Spinning and more spinning with my new Mother Marion kick spindle

I bought a kick spindle from Ford4Him's Etsy Shop. I have been lusting after a

spinning wheel. But my budget says no, so while looking around and shopping

I found this on Etsy, after reading about kick spindles or Mother Marion "spinning

wheel" I became interested.

below is taken from seller's Etsy shop, he also has a website.


Mother Marion's Spinning Wheel aka Kick Spindle/Kick Wheel
This spindle/wheel is also called Mother Marion's Magnificent Spinning Machine. This type of wheel was developed in 1981 and named after the inventor's mother-in-law. Heavenly Handspinning has updated this wonderful device, which works similarly to a drop spindle, but will allow you to sit or stand while spinning, freeing both hands for working with the roving.
The wheel is turned with your foot or hand (depending on whether it's placed on the floor or a table) and spinning occurs off the tip and hook. The length and stationary aspect of this wheel make it an excellent choice for plying.
The combination of light-weight, portability and ease of use, make this wheel/spindle - perfect to take anywhere.
"Little Meggie" has been updated for the 21st century, with the addition of a radial ball bearing. The spindle base rests in the ball bearing, creating a longer spin.
The wheel is handmade by Heavenly Handspinning - www.heavenlyhandspinning.com .


You can see it in action on You Tube, if you are interested.

After searching I found several sites selling them.

My DH taking the pics

Out of the box

Easy to slip the spindle into place

After several minutes of "spinning"!!

More info after I have had time to work with it some.


  1. It's very neat looking!

    But, I don't get it. I use a drop spindle. I sit when I spin and both of my hands are always on the roving except for the occasional flick of the shaft.

    Oh, I think I see. I use a bottom whorl (Turkish) and you use a top whorl. The techniques must be different.

    Are you able to spin any faster with the MM kick spindle?

  2. I've had my kick spindle for a year now and I love it. It's all I've got aside from a drop spindle which I don't use much at all.

    I love that I can sit back on the couch with my feet up and spin with my hand because sitting up too long makes my back and legs hurt. But mine spins off the tip rather than a hook.

    I think you'll love it.

  3. Vicki,
    Let us know how it works. Sounds interesting. I wonder if it a lot faster then a regular drop spindle.

  4. Heya! I'm expecting a kick spindle by Monday, actually -- I'm pretty excited. I've spun on drop spindles for about a month and a half, so I understand (kind of) the basics. Do you like yours? I'd be interested to read more posts after you get to play with it for a while. ^_^

  5. I've never heard of such a thing! I will be interested in what you think.

  6. I have no idea if it looks good or not. Looks like a pumpkin on a stick to me. LOL. I'm sure you will put it to the use intended Vicki. Happy spinning, your yarn that I've seen so far is beautiful indeed.

  7. Anonymous9/11/2008

    How do you like your kick spindle?


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