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felted bowl

Oak felted bowl, to put some goodies in $15.00

sunflower pin

Sunflower Pin, that makes me feel happy $5.00

ponytail holder

Some pony tail holders $3.50 perfect for your hair.

key ring

Oak leaf key ring $10.00

She blogs at http://miesmama.blogspot.com/


Tour De Fleece 2009 finish

This is the 2nd year I have participated in the Tour De Fleece, this year I have my first wheel, so it was especially exciting!

For a warm up I started with some pink roving and finished it up, details here.

Then on to the main spinning my purple Tennessee roving. Lovely, and lonely, it sat for about a year before I started on it.

I was able to spin it very fine (for me) and ply it. I’m so excited.

021 This is the first skein.

Now I come to the question of how to figure out how much yardage I have spun?   Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure this out?

021 Here are my finished skeins, I hope to have enough  to make a shawl.


This is my Baktus scarf, made with my first TDF handspun, I didn’t expect to be able to wear it in July! It was 69 degrees this morning.


This gives you an idea of the total size. I think it will be very flexible to wear, as a scarf, I don’t think it is too long or bulky to tuck into your coat, yet warm.  As a wrap it is great for movie theaters and cool restaurants, useful in any season. It was a very easy knit, and I will make it again. The original is made with sock yarn, Mr.. Puffy knitted hers with thicker yarn and gave me the idea.

I spun more during the Tour than I had planned on, this years tour has really motivated me, I’m getting to the point with my wheel that I feel confident with what I produce.  Now I am reading Spin Control, I like this book, being a fairly new spinner, and it helped me answered the questions I was having about spinning different yarns , and made me under stand how to get the yarn I want.

May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


Somewhere in a cabin in the woods, a knitter knits

We took a much needed vacation into the woods, I found a great genuine log cabin to rent, we took a week and tried to regain some sanity.


So with some hiking and some knitting, reading and relaxing in the plans, we start off.

The cabin is located in a forrest of 23,000 hand planted pine trees planted over 50 years ago.


Yes look very closely, that little speck is my husband. Truly magnificent, the pines that is, well maybe my husband also.

Some knitting to be done

089  After a long day of hiking, and yes my feet are on a hot tub on our screen in back porch. What more could you need? A pond, yes we had that also.


More hiking 132 See my husband there??

135 and here? (at Ash cave)

Well you have to take some knitting when you hike.

182 Knitting on my Sailor’s Delight socks. (at old man’s cave)

245 And yes, my husband again, I see the back of him during all of our hiking adventures. ( at Cantwell Cliffs)

More hiking

280 Great wilderness

215 How many dragonflies do you see?

All of these photos were taken in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio, this is a wonderful area. You can stay in a tipi, castle, tent, cabin, cottage, bed and breakfast, or about any other place you can think of, as fancy or plain as you need.

A great area, to stay, hike, and relax.

May you needles fly as fast as dragonflies.


Who needs plain yarn when there is Kool Aid and sun?

I got some plain yarn, it is beige Lion Brand 100% wool, kind of boring. 24 oz of it.

I want to knit this, from Knitty. Imagine by Karen Alfke who blogs here Abakini, better living thorough knitting.

006 Notice that there is green and blue Kool Aid, in the background. Because, yes, I am officially obsessed with Kool Aid dyeing.

I wound it off015 into 4 oz hanks.

And then cooked up some lemon-lime Kool aid, I used 5 pkgs. per 4 oz of yarn.007 I decided to solar dye the yarn, since it is 93 here and sunny, and I found some sun tea jars on sale at Wal-Mart.

011 I let it “cook” until the water was clear, then let cool until room temp and  rinse and drained it well. This took about 6-8 hours in full sun. Let cool and then rinse in cool water. Hang to dry.013008 (2)


Very green, but I wanted a little variation in color. I used blue Kool Aid, and used 2 pkgs. per 4 oz hank of yarn. I had a brain storm of applying it with a salt shaker.014.

Make sure you yarn is just barely damp, not setting in water or this will “run” the colors (which also looks nice, but I wanted subtle).007 I don’t know if you can see the little drops of color, you may be able to see it better on my flickr page, if you need to Sprinkles of blue Kool Aid


Place the yarn in a bowl and heat in the microwave for 2 min.

When it comes out, sprinkle with your salt shaker as much as you like, wait until the powder “blooms”, and then toss carefully (i used two forks (the yarn will be hot), like it was spaghetti) and sprinkle again, do this until you have as much color as you like.

017 Then place in a glass bowl or jar (carefully) and cover.I used a bowl and some cling wrap.

Sit in the sun again, until steamy, this part sets the color in. I waited about 4 hours in full sun and it was 90 degrees. When you look in no Kool Aid powder should be visible, it will have “steamed” in your container.019

Now, let cool, it will be quite warm or hot, until room temp. and then rinse in cool water.014 Me placing the yarn to on my deck.

015 Here it all is drying and I think the hanks even match each other quite well, I’m amazed and excited.

016 002

All ready to make a gauge swatch now!

A green peace pullover, imagine that, I think it will  be good to hike and camp in during colder months.

May you knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies


Donate a Cozie to Sophie


If you haven’t heard about her, Sophie is a great little 4 year old that is inspiring many people to pick up their sticks and string and make a cozie (a cuddle blankie) to donate to her. She is collecting them to give to children at their local hospital.

She has a group on Ravelry called Sophie’s Cozies (of course). Sophie knits herself and is adorable. Please go to Ravelry and read her story.

I caught wind of her on Plurk, and donated the rest of my baby blankets from my Etsy shop. Woo Hoo….this little girl can inspire. She reminds us of what is important in life, and to take time to do it.

She wants to deliver her first batch of cozies in September, so get out your needles and get going.

May your knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies


Over dyeing fugly yarn

While trying to destash, I ran across some nice yarn, but the color way was outdated, or I was tired of them….So…..why not try overdyeing?

(I know I’m really suppose to be destashing and decluttering my house, and I end up making a bigger mess)

Over dyeing begins…why not…can it look worse? Yuck. Blue/yellow/red before.

 013 (2)

Before and after, this is with 5 packages of grape Kool Aid, and microwave dyed. It took the harshness away. My husband doesn’t see much difference, but he IS a man.

007 Here we are all dry and ready to go, now I would knit something with this yarn.

Inspired by my success, I decided to try more yarn. I found this blue/orange/burgundy/green color way. ugh…

More yarn…and this time I tried solar dyeing, I found out that WalMart had their sun tea jars (glass) on sale for $1 each. I used this method.

028 005

This yarn reminds me of the 70’s, and then some grape and  cherry kool aid (sorry I know it’s generic, but that’s half the price)

003 007 (2)

Sun tea jars + yarn + kool aid + sun = yarny goodness

I waiting 2 hot days, the dye mix in the jars was clear, and this is what I got.

023 025

Grape Kool aid overdyed and Cherry Kool aid over dyed. Success, now I would knit something with these.

028 (2) Top is cherry and bottom is grape.

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


Tour De Fleece 09 update

I had planned on spinning my purple roving first, but decided to start on some pink roving that I got from Grinny Possum Fiber Arts.

012 8 oz of very pretty pink roving

011 Just getting started on sat July 4th

032 Watching some old movies and spinning, it’s raining outside so good time to get some spinning done.

Done with the pink roving, so pretty

005 (2) What to make with it???? Ideas?

Now on to the purple and NCIS….016

I’m getting better at my spinning, I’m able to get it thinner, do we all dream of spinning lace weight yarn?


Another Felted Bag: Knotted Up Bag

I saw this bag in Bags That Rock and fell in love with it. It is a nice across the body, slouchy bag, with an easy style.

From the beginning I had trouble deciding if I needed to knit it one stranded, (this looked much too thin), or double stranded, (oops, not enough yarn).

Like any bewildered knitter, I just put my head down and started over.004 All of the pieces done, I wasn’t happy with the thinness of the yarn knitted up, but I kept going. Single crochet around all of the pieces.

007 Now we sc the pieces together.

008 And add the bottom, oops, the bottom is much too small!! I sc several rows around to make it fit, and then sewed it in.

009 (2) All together and ready to felt!! Now the fun really begins…

025 All fuzzy and drying. It did end up to be quit thick and ready to finish up. I plan to get some fabric to line it with and haven’t decided on how to finish the closure. (zip, snap?)

026 Straps are long enough to be worn across the body, the straps are knotted at the top, so the length is up to you.

016 Penny got bored along the way and decided to catch a nap in her favorite corner.

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…

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