that one.

Quilting, (don’t look to closely) 013

And the end result….


The happy couple with their quilt!

Yay! Now back to knitting….


Rasta Headband and Hippy Headband, to keep you cool and good looking during the summer

I’ve been crocheting lately, a good stash buster, and fun and fast.

rasta headband

Well you get the idea, you don’t have to have dreads to wear this, I love them for camping, and gardening, anytime I need to cover my hair and look good.

Here are two patterns for headbands.


Rasta Headband

Made with just a small amount of acrylic yarn.

Crochet hook: size advised on yarn label, I used a G.

chain 72 stitches, 80 if you want it loose or have a lot of hair.

Single crochet all around, joining chain, begin careful not to twist when joining.

Continue single crochet until you have about 5 inches or more, depending on your need or amount of yarn. I think it would look cool with strips, bright ones!

Ta da, now weave in ends and no bad hair days for you!

Hippy Headband


I made this from 100% natural cotton yarn, soft and pretty.

As above but make this only 4 or 6 rows wide.

And my favorite, my colorful hippy-Rasta headband!

I crocheted this one like the turquoise one above but added a row of dc chain 3 dc, and then return to the sc all around on the next row, you could add this in several times to make it sassy.

028 (2)

Now go out there and get funky!


Spoiler Alert…

Just a peak of what I’ve been up to…
My brother is getting married and I’ve been busy…
No knitting has occurred, well that’s not entirely true, I have been knitting some dish cloths. I find that is good knitting when I’m stuck on my projects. So I still have the Iced sweater, with not enough yarn to finish it. I’m frowning at it, as I don’t want to frog it, I have found more yarn on EBay and may buy it. (what else am I going to do?)
I still have my toe up socks that are in the knitting bag, not sure why I stopped those.
Evidently I’m getting surgery, my thyroid nodule, has now grown . Not sure when, still haven’t seen the surgeon, you know how that goes, precertification etc.….
I’m hoping for some energy out of all of this.
More later
Get your knitting needles out, and I’ll try to also.