Featured Etsy Seller

Is Lazy T Crochet, I’m primarily a knitter, but am attracted to her crochet designs. And she has great prices also. Good for some handcrafted gifts.


Cute Beret for $20.00

blue wrap

I like this Cool Blue wrap, great for summer and those icy restaurants or theatres great price of $28.00

brown bag

You know I’m a bag girl, this one would be great to hold my knitting mags and go get coffee. And it is on sale at $16.00

She also has some patterns and a selection of other interesting items.

She blogs here…http://lazytcrochet.blogspot.com

And has a destash etsy shop here: Lazy Stuff

Have fun shopping!!


In search of a knitting bag, do you have one you love? Tell me, tell me!

I usually carry my knitting in plastic bags, free totes, my purse and zip lock bags. I decided that I am buying a real knitting bag (ta da! bugle sounds here).

Is there anyone out there that has found a great knitting bag? If so please share. I suspect this is like finding the perfect purse, a quest for the holy grail. So I will put my armor on and jump on my faithful steed and start.

Here are my contenders:

Deb Donnelly Designs on Etsy, these have dividers, pockets (inside and out) different prints, and look well designed, concerned they might not be able to stand alone, (i dislike a bag that falls over), handmade and one-of-a-kind, loaded with pockets for needles, scissors, patterns, center divider for separating yarns (on large bag only), feeding hole keeps yarn in place, easy-clean vinyl interior, over the should straps and come in different sizes, also good price range 35-90$ US. I’m: Seriously considering.

Colorsong Knitting Bags I found these on Knitter’s Review forum, they swear by them, it is leather, looks great, even able to carry your laptop or use as a carry on. Price looks like it was originally $275 but now $99. Good contender.

The Swift Knitting bag by Tom Bihn This bag was designed with input from Knitty in 2005, he used all of the suggestions for the greatest knitting bag and came up with this. Price $80. I don’t know if it is the photos, or the fabric, but it doesn’t do anything for me. Looks like there is room and pockets for everything you need to use. Not turning my crank.

The Handy Cady, looks functional and looks like my Aunt’s knitting bag. I like the price $16.50, but it may be designed more towards holding your knitting at home. Many pockets and stand alone style, plus the clear vinyl are a plus for finding everything. Six outer pockets with one larger pocket in the middle. Approximately 10" long x 8" high x 4" deep. Stands alone or can be removed from its stand with the snap buttons.  Good to have next to my knitting chair. May buy but still need a knitting bag.

Namaste Bags This is the bag that I originally wanted, but with several people telling me they didn’t like it, I was searching for something else. Love the appearance, I was looking at the Laguna Bag, price $69, you can find some of the other bags at yarn stores for a reduced price. Pockets, good handles, colors pretty. If anyone has this bag I would like to hear your opinion! This is my first place bag.

The Lexi Barnes Knitting Bag $130. Cute and I like the prints. Upside lots of room, pockets, stands alone, downside, price and looks a little too big, reminds me of my old bowling ball bag. Above is a You Tube review of it, which shows it very well. Makes me think that I’ll search in the luggage section.

The Della Q Knitting Bag, recommended by a fellow plurker. And there is a Dragonfly tote. A happy looking bag to tote your knitting in. Has chrome feet on this one, but she has many styles. I like the fabrics and they do look freestanding. She has a large variety of shapes and even sea grass bags. prices from $28 to $89 or so. Well it has dragonflies on it, so that almost trumps everything else, roomy and several pockets.

From Knit Picks the knitter’s carry all bag, size is large, colors bright and pretty. Roomy, stand alone. Deep snap pockets on the outside keep frequently used supplies close at hand. Inside, flexible pockets provide more opportunities to sort and keep your notions. An interior zip pocket keeps items from shifting about. Bag is 15"x6"x9". Price at $16.99 a steal. This bag may be big without being too big. Great bargain. They also offer a tote bag, similar prints, With a roomy interior, smooth lining and zip close storage on the inside, this bag is perfect for knitters. Large soft handles fit in your hand or over your shoulder for easy travel. Tote is 16”x6.25”x14.5”. Price $14.99 Cute to carry to work, price can’t be beat.

This one was recommended by Miss Violet, from Jordana Paige, The Knitter’s Satchel , Two shoulder straps with shoulder drop of 12",  Feet on bottom,  L 16" x W 6" x H 9.5", price is $89.00, and if you purchase the pink one, 10% is donated to the National Breast Cancer.org. I’m liking this the more I look at it.

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Knitters plan, Yarn laughs


I have been knitting, frogging, knitting, and frogging. Now I’m knitting again. Syd agrees, “not quite right?”.

I saw the “Knotted up” Bag from Bags that Rock Book (this is a felted bag pattern) and picked out some lovely yarn. It is Araucania Nature Wool Solids  from manufacturer “this 100% pure wool is carefully kettle dyed with the subtle variations in colors only hand dyed yarns have it's individual beauty emerges as the artisan carefully blends the colors in a kettle to create it's several unique shades.” Yes it sounds lovely.


Perfect for the bag I had in mind. You know the feeling, yarn + pattern = greatness. Ha.

I started knitting the first time on the bag, which is knitted in 5 sections, front and back, bottom, and sides/straps. After knitting the front, I looked at the amount of yarn left……I had only used a tiny amount. I had cast on with one strand, many felted purses use two strands of yarn held together. This pattern didn’t “say” use two strands.

I searched on the web and looked at the publishers site etc…. I could not find anyone who had knitted the bag. I decided to start the sides/handles and use two strands and see how it went. All the time monitoring my yarn usage, about 3/4 of the way up the side of the bag I decided “yes, it needs to be knitted with two stands.” So I frogged the front and started knitting it with two strands.

Two strands, and  front done, and now I’m happily knitting the back, when, eeeekkk. I’m out of my light color. Insert tragic music of your choice here.

OK, I’m stubborn, I looked around for another pattern to use that yarn with and after some dithering decided “no I really want it for this bag”.

So a charming evening was spent with my patient husband, frogging and winding balls, from two strands to one again.

So I start over again, with the original plan……and lots of little balls of yarn….


May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies…

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This and that….


Here are some cool things I have found while bopping around the web lately

-This is a cool idea to recycle those 2 liter bottles into a self watering pot for your plants

Self watering recycled plant pot for growing herbs and flowers - More DIY How To Projects

-Want to knit pretty jewelry from wire? This book Elements Of Style: Creating Jewelry with Wire, Fiber, Felt, and Beads by Rosemary Hill, looks like it can get you going. Price $22.95

-If you would rather felt some jewelry, check this book out, Hand Felted Jewelry and Beads: 25 Artful Designs by Carol Huber Cypher, Price $21.95

-Felted Flip Flops by Kelly Jensen sold on Etsy  $6.00 or on her website

-This Knit kit is something I have never seen. The Knit Kit is a great new product designed to keep all of your knitting accessories in one convenient little kit.  Includes:  tape measure, crochet needle, scissors, stitch markers, point protectors, stitch counter and thread cutter. $19.95

-I like this cute cat yarnaholic key chain. $4.85

-I was looking for a knitting coffee mug and ran across all of these. From $15-$25  a little pricey but cute.

-I like this shirred pillow case top, it looks so easy I think I can do it, and cool for summer. Great Tutorial.

-This cupcake in a teacup pincushion (felted) is for the sewers.

-This Heart button Nano cozy would be a nice gift.

-Here is a Mollie flower tutorial from Roman Sock.

-Ever think of spinning newspaper?


May you knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies..


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Spot O Tea anyone?

While on Plurk I saw that Yarn Piggy from flyingpigknits  knitted a cute tea pot cosy.

The Mistake Rib Teapot cosy by Frankie Brown. It’s a free download and an easy fun knit. Frankie is a great knitting designer and has many free patterns on Ravelry she just requests that you consider giving to Children’s Liver Disease Foundation www.justgiving.com/frankiesknittedstuff. Check her out.

I had happened to buy a new teapot one day, while shopping around.

025 (2) A cup of tea is great to accompany your knitting. Here I am working on my grey lace shawl.

So I thought, yes my teapot is dying for a cozy. I found some unknown yarn in my stash, a turquoise, (I think it is Manos?) in a pretty turquoise. I love blue.

002 Yes that looks nice.

004 Quick to start and knit along with a good podcast.

006 At home on my shelf. The pattern allows you to knit the tea cosy up to the lid or just to it.

Now I need more tea!!

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies.

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The Story of Grape Kool Aid and 2 at a time socks

I won some nice wool yarn from Where Is She Now?
001 (7)
All of the way from India
005 (9)
Some beige and grey yarn. While this yarn is lovely, it didn’t know what was in store for it. In the meantime, I ventured into Kool Aid dyeing.
After my first attempt, I decided I could take the beige and make it purple. But…..I would sprinkle the Kool Aid on it. Sooooo….. I soaked the yarn, and then put it in a plastic container and put it in the microwave for 2 min.
Then……..I opened up my grape Kool Aid (well generic kool aid)
Then I sprinkled and heated and then tossed and repeated until I was happy….
011 Sprinkle, sprinkle…..and heat
014 toss and sprinkle and heat…
020 And pretty soon it looked all different hues of purple and blue. So then I let it cool, rinsed and washed it, then hung it out to dry.
024 Pretty, and the yarn told me it wanted to be socks. But I didn’t have enough, so I went back and looked and the grey ball….I had some left over Kool Aid, so I over dyed it in the microwave.
Well a test piece first.
012 (2) hey it looks good. So I dyed it all.
015 (2) And put it out to dry, I can’t believe it matched so well, it is actually a red-purple, hard to tell in the sun.
Pretty!!! or maybe pretty lucky??
And so the socks begin…003 With a little beer..
002 I chose the Sailor’s Delight pattern from the 2-socks at a time book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes.
May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies…


Wouldn't you like to be knitting here....

Ali'i Kahekili Nui 'Ahumanu Beach Park Ka`anapali Hawai`i Sunset Kaanapali Hawaii
This is for all of my Hawaii knitter's who are always knitting in paradise. We all envy you!!
Knit and enjoy.
The island of Moloka. Sunset


Kool Aid Dyeing, Oh Yeah

I have a new wheel, a Lendrum folding wheel from Paradise Fibers, I love it, of course it’s the only wheel I know or how really used so I’m biased.


I started with roving to play with, then I had purchased about 12 or so oz of white merino at a fiber fair. I decided I would spin all of this and ply it. My logic was after that I would have a good idea of what I was doing. Which I think worked fairly well.

029 Some snaggles at first.

003 My first three skein of plied handspun. Woot….

Well I’m not sure what I had planned for this, but I just fondled them for a while, they were so soft and squishy, and made me smile. Some where along the line I decided they needed color. (I know some of these photos I have blogged before but I am so enamored by Kool Aid dyeing that they are having a encore presentation)

Numerous online bloggers recommended Kool Aid for my first foray into dyeing.


Even so, I was a bit uncertain as I started, after all this was my first, plyed handspun yarn. Off to Walmart to purchase Kool Aid. The colors spoke to me, I left thinking I would use yellow, but orange ended up in my cart. So pretty and happy, and it is almost summer.

001 Knitty has instructions.

Fill the pot, add the Kool Aid (see Knitty for amount), soak your skeins to get them totally wet (about 15 min) then put them in the pot and heat until nearly boiling.

006 Let sit covered for about 1/2 hour. Then let it cool, rinse your skeins in cool water. Then your ready to wash them in a mild soap and hang to dry.

003OOOOO the color is so pretty! There is also a microwave and solar method. The first time I heard of the solar method was from Knit, Spin and Life blog.

024 All dry and so soft and pretty, now I think it wants to be a sweater. I like the Faux Fair Isle Raglan Sweater from Spin to Knit by Shannon Oakey. Maybe a brown yarn on the bottom, my girlfriend suggested pink, hummmmm…..have to think about that.

So typical of me, usually in the middle of summer, upper 90’s and I will be working on something for the dead of winter.

Meanwhile…..Look what jumped in my cart at walmart today!


May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies….

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Lace weight yarn giveaway!!

The lace weight yarn goes to……


Marie from Knitted Gems, Syd is pleased


Send me your addy and I’ll post it off to you!


I’m digging in my stash for the June give away, I’ll let you know shortly.

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies.

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