Requested knitted patterns

I don't know why, but when someone approaches me with a request to make a specific pattern for a gift, it is always harder for me to knit.

I feel like it should not be, but it is. Seems like I have to make myself do it. Often not getting done in time.

Is it the loss of control, or creativity? I am suppose to be making this pattern for a baby gift. And cannot get my mind wrapped around this task. There I just called it a "task".

It bothers me that I feel this way. It is a very pretty pattern, nice yarn. But I already find myself thinking "maybe I'll change the yarn, and the gauge, and the dimensions of the blanket. Hummmmm.....

So needless to say I went to buy the yarn today and couldn't make myself. I instead started dreaming of other yarns to use, tweaking the pattern a little. And actually started thinking, well the person who requested it, doesn't knit, maybe they will not even notice if I change it. Was that my evil twin talking?


  1. I have the same problem! I love making gifts for people, but I always feel strangely ... resentful (I know that makes me sound awful) if I've not had the control, the creativity and the choice in what I'm going to make. I think it's about the energy that goes into choosing the yarn, the pattern and any customizable little details that makes it special for me. Whenever I'm asked to make something specific for someone, I feel like I'm ...working.
    I think you need to make those little adjustments for your sanity - I'm sure they won't really notice if you change it and it'll stop you going mad!

  2. Absolutely, you should change the yarn and the pattern to your liking. You have to knit it - at least enjoy knitting it!
    I would recommend that you keep to yarn that can be machine washed and dried. After you meet that mark, the sky is the limit. Have fun with it!


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