Magnet whimsey, good Christmas gifts

Getting a little magnet whimsey into my life. So thanks to Not Martha I found a

magnet making tutorial. Now my friends and family have magnets!!

Extremely easy, a little messy , very fun!!

I found my glass marbles at Michaels, then found nicer larger ones at the

Dollar Tree Store in a variety of shapes.

Cheapest glue and magnets I found at Walmart.

A bit of a mess

For my girlfriend that is a pug freek (dog)

When redecorating be careful its easy to get toile mania!

And of course we all love to knit.

It is easy to use photos also, printed on card paper works best for me.

Great family gifts. And they are kinda  addictive, the more you make, the

more ideas you get.

And if you are too busy to make these, many, many people on Etsy

make them for a reasonable price, and no fuss or muss.

Have fun!


  1. Vicki,
    What an interesting craft. I like those magnets. I might have to try that.

  2. Fantastic!
    Now I want to try making some too.

  3. Ok, I know I don't have time to make these, but you have me looking all over Etsy!


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