Finish off Sunday

Today I am determined to finish some UFO's that have been laying around!

I completed my Two socks on one circular needle, although, I did cheat by

taking them off the needle and putting them on two sets of dpn's.

Then they were done in a snap!!

Thank goodness, I spent so much time trying to decide what I was doing, it

was a relief to get them on some familiar needles to get them done!

If you are just starting out making socks, this is my first and most favorite

book. Simple and understandable, the same people that have the Wonderful

Wallaby, another favorite of mine!!

Below taken from booklet:


The most popular of the Cottage Creations patterns! The hooded (or collared) and front pouch seamless sweater is knit from worsted weight yarn and circular needles. Size 2 to super-size adult. Accommodates the growing child very well--my 6-year-old daughter is still wearing hers (her favorite sweater) that was knit for her when she was 2!!


Like it says, I have knit this for babies and uncles. All good looking and fun to do!

Also finishing up my Grandma's easy slippers, thanks to The Quilter.blogspot.com,

for helping out with a copy of a previously unknown pattern:

Check out this link:, for the pattern, thanks Paula!!

My goal in all of this finishing craze is to clear out some projects so I can restart

my Creatures of the Reef Shawl. I think I may need different yarn, different

needles or maybe both. Giggles, of course this will mean shopping!!

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  1. Looks like you are preparing for Winter! It does feel good to get old projects off the needles :)


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