Handspun shawl pattern

Here is the handspun I am working on. When picking out yarn it usually lets

me know what I should knit with it. I have found this to be true with fiber

also. This fiber immediately started whispering "shawl" to me.

I found this shawl pattern list on the blog Simple Knits all triangular shawls.

Then are ranked by amount of yarn needed. How handy is that! Thanks to

Vicki for all of her hard work, please check her blog out!! She has more lists of

patterns! A great resource!

I was searching for a shawl which I could knit as I spin. Something that didn't

matter how much yarn I ended up with, yet pretty.

I fell in love with this shawl, simple, but not just garter stitch, light and airy.

Just exactly what this yarn had been telling me!

So it looks like I am finally going to cast on some of my handspun!! I have had

a phobia about it.

Other wise I am on a mad mission to finish my UFO's!! Hopefully pictures to


Like my dogs, a little coolness in the air, several leaves start falling from the

trees, the days are getting shorter and this brings me renewed energy.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the link to Vicki's blog. Now I need to go look through all her lists.

  2. OMG! Did you take that picture of the moon?? What a GREAT picture!

  3. I'm so glad you finally found a pattern to use your handspun yarn in. It's going to be fabulous!

  4. What a great pattern selection. A triangle shawl is my favorite item item. Can't wait to see yours :)

  5. Anonymous8/19/2008

    wow, do I like the pattern. Thanks for the link. I'll stop by and add it most likely to my list. I love shawls and this one is lovely. Your yarn is so beautiful. And if you took that pic, it is awesome indeed! Do you post photos at SkyWatch? let me know if you do. You would get tons of visitors with pics like that!

  6. I like that fiber. Can't wait to see the shawl.

  7. Wow... I wish coolness gave me energy. It just gives me the blues. I do so well in the summertime, I always feel more healthy when I can open windows in the house. Winter is low energy, the minute we close doors.

    I'm racing to try and finish everything I can before my "oomph level" dies down...

    LynnH, glad someone is enjoying this season transition...


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