Putting my lunch partners to sleep

I've noticed that not only is knitting relaxing to me, but it must be relaxing to others who are simply "watching" or just present.I have knitting at lunch more than once and looked over to notice that those that are with me are nodding off. I thought maybe I was just boring them to death. But later one woman said, "it's so relaxing to go to lunch with you and watch you knit". I didn't realize that knitting was that powerful of a practice.
Motion, rhythm, sound, repeat......Sleep

Moss on the trail scarf pattern

I have not gotten much knitting done lately. Just busy with other things. I always have my knitting at work, but have been teaching others lately, and find I can't knit and teach, I feel like a prairie dog, popping up and down.

But my co- workers made me promise to finish the Puce scarf, they claim since I started it we have had record amount of snow and ice.

So it is done, now no longer name Puce, but a more springy name of: Moss on the trail scarf. Now that it is done may spring begin!!

Moss on the Trail Scarf pattern

I used 5 balls of Ara From Dale of Norway, it is a thick/thin spun colorway of green It is called Herb Garden.

Crocheted scarf pattern
Yarn amt. approx 250 yd's
Yarn type bulky
Hook see yarn label for recommendation
Chain for about 55 inches for myself, shorter or longer, to your liking
Row 1 sc in 2nd chain from hook, *chain 1, skip 1 chain, sc in next chain* continue until at end, end with a sc in last stitch and then chain 3 and turn
Row 2 sc in first stitch, *chain one, skip one stitch, sc in next stitch*, continue until at end of row, end with a sc in last stitch and then chain 3 and turn.
Repeat Row 2 until you A) run out of yarn or B) the scarf is wide enough.

I used all 5 skeins and my scarf turned out to be 10 inches wide and approx 48 inches long. It is lightweight.

And I like how textural it turned out.

I also finished my little Crappy bag for Dog walking.

I used one ball of GGH sportlife 50g 85 m

in a dark green.

I sc using a I hook around and around until I thought I was done.

Used a twisted handle, due to the fact that I had no more yarn for a crochet strap.
So now I can stylishly carry my poo home, well not my poo, my puppy poo.

Thanks to YarnPath for the idea. Her pattern is so pretty I am going to use it to store my jewelry in. More on that later.

Let spring begin...soon



My girlfriend that I am teaching to knit and crochet has decided that I need to learn her passion. Hooping. I have not done anything with a hula hoop for???

I go to work one day and she presents me with a Hoop, my hoop, that she has made. This is not your childhood hula hoop, no, it is large and heavy and fun.

I didn't expect to have so much fun relearning. I can only hoop with it around my waist right now. But she has taken me under her wing to learn the tricks of hooping, as I have her under mine concerning knitting.


Check it out

Hooping.org and you will see what I mean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shqhod6OC-k

I think the girl in the black fishnet tights, has a yarn tassel top.....Hummmmm


Winter Wonderland..

Snowing again.

In this city people have an idea of what winter is really suppose to be like, but only experience it about every 15-20 years. It lives in peoples memories and stories passed down.

This Winter has been Bright, Icy, Cold and Snowy.

Everything you would want in a winter.

During one dog walk, with the cold air blowing and snowflakes dancing across my cheeks a flood of memories came back to me from my childhood.

Icicles hanging from houses, snowmen, and snow angels, wet mittens and socks.

A chance to get all of my hand knitted items out and wear them. Walking down the street in a Elizabeth Zimmerman inspired ski sweater that I have only worn twice. (really warm)

So many winter memories, snow ball fights and forts, the dogs experience their first snow and romp and play.

The sun is blinding, I have forgotten how bright it can be when there is snow, and the sky is a beautiful clear blue. A blue I want to knit with.

I pick up my needles and yarn to knit something to wear another magical winter.


icy, snow, sleet, yarn, fabric

It's one of the weekends that we have no sun, but lots of ...well let me look out the window right now. Ok rain, no now sleet, ok snow now, and rain again.

So it is a good weekend to stay in. The Dogs don't think so, Syd, My bad boy just chewed up a Nike Shox shoe, Baaaaad boy!!

So I'm trying to catch up on some knitting, crocheting, and sewing, housecleaning etc... Consequently I am making a bigger mess than normal. HA
This is a pic of my husband's sculpture covered with ice.


Burrrrr stay warm...

And keep knitting...

Quilting a unknown pattern..

This is the quilt I am currently working on. I will post directions soon.
It is a funny pattern, don't know the name of it. My girlfriend showed me how and then I lost touch with her.
First, it starts with lots of squares of fabric all sewn together, then I have this odd square template that is marked into four parts, but at odd angles, we center this square on the four corner join and then mark and cut these squares, once we cut all of those squares we sew them together and it turns into a pinwheel.
I will take pics of the whole process soon and give dimensions of the squares and the template. If anyone is familiar with this pattern, let me know. I have searched on the internet and not found anything.

Ta Da.....Was I in the mood for spring? Wow now that I see the pictures, I have an excess of flowered prints.


If you missed the lunar eclipse

pict5013 13 mins after end of totality


Fiber and Creation...

When I first started knitting everyone was using acrylic, this was the acrylic of the 60's, it was Harvest Gold and Avocado Green with a little Burnt Orange thrown in for "pop". ugh...1390131278_99bfe7c9bc So our choices were acrylic or wool. Since acrylic was popular and bright and fun. We made granny squares, ponchos and afghans, and even HOTPANTS (but don't tell anyone). They are probably still around, even if it's in a landfill somewhere, because goodness knows those acrylics are indestructible.

I continued knitting with these yarns until I discovered a Real Yarn Shop by accident, wandered in and ended up buying a nice assortment of wool/acrylic blend that the poor store clerk helped me pick out for a Fair Isle vest for my soon to be husband. This was a joy to knit with but a job to knit, I have never done any fair Isle since. (I don't think I ever saw him wear it, but we are still together).

After my acrylic/wool project I was hungary to see what other non acrylic fibers were out there. So off into the fiber world I went.

On a trip to the Smokes we found a super yarn shop. It was filled with so many beautiful things I was overwhelmed. After much deliberation I picked out a Alpaca/wool blend in a brown/tan tweed. I didn't know what to knit with it, or if I had enough for a sweater. So I settled on a shawl. It was beautiful, soft, warm and I still have it, and wear it. I was hooked.sheep cashmere-goat

Now as I contemplate a project the types of yarn go through my head like a mantra;

Alpaca, Angora, Bamboo, Camel, Cashmere, Corn, Cotton, Guanaco, Hemp, Linen, Llama, Mohair, Qiviut, Seaweed, Silk, Soy, Wool, Yak…And then if I pick wool, the breeds of sheep;

Merino, Rambouillet, Cormo, Shetland, Suffolk, Dorset, Karakul, Leicester, Montadale, Wensleydale, Teeswater, Welsh Mountain, Swaledale, OMMMMMMM


This caused a vibration which eventually became sound, and this sound was click click click of my needles Creation itself was set in motion by this...


ETSY pick

My Etsy pick for the month is Luminosities. She has a fun variety of things. Jewelry, magnets (with an edge) and pet collar charms. There is a good range of prices, so you can buy seriously or for fun.

She makes one of a kind items. Contact her and she will custom make.

I like that she merges the spiritual side with her creative side.

My favorites (translate to My Wish list) are:

il_430xN_17452994 The Water Element magnet, this is actually a watercolor painting inside!


Siren of the Sea Mermaid Everywhere Charm,

take the magic of mermaids with you everywhere you go!


Blue Sky Topaz and Aquamarine Earrings

Sterling silver and genuine stones. Would look good to dress up with or just jeans.


Fall Splendor

Made with Carnelian and smoky quartz, This necklace is so fun and I love the rich colors.

Check her out at:

http://blog.myspace.com/wolfwitch or
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/luminosities/


At the frog pond..

Yes I'm frogging again.054 It's Sunday, rainy and windy. The snow and ice are melting.

I got out my Handpainted yarn and after deciding to convert it into a hoodie, I cast on. Well after about several inches I could see my gauge was off. So ripit, ripit, ripit...Now I have cast back on and am trying to get back to where I was.

I am planning on making it one piece from the bottom to under the arms. I want a zipper for a closure, and that's about all of the planning I've done right now.

I have an abundance of mother's to be that I know, so I am planning several, blankets of all kinds, more on that later.


Wouldn't you like to be knitting here.

Captiva Island Beach, Florida - stunning beach

Requested knitted patterns

I don't know why, but when someone approaches me with a request to make a specific pattern for a gift, it is always harder for me to knit.

I feel like it should not be, but it is. Seems like I have to make myself do it. Often not getting done in time.

Is it the loss of control, or creativity? I am suppose to be making this pattern for a baby gift. And cannot get my mind wrapped around this task. There I just called it a "task".

It bothers me that I feel this way. It is a very pretty pattern, nice yarn. But I already find myself thinking "maybe I'll change the yarn, and the gauge, and the dimensions of the blanket. Hummmmm.....

So needless to say I went to buy the yarn today and couldn't make myself. I instead started dreaming of other yarns to use, tweaking the pattern a little. And actually started thinking, well the person who requested it, doesn't knit, maybe they will not even notice if I change it. Was that my evil twin talking?


Let it Snow...

I am off today. They are sending the kids home from school early. We are in a Winter storm watch and it is snowing like crazy out there. Our town has about 4 snowplows, so when it snows here it is an emergency. No one knows how to drive, we don't even own a snow shovel. We just "broom" our snow away. rbghost


That tells you how much snow we usually get. It is so fun when we do get it. Our first winter down here, we thought everyone was crazy, a few flurries and a panic sets in, but it didn't take us long to realize why. If no one clears the roads, it is very hard to get anywhere. 1020

So it turns into a big holiday for most everyone. With all meetings, churches, schools, etc...shutting down as soon as it starts snowing. Unfortunately I have a job at a hospital, and have to get there.Cardinal-In-Winter-III

I have been there before when it snowed and ended up "stuck" at work, (we can't leave until our replacement gets there). After a few years, I learned when leaving for work during or before a storm, pack like I am going to stay for 3 days, because I may be.wintercardinal

I am expecting an adventure tomorrow. I have the early shift. LOL I am glad my snowflake bag is done, and I went to Michael's early this am and got some things to make for the craft fair I am doing in September. (more on this later) So until you hear from me again. Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow....


Winter Quilted bag..

Well just stitching around before I leave for work, and I whipped up this winter wonderland bag. To tote my knitting and some reading....

005 007 009

Also working on a little crochet bag to carry with me while I walk the dogs. I never have any free hands. I started making the little bag at The Yarnpath. But it is so pretty, I can't stand to put any poo in it. So I am going to make that a little makeup bag. It makes me feel girly so I think makeup would be good.

004 002 I think I will add the orangey rust colored yarn at the top? Since I ended that sentence in a ? I don't think I'm sure about that now that I am looking at the pic's. I will add the pattern when I get done, super easy and fast.

More later, off to work....

I'm still thinking quilts and fabric....


Wouldn't you like to be knitting here...

Visiting a Buddhist monastery - Sikkim, India

Frogging Queen...

I have been accused of perfectionism. That may be true.

I think the search for what to do with my Handpainted Yarn is over. I am planning on making a "hoodie" and using the Elizabeth Zimmerman books to figure out how. I would like to add a zipper and even pockets. We will see what it amounts to....sometimes I have to remind myself, "It's just yarn".

frog_queen_jpg_thumb frog


Frogging again...

Ok I have been working on the Bridesmaid wrap sleeves, I have them both done. I switched back to the body, and it's not making me happy. As my husband knows, when I say that it means we are repainting the wall (example LOL). So I am frogging the body. It is done in a K1, P1 ribbing on #11 needles, arms are one in SS on #8's. They don't look good together, and the ribbing is already stretching too much, (body knitted side to side). So I am trying to decide, make it but change the pattern in the body? I was looking at a bird stitch, which I saw in a magazine but cannot find online. or........make it into a hoodie, I think if I do the later I will just knit it on the fly. 


Tagged..I'm It??

I was tagged by Lady Rose of Enchanted Crafts for this meme to share 7 random (or weird) facts about me.

1. I am always trying to get "organized", or maybe I just enjoy the thought of it.
2. I"m in my blue period right now. (color wise)
3. Wanted to be a cartoonist
4. Have 5 tattoos with plans to a Crafty one (knitting, quilting)
5. I love to iron, it's relaxing for me, OK, I already have enough people with laundry in case I run out.
6. I want to quit my job and run a boarding kennel, well for all animals, not just dogs.
7. The pets or "roommates" I have had include, iguana, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hermit crabs, various lizards, fish OMG lots of fish, gerbils, birds, squirrell, and of course many dogs and cats, Oops almost forgot my husband that puts up with the noise and all that goes with it.

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Now for the rules:
1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog, website or store to let them know they have been tagged.

Tag your it....


Listen and knit..

cascade head salmon river

Even the still wind has a voice....


What color is Puce?

Update on the crochet scarf in progress.....013 014 I like the look of the stitches. Especially since they travel the length of the scarf. It doesn't look so much like crochet. The popular opinion has been "why did you pick that color"? I'll see how wide it gets with 5 skeins.

Here is a picture of my husband with the lion Earflap hat. I added a sc row around the hat of black. I think that was what was missing. Check it out...009 You can see the color change in this picture. Of course it looks fab with the orange coat.


Here is my Scrappy Shawl, It's good to chase off the winter cold and the winter blues.

It measures 6 ft along each edge. You can make it as big as you desire.

I used an assortment of yarn and colors from my stash, I even mixed the types of yarn all up ( cotton, wool etc..)  001002003

Scrappy (Chase the Winter Blues Away) Shawl Pattern

Size: As big or small as you desire

Needles:(Knit in the round) Big or small, I used #8, dp needles and then circular, but have thought I would like to make it again with larger needles and smaller yarn, making a lacy look.

Yarn: Any and all you desire, I tried to lay it out the colors to my liking, before I started, but then changed at will, sometimes after one row.

CO 9 stitches, evenly spaced on your choice of dp needles. place a marker on the 3rd, 6th, and 9th st.

row 1 ( inc one st before marked st and one after (I used a YO) So to start, *knit 2, yo, k1, yo* repeat until end of row.

For each row you add 2 stitches, one at the beginning, and one at the end, you also have the stitch in between them that form the triangles "points"

Keep knitting, change colors, make your stripes thick or thin. Continue until it is large enough, the color changes keep you from getting board.

To Finish: I just CO my favorite one.

Slip or knit the first stitch. *Knit the next stitch. Pass the first stitch over the second. Repeat from *.

But if I did a lacy version I would add a lace edge, check out the choices here!


Earflap hat...

I finished the Earflap hat from the Lion Pattern. Excuse the colors, I took the picture in my kitchen which I painted granny smith apple green. Pretty but everyone tends to look a bit jaundiced.

Steve wore it today!! It was about 28 out and sunny.004 I am trying to decide if I need to add a crochet row around the entire edge, maybe in a chocolate brown fuzzy yarn. I used two strands held together of Moda Dea Tweedle Dee Cinnamon Twist

Tweedle Dee is a tweed yarn with a shaded color effect. One color melts into the next. The color blend it very nice, I like the way it blends very subtly. I like it so well I think I have finally found the yarn I would like to knit that Pinwheel Sweater out of.

80% Acrylic, 16% Wool,
4% Rayon
Net wt. 100g, 3.52oz
142m, 155yds

I will take another picture outside so you can see a true idea of the color. I tossed the idea of the tassel out. If I make one for myself I will add it.

I have finally found what I will knit with the Pyramid sweater yarn. It's the Felted Market Bag from Knitty. I do have it started!! I will try and add some pics this weekend.

I am also crocheting a scarf from some yarn I had to buy at my LYS 5 balls of Ara From Dale of Norway, it is a thick/thin spun colorway of green It is called Herb Garden. Not quite my color but it was marked down from 5.99 to 2.00 per skein. So I am crocheting a scarf,

Crocheted scarf pattern

Yarn amt. approx 250 yd's

Yarn type bulky

Hook see yarn label for recommendation

Chain for about 55 inches for myself, shorter or longer, to your liking

Row 1 sc in 2nd chain from hook, *chain 1, skip 1 chain, sc in next chain* continue until at end, end with a sc in last stitch and then chain 3 and turn

Row 2 sc in first stitch, *chain one, skip one stitch, sc in next stitch*, continue until at end of row, end with a sc in last stitch and then chain 3 and turn.

Repeat Row 2 until you A) run out of yarn or B) the scarf is wide enough.

Pictures to follow.

Keep on happy knitting.IMG_1036[1] Pictures from a hiking trip in Oregonimg449x

Remember I have needles and I'm not afraid to use them....