Knitted lace shawl with my handspun

Just a small update on my progress on using my handspun for my lace shawl

pattern: Free pattern here.

Not a very good photo, but you get the general idea.

House slippers done.

And of course I have help:

And more magnets, tee hee.....


Magnet whimsey, good Christmas gifts

Getting a little magnet whimsey into my life. So thanks to Not Martha I found a

magnet making tutorial. Now my friends and family have magnets!!

Extremely easy, a little messy , very fun!!

I found my glass marbles at Michaels, then found nicer larger ones at the

Dollar Tree Store in a variety of shapes.

Cheapest glue and magnets I found at Walmart.

A bit of a mess

For my girlfriend that is a pug freek (dog)

When redecorating be careful its easy to get toile mania!

And of course we all love to knit.

It is easy to use photos also, printed on card paper works best for me.

Great family gifts. And they are kinda  addictive, the more you make, the

more ideas you get.

And if you are too busy to make these, many, many people on Etsy

make them for a reasonable price, and no fuss or muss.

Have fun!


Knitting fears or are they really dreams

1. That I will actually plan to knit a toilet paper holder. But this sushi one is great.

2. That I will knit a toilet paper holder, no wait, a holder for the whole 6 pack of TP. Ok so I think this could have possibilities.

3. Ditto with knitting the whole family house shoes, this would be with acrylic yarn, probably in a lime green or orange color. But these are cute.

4.  That I will go blind and not be able to knit, no wait I bet I could still knit, well this woman does.

5. I would lose use of my hands, but we all know that little girl that draws with her toes. Is there anybody out there that knits with toes? Oh yeah, just found it on where else You Tube.

6. That I would get the urge to knit a life size Unicorn, or maybe I wouldn't be able to figure out how to knit a life size Unicorn.

7. I would die and someone would not "appreciate" all of the fibery goodness that is in my house.

8. That I could finally manage to figure out how to drive and knit responsibly. A policeman spots a women knitting and driving at the same time, he shouts out the windows "Pullover!", she yells back "no, a pair of socks".

9. I will stop having fantasy knitting daydreams during work meetings.

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Finish off Sunday

Today I am determined to finish some UFO's that have been laying around!

I completed my Two socks on one circular needle, although, I did cheat by

taking them off the needle and putting them on two sets of dpn's.

Then they were done in a snap!!

Thank goodness, I spent so much time trying to decide what I was doing, it

was a relief to get them on some familiar needles to get them done!

If you are just starting out making socks, this is my first and most favorite

book. Simple and understandable, the same people that have the Wonderful

Wallaby, another favorite of mine!!

Below taken from booklet:


The most popular of the Cottage Creations patterns! The hooded (or collared) and front pouch seamless sweater is knit from worsted weight yarn and circular needles. Size 2 to super-size adult. Accommodates the growing child very well--my 6-year-old daughter is still wearing hers (her favorite sweater) that was knit for her when she was 2!!


Like it says, I have knit this for babies and uncles. All good looking and fun to do!

Also finishing up my Grandma's easy slippers, thanks to The Quilter.blogspot.com,

for helping out with a copy of a previously unknown pattern:

Check out this link:, for the pattern, thanks Paula!!

My goal in all of this finishing craze is to clear out some projects so I can restart

my Creatures of the Reef Shawl. I think I may need different yarn, different

needles or maybe both. Giggles, of course this will mean shopping!!


Spinning and more spinning with my new Mother Marion kick spindle

I bought a kick spindle from Ford4Him's Etsy Shop. I have been lusting after a

spinning wheel. But my budget says no, so while looking around and shopping

I found this on Etsy, after reading about kick spindles or Mother Marion "spinning

wheel" I became interested.

below is taken from seller's Etsy shop, he also has a website.


Mother Marion's Spinning Wheel aka Kick Spindle/Kick Wheel
This spindle/wheel is also called Mother Marion's Magnificent Spinning Machine. This type of wheel was developed in 1981 and named after the inventor's mother-in-law. Heavenly Handspinning has updated this wonderful device, which works similarly to a drop spindle, but will allow you to sit or stand while spinning, freeing both hands for working with the roving.
The wheel is turned with your foot or hand (depending on whether it's placed on the floor or a table) and spinning occurs off the tip and hook. The length and stationary aspect of this wheel make it an excellent choice for plying.
The combination of light-weight, portability and ease of use, make this wheel/spindle - perfect to take anywhere.
"Little Meggie" has been updated for the 21st century, with the addition of a radial ball bearing. The spindle base rests in the ball bearing, creating a longer spin.
The wheel is handmade by Heavenly Handspinning - www.heavenlyhandspinning.com .


You can see it in action on You Tube, if you are interested.

After searching I found several sites selling them.

My DH taking the pics

Out of the box

Easy to slip the spindle into place

After several minutes of "spinning"!!

More info after I have had time to work with it some.


Featured Etsy seller

You all know how much I love Etsy. I think many things contribute to this, shopping in my pajamas with my coffee in my house in no makeup is a primo one. But also supporting indie artisans, it makes me feel good. There are many, many talented people out there, and the Internet and allows them to practice their craft, (maybe not profit, but maybe just enough to allow them to continue, especially in these lean times)

And, hey it makes me feel good that I am promoting someone with their creations. So now I have justified my shopping. Giggles

I found Tuilps Treasure Box, and love this statement she makes

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed." ♥

From jewelry to clothing and purses and totes, she has a fun outlook on her creations.

In addition to that she is having a fab sale, I can not decide what I like best.

Enjoy the pics, she also has a blog, Tulip's Treasure Box,

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Handspun shawl pattern

Here is the handspun I am working on. When picking out yarn it usually lets

me know what I should knit with it. I have found this to be true with fiber

also. This fiber immediately started whispering "shawl" to me.

I found this shawl pattern list on the blog Simple Knits all triangular shawls.

Then are ranked by amount of yarn needed. How handy is that! Thanks to

Vicki for all of her hard work, please check her blog out!! She has more lists of

patterns! A great resource!

I was searching for a shawl which I could knit as I spin. Something that didn't

matter how much yarn I ended up with, yet pretty.

I fell in love with this shawl, simple, but not just garter stitch, light and airy.

Just exactly what this yarn had been telling me!

So it looks like I am finally going to cast on some of my handspun!! I have had

a phobia about it.

Other wise I am on a mad mission to finish my UFO's!! Hopefully pictures to


Like my dogs, a little coolness in the air, several leaves start falling from the

trees, the days are getting shorter and this brings me renewed energy.


Hand Spindle Sculpture

It is our anniversary today!

My present was a Hand Spindle Sculpture

Materials: Plexiglas, Aluminum


My husband loves to make pizza, sometimes I wonder how much pizza

can we consume? A lot!!

My present to him:


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Olympic Opening Ceremony Knitting

Watching the fantastic Olympic opening ceremony was fantastic, I couldn't help

think of all of the work that went into the wondrous costumes. China is a

country with so many people and a great history of handcrafting.

A dazzling fireworks display over the National Stadium helps launch the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics on Friday. (Bullit Marquez/Associated Press


Regardless of your politics it was an amazing display.

So I thought it fitting and timely that I finish my Lola Bunny, (after all the baby

shower is this week!)

And I decided our bunny needed a white tail...

I'm pretty pleased with him, and he is now all wrapped up and ready to great

his new owner, Tristan. Who may be arriving early!

Pictures to follow!!

Enjoy watching the games!!


Knittin Funk

Lately I have been in a big funk, no knitting, no spinning, no fun.

Thanks to Nancy at Nancy's Arts, Crafts and Favorites! She got me out of my big


Now I am spinning again....

I am entertaining the idea of dying this, I have never tried it.

This is a new spindle that my DH made, it is made of cedar, extremely lightweight.

I am having a little trouble getting used to it. Here I am spinning my Carnival

colorway from The Ranches Angoras on Etsy.

He also made a smaller whorl to put on it (a two in one spindle), and this has

made me decide I need to order some cotton fiber to spin. I found this, that

looks pretty, but it is only 2 oz. I did find this on Ebay, and they have so much

that it makes my head spin.

I have to finish my Lola bunny, (baby shower on Sat!!) so the rest of this week I

have decided I will finish my UFO's, at least two of them.

I am going to start working on my Creatures of the Reef Shawl again. I can't seem

to get anywhere with it. I have decided that I need different yarn,

Dena on Ravelry, pointed me in the direction of a guy on Ebay. But before

I get to that I promised myself I will finish at least two things.



Wouldn't you like to be knitting here

Tammela, south finnland


Brillante Weblog awards

Thanks to A Feather Adrift for this award, she is an excellent blogger, always giving me something to woolgather about the rest of my day.

Since I've been in a Hot, Humid, Lazy days of summer funk, I'm going to give this to some blogs that have made me smile in the recent days.

1. Softies Central, I'm not sure where she finds all of these creations, but they always get a smile from me.

2.The Best of DIY, useful tips, tutorials for pretty little things.

3.The PurlBee lots and lots of good things. Love your felted mushrooms!

4. Spin, Knit and Life, great spinning, which never fails to makes my fingers twitch.

5.Knitlob's Lair Louhittaren Luola, love reading her blog, it's charming.

Pass this award onto 5 weblogs that you think are brilliant, link to them and let them know they have been awarded by commenting on their blog.

If you don't wish to pass it along don't sweat it just enjoy it, as I have enjoyed your blogs.

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