Kool Aid Dyeing, Oh Yeah

I have a new wheel, a Lendrum folding wheel from Paradise Fibers, I love it, of course it’s the only wheel I know or how really used so I’m biased.


I started with roving to play with, then I had purchased about 12 or so oz of white merino at a fiber fair. I decided I would spin all of this and ply it. My logic was after that I would have a good idea of what I was doing. Which I think worked fairly well.

029 Some snaggles at first.

003 My first three skein of plied handspun. Woot….

Well I’m not sure what I had planned for this, but I just fondled them for a while, they were so soft and squishy, and made me smile. Some where along the line I decided they needed color. (I know some of these photos I have blogged before but I am so enamored by Kool Aid dyeing that they are having a encore presentation)

Numerous online bloggers recommended Kool Aid for my first foray into dyeing.


Even so, I was a bit uncertain as I started, after all this was my first, plyed handspun yarn. Off to Walmart to purchase Kool Aid. The colors spoke to me, I left thinking I would use yellow, but orange ended up in my cart. So pretty and happy, and it is almost summer.

001 Knitty has instructions.

Fill the pot, add the Kool Aid (see Knitty for amount), soak your skeins to get them totally wet (about 15 min) then put them in the pot and heat until nearly boiling.

006 Let sit covered for about 1/2 hour. Then let it cool, rinse your skeins in cool water. Then your ready to wash them in a mild soap and hang to dry.

003OOOOO the color is so pretty! There is also a microwave and solar method. The first time I heard of the solar method was from Knit, Spin and Life blog.

024 All dry and so soft and pretty, now I think it wants to be a sweater. I like the Faux Fair Isle Raglan Sweater from Spin to Knit by Shannon Oakey. Maybe a brown yarn on the bottom, my girlfriend suggested pink, hummmmm…..have to think about that.

So typical of me, usually in the middle of summer, upper 90’s and I will be working on something for the dead of winter.

Meanwhile…..Look what jumped in my cart at walmart today!


May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies….

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  1. I love how the color turned out!

  2. Love that orange! It looks yummy enough to eat...like a Dreamcycle!
    Good job!

  3. Luscious!

    Is there anything you can't do? :-)

    Can't wait to see it knitted up.

  4. Everytime I visit your blog, I end up wanting to spin. You have a magical effect over me.
    I love your orange yarn!


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