ETSY pick

My Etsy pick for the month is Luminosities. She has a fun variety of things. Jewelry, magnets (with an edge) and pet collar charms. There is a good range of prices, so you can buy seriously or for fun.

She makes one of a kind items. Contact her and she will custom make.

I like that she merges the spiritual side with her creative side.

My favorites (translate to My Wish list) are:

il_430xN_17452994 The Water Element magnet, this is actually a watercolor painting inside!


Siren of the Sea Mermaid Everywhere Charm,

take the magic of mermaids with you everywhere you go!


Blue Sky Topaz and Aquamarine Earrings

Sterling silver and genuine stones. Would look good to dress up with or just jeans.


Fall Splendor

Made with Carnelian and smoky quartz, This necklace is so fun and I love the rich colors.

Check her out at:

http://blog.myspace.com/wolfwitch or
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/luminosities/


  1. Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog! I'll post this on my own blog and link back to you. :)


  2. You know I've never bought anything from esty! It seems like just an overwhelming place to try and find anything. Thanks for highlighting someone that you think is special!


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