Gradient yarn hand dyed

Working on the shawl pattern arlequin shawl (free pattern). Love the pattern.
I started with 3 skeins, 100% wool yarn & hand dyed them. I decided it needs two more. 
I'm not sure if these all go together. The one on the far left is not what I had in mind, it got muddy while dyeing, now I'm undecided. 
I'm working in each skein with several rows of colors to make the transition/ gradient look effect. 
Any suggestions? I'm trying to decide if I need to try to dye another skein up.
Thanks for any thoughts!


Rustic Placemats

Fall is coming and I’m getting in the mood for it. I like to have some small, easy projects to work on, to take “on the go” and/or while watching TV, sitting outside etc.…
Rustic Knitted Place mats (free pattern)
I was looking around for some yarn in my stash and ran across some from another project. Two skeins of Red Heart Boutique Treasure in the colorway Abstract. This yarn is an acrylic/wool blend. I love it, and have made another item with it. I have washed and worn it for several winters and it has not pilled on me, and I like the acrylic/wool blend, getting the best of both worlds. It is what they call Aran weight. I would say a slightly bulky yarn. It knits up fast and has a nice drape & feel. I love the variation in the colors which have a nice length to the transition.

Yarn Weight: Aran
Blend: 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool
Needles: 6.00mm (US 10) - 6.50mm (US 10.5)
Ball Weight: 3.5oz
Yarn Length: 138m (150 yds.)
Gauge: 16-14 stitches, 22-16 rows to 4"
Rustic Knitted Place mats (free pattern)

Super easy pattern:
I cast on 45 stitches on # 10.5 needles, knitted until my mat was long enough for what I wanted.
Cast off, and then to make it look neater, I went around it 2 times in single crochet.
Using two ball of this yarn, 300 yards, made two placemat size mats, two coasters, and since I wanted to use the yarn up. I made on mat in a single crochet circle until I ran out, about a 9 inch wide circle. Perfect for a flower vase.
Enjoy and Happy Knitting


Ombre Knitted Summer Shawl

I’ve been in a major knitting slump and was in JoAnn’s buying something else, this yarn was a spontaneous buy. I had no idea what to knit with it, so I decided on the pattern on the label.
Lafayette Shawl, Free Knitting Pattern link, Lace Shawl

Yarn Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, this yarn is 100% acrylic, it is a singly ply twist with a very soft silky feel. I like the long repeats of color, which is extremely vibrant.I thought it would work well for a gift to someone who didn’t want any wool in it. Very happy with the light ness of the shawl, I would describe the yarn as DK weight. The yarn feels so nice that I bought another two skeins for another project.
Lafayette Shawl, Free Knitting Pattern link, Lace ShawlLafayette Shawl, Free Knitting Pattern link, Lace Shawl
I ended up using 3 skeins of the yarn, due to making a crochet lace boarder. Boarder was single crochet across, turn. Then chain 3 sc in 2nd chain, chain 2, skip one single crochet in the previous row and sc in the next one. repeat until the end. This forms a picot like little edge.
I also did a single crochet across the top of the shawl to reinforce it. (the yarn is single ply and I wanted to give it a bit more support on that edge) The shawl measures 7 feet long (or edge to edge) by 3 feet from middle to tip of triangle. Nice size and I’m happy that I can wind it around my neck and wear it like a winter scarf.
Now I have almost a full skein left of the one I bought to make sure there would be enough for the crochet lace edge. Planning on making a hat.
Happy Knitting