Brillante Weblog awards

Thanks to A Feather Adrift for this award, she is an excellent blogger, always giving me something to woolgather about the rest of my day.

Since I've been in a Hot, Humid, Lazy days of summer funk, I'm going to give this to some blogs that have made me smile in the recent days.

1. Softies Central, I'm not sure where she finds all of these creations, but they always get a smile from me.

2.The Best of DIY, useful tips, tutorials for pretty little things.

3.The PurlBee lots and lots of good things. Love your felted mushrooms!

4. Spin, Knit and Life, great spinning, which never fails to makes my fingers twitch.

5.Knitlob's Lair Louhittaren Luola, love reading her blog, it's charming.

Pass this award onto 5 weblogs that you think are brilliant, link to them and let them know they have been awarded by commenting on their blog.

If you don't wish to pass it along don't sweat it just enjoy it, as I have enjoyed your blogs.

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  1. Thank you so much for your award. I like to hear when people appreciate my posts, lets me know I'm not doing it for nothing! Thanks!

  2. Congratulations - well deserved! I enjoyed checking out your awardees (sp?) they are a creative group and I loved the pictures.

  3. Thank you Vicki. You deserve the award. You have really nice pictures. Very calming.

  4. And I've got you another award.
    Check it out in my blog!

    C ya!

  5. Thank you for the award (and sorry for not noticing earlier)! I am glad you enjoy my blog :)


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