Let it Snow...

I am off today. They are sending the kids home from school early. We are in a Winter storm watch and it is snowing like crazy out there. Our town has about 4 snowplows, so when it snows here it is an emergency. No one knows how to drive, we don't even own a snow shovel. We just "broom" our snow away. rbghost


That tells you how much snow we usually get. It is so fun when we do get it. Our first winter down here, we thought everyone was crazy, a few flurries and a panic sets in, but it didn't take us long to realize why. If no one clears the roads, it is very hard to get anywhere. 1020

So it turns into a big holiday for most everyone. With all meetings, churches, schools, etc...shutting down as soon as it starts snowing. Unfortunately I have a job at a hospital, and have to get there.Cardinal-In-Winter-III

I have been there before when it snowed and ended up "stuck" at work, (we can't leave until our replacement gets there). After a few years, I learned when leaving for work during or before a storm, pack like I am going to stay for 3 days, because I may be.wintercardinal

I am expecting an adventure tomorrow. I have the early shift. LOL I am glad my snowflake bag is done, and I went to Michael's early this am and got some things to make for the craft fair I am doing in September. (more on this later) So until you hear from me again. Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow....


  1. Ah, that little squirrel is so cute.

  2. I love when the snow sticks to the trees and turns the world white. It's always so pretty.
    Good luck getting to work tomorrow. Pack some crafty stuff in your overnight bag to keep you from going nuts.

  3. Wow - I love the pictures! Particularly of the owl. For my birthday one year I wanted an owl house - which I got. Only problem was that the racoons seemed to like more than the owls!


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