Tour De Fleece 2009 finish

This is the 2nd year I have participated in the Tour De Fleece, this year I have my first wheel, so it was especially exciting!

For a warm up I started with some pink roving and finished it up, details here.

Then on to the main spinning my purple Tennessee roving. Lovely, and lonely, it sat for about a year before I started on it.

I was able to spin it very fine (for me) and ply it. I’m so excited.

021 This is the first skein.

Now I come to the question of how to figure out how much yardage I have spun?   Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure this out?

021 Here are my finished skeins, I hope to have enough  to make a shawl.


This is my Baktus scarf, made with my first TDF handspun, I didn’t expect to be able to wear it in July! It was 69 degrees this morning.


This gives you an idea of the total size. I think it will be very flexible to wear, as a scarf, I don’t think it is too long or bulky to tuck into your coat, yet warm.  As a wrap it is great for movie theaters and cool restaurants, useful in any season. It was a very easy knit, and I will make it again. The original is made with sock yarn, Mr.. Puffy knitted hers with thicker yarn and gave me the idea.

I spun more during the Tour than I had planned on, this years tour has really motivated me, I’m getting to the point with my wheel that I feel confident with what I produce.  Now I am reading Spin Control, I like this book, being a fairly new spinner, and it helped me answered the questions I was having about spinning different yarns , and made me under stand how to get the yarn I want.

May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


  1. For figuring yardage spun, I use this method. I have a niddy-noddy that's one yard around, so I count it as I wind the yarn off the bobbin. If I made a 2-ply yarn, I multiply that length by 3 (single of that length plus single of that length plus plying that length). If I do a Navajo ply (would work with any 3-ply), then I multiply the length of finished yarn by 4. It's probably a slight underestimate, but ought to be close.

  2. I don't have a niddy-noddy, so I use two chairs. I set them apart so that the total measurement from far side of chair 1 to the far side of chair 2 is one yard. Then I wind the yarn around the chairs till the whole skein is wound on. Since 2 x 36 equals 72, or 2 yards, I just count my strands and multiply by 2 after I've finished.

  3. You look fabulous in your Baktus! Love the way you are wearing it in the modeled shot.

    This is special because it's really your first handspun garment. Enjoy in good health :)

  4. I cheated and bought myself a yarn meter. Now I just pull it through the gadget to find out. I suppose that isn't much help to you.
    Love the color of the yarn you spun. It looks beautiful!


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