Lola Bunny progress and Sursa shawl

Progress has been  good.

Lola Bunny is fun to knit and progressing good. Shawl is fast, fun and easy. It makes me want to start another one for someone else.

I like the Lola Bunny Pattern, and after

making a crochet elephant, it is nice to try a knitted toy pattern. I also found another pattern on the Schaefer yarn co. Lola Curly the Pig. Very cute..

It's storming here and the colors on the shawl picture don't do the actual piece justice



Memorial Day super Cast On

It's Memorial Day and rainy here. What better way to celebrate than to curl up in my chair with a latte and start casting on.

First project Schaefer yarn Lola Bunny designed by Beth Skwarecki, I found this little Cutie on The Knitting Blog by Mr. Puffy the Dog.  It is super cute and I have several baby showers to go to, I usually make my crochet baby blanket, but have made so many of those, I need to try something else. I saw this and knew this was the pattern to try. Free pattern download here.

I am trying this using the magic loop method, which I have always had trouble with, (ladders), until I watched this utube by Knitwitch, I urge you to check out her other videos also. She is a very good teacher.


Her website is filled with nice goodies, Yarn bowls, spindle bowls, ceramic buttons, among other things. All made by her.

Whoops, I'm shopping..

I got back the Doggie Bag I finished, I used the pattern from the Yarnpath. My

002beading girlfriend made a little beaded tie for it.

It is so pretty, I have decided to line it,

and use it to carry my sock in progress with me.


And also inspired by Mr. Puffy I am casting on the Sursa Shawl from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Book Number Two;, can't wait to see how it turns out. I think it will be a quick knit.

Mr. Puffy is wise in the ways of knitting and reminds me of the book: Everything I need to know I learned from my dog.

One of the lessons that has always stayed with me is: Take Naps, Play Nice, Snuggle Often. I'm sure Mr. Puffy has some knitting knowledge he could include.


Knitting as use in alcohol and drug recovery therapy

If you have not visited this blog KnittingLadies - Knitting Crochet Program at Interim House, drop past and see what a difference some yarn and needles can make. (They also take yarn donations)

Kathryn Duffy LCSW is the knitterly inspiration of this program. See her article: Knitting through Recovery: One Stitch at a time.

I love the article written by Linda Cortright for Wild Fibers.

These are her first three sentences:

I am an addict.
I exhibit compulsive behavior when engaged in those certain activities that frequently lead to a mood altering state.
I am not alone.

Does Knitting work as a tool in alcohol and drug recovery because it is a substitute behavior?

As knitters we use terms that addicts use, and frequently admit to our addiction:

For example stash, crack yarn, yarn porn (thanks Lime N Violet), yarn is my drug of choice, yarn fix. We admitted we were powerless over yarn, and of course we all need to be on a yarn diet sometimes.

I'm sure we all have someone in our lives that is battling  with drugs or alcohol, it seems that to leave that behind, it's necessary to begin a new "habit" or "practice". Often I see compulsive smoking, and or coffee drinking.

I believe this is why knitting can be so valuable a tool in recovery. Knitter's are extremely kind, loving to all, big hearted, always ready to share and delight in teaching or knitting with others.

Knitting itself, whether done alone or in groups, is healing and restorative. A meditation like activity and restores the inner being.

It allows you to sit and think, experience your emotions or what ever you have been using drugs or alcohol to numb. Yet while experiencing it, somehow it sooths and nurtures.

Well sometimes you do have to throw a piece of knitting across the room and scream. But that allows us to experience anger also. NO?

No matter if it is sickness in heart or soul, knitting may help you.

Pick up some needles and get some yarn that calls your name. Find someone to help you and start.


Lord of the Elephants, Amigurumi style

Done!! My elephant turned out to be approximately 12 inches tall and 13 inches long.

Dedicated to all elephant lovers out there.

Right now he is living on top of my TV. (no flat screen yet) I had alot of fun making him, I do have a hodge podge of instructions that I tried to keep up with.

If there is interest I will try to write up.


Going green, simple and easy

In this Etsy shop A Cozy Life , I am reminded of a simpler way.

Pretty and affordable kitchen cloths, (we all love them, but don't have time to make them sometimes), Headbands, scarf's, and bandanas.

Check them out!



Amigurumi and Ganesha

I needed some whimsy in my life.

I started by playing around with some bright turquoise simply soft yarn.

Ended up making a Amigurumi version of Ganesha. So far he has made me laugh, I am having the most trouble with his trunk, which is looking slightly hmm, well not exactly like I envisioned it.

006 005

Maybe after I add some tusks and ears.


Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches, I think of family members that have served our country.

My father is one of eight, many of which served their country.

My husband served in Vietnam.

What I have observed in them:

1) They have life long friends, forged in times that we cannot imagine.

2) They take politics very seriously, especially ones involving wars, conflicts ie.. whatever we are calling them at the moment.

3) They are slow to anger, tender at heart, and take things seriously.

4) They had to grow up fast, saw newly made friends suffer and die.

5) Few words are said among them about what passed, but just a look between them says volumes.

May we think of them this Memorial Day and send them love and healing, especially those still in service.

vietnam_napalm_girl     Running Children


Then 21 years old, Ut was working as a photographer for Associated Press in Saigon when he heard that the South Vietnamese Air Force was napalming a village called Trang Bang. By the time he arrived, the village was engulfed in black smoke and the road leading to it was on fire.

Out of the smoke came a group of children, running towards him. First was a little boy in shorts, his face locked in a rictus of shock. Behind him was a naked nine-year-old girl.

She had torn her clothes off because they were burning her and was screaming, Nong qua! Nong qua! - 'Too hot! Too hot!' As the girl came closer, Ut saw that what he had assumed were strips of clothing hanging from her shoulders were actually strips of skin.

This photograph, too, went around the world. It won Ut a Pulitzer Prize and became one of the key images of the Vietnam War, creating such shock and revulsion that it was widely credited with hastening the American withdrawal from South-east Asia.

Burning Monk


On the evening of June 10, 1963 Malcolm Browne, a 30-year-old photographer from New York who had been sent to Vietnam by his employer Associated Press to cover the war, received a call telling him to be at a particular intersection in Saigon the next morning as something important was going to happen.

He was there waiting the following morning, along with David Halberstam, a reporter from The New York Times, when a car pulled up and three or four monks got out. One, Thich Quang Duc, sat on the ground in the lotus position with a box of matches in his hand while the others proceeded to pour gasoline over him from jerry cans.

Thich Quang Duc then struck a match and instantly made himself and Malcolm Browne world famous. In contrast to the wailing of the people watching, as he burned he never made a sound nor moved a muscle, such was his self-discipline.

The Buddhist monk had discussed his intentions with his superiors at the Linh-Mu Pagoda in Hue and with members of the Buddhist community. His protest was designed to draw attention to the harsh treatment that Buddhists were receiving from the US-backed Catholic regime of Ngo Dinh Diem.

The United States had helped put Diem into the position of ruler of South Vietnam in the belief that he would be the most likely candidate to prevent it from falling under communist control.

However, Diem was a Catholic and when he took control he ignored the advice of the US and made many decision that upset the predominantly Buddhist population.

Thich Quang Duc had written to Diem asking him to end the repression of Buddhism, to stop detaining monks and give them the right to practice and spread their religion and to lift the ban on them flying their traditional Buddhist flag, but had not received a reply. This final act followed several weeks of deep meditation.

The New York Times didn't publish the photograph the following morning but the next day when it was seen by US President Kennedy it is believed that the president made the decision that Diem should go.

In the following months five other Buddhist monks followed Thich Quang Duc�s example and killed themselves and although they were religious statements they were also seen as political acts committed to draw attention to the injustices being perpetrated by a puppet government of the American imperialists against the South Vietnamese people.

By December of that year Diem�s regime had been overthrown and he had been replaced by Nguyen Van Thieu, Kennedy had been assassinated and American public opinion had swung against the war.

Malcolm Browne's decision not to intervene and prevent Thich Quang Duc�s self-immolation haunted him for many years. He felt that in those seconds he could have saved the monk's life but he chose to take photographs instead.

Perhaps by doing so and helping to show the world what was happening in Vietnam Malcolm Browne, in his small way, hastened the end of the war thereby saving many other lives at the cost of Thich Quang Duc's.

Of course, Thich Quang Duc must be given far more credit for changing the world�s perception of the Vietnam War, after all, his was the ultimate sacrifice.

It is said that the only part of Thich Quang Duc's body that wasn't burnt was his heart, even after his body was subjected to ritual cremation, and it is kept at the Reserve Bank of Vietnam as a holy relic.

These photographs won Malcolm a Pulitzer Prize in 1964.


Wouldn't you like to be knitting here!

Rocky Mountain PFA, Armurchee, Georgia


Progress on socks on one circular needle

Now that I know what I am doing this is progressing quickly, and is nice to transport in my purse to knit. It's nice not to have a bunch of dp's sticking out and my stitches coming off.

I am actually using a 32 inch long needle, I know it calls for a 40 inch. I think this would make it easier, but I have had no trouble. I am using sock yarn, maybe the 40 inch would be necessary if you were using a bulkier yarn.



The author emailed me, (many thanks, with corrections to the book)

You’ll want to make the following changes to the technique section of the book, and then check Storey Publishing’s web site for the errata in a couple of charts. Changing the steps below will make this a smooth process (honest!)

Step 17: next to last sentence should read “End having just worked a right side row”

Turning the Heels, last sentence should read ”…beginning with sock A”

Step 18: Should read “On heel flap A…”

Step 22, 23: change all B’s to A’s.

Once I got this, things breezed along. I am already planning on trying another pair.

With the heel turned and the gusset almost done I am getting excited.

This is the only circular needle method that I have found that you can use your favorite sock pattern. (well except for magic loop) which is very similar.


May Flowers to make for decorating your home

I have gotten rid of all of my real plants, or the puppies did, and "decluttered" my fake plants. I found this free pattern online for a very nice crochet floral centerpiece.

centerpiece_op This won't die on you and no watering!


image_1113 Here are some Daffodils here

lrgpassionflower1 A passionflower here.


cap_005 A cute Lilly


60179aa Or a variety of felted ones.


And life is like that...

I was having a really bad day that seemed to go on forever. You know the kind I mean. It was one of those futile days, everything was wrong, no one I saw was happy, grumbling everywhere. I dropped things, lost things I just had in my hand, and forgot important things that were happening just today.

And it seemed like maybe my shoes were too small, or my head wasn't screwed on just right, like the Grinchginch

But then I ran into a girlfriend I haven't seen for awhile. She said "Oh I'm so glad to see you!". Then she proceeded to tell me she needed a replacement flannel quilt for her grandson. He had to go to the hospital and lost his.

She had picked one with a pirate theme. Little pirates and jolly roger skulls. Well it seems that these pirates had somehow been protecting him from the monsters in his closet, which is where we all know, monsters love to hang out.

So in that moment my heart swelled from being two sizes too small to bursting with joy.

Pirates to the rescue!


Two socks on one circular needle

Wow, I bought the book Two at a Time Socks on one circular needle, loved the idea. After much confusion I found a tutorial at the blog: Type A Knitting Obsession, thank you, thank you.011

The book has a lot of great patterns, of 140 pages, only page 14-30 are the instructions on how to get this accomplished. With only 46 steps, I almost took my big knotty confusion of yarn and stitches and put them on dp's.012

I was looking for any tips online and the only one I could find was at the above blog. Although her tutorial is toe up, and I am doing a cuff down. The pictures and instruction got me going.

Thanks a million Lindsay!!009

In the middle of searching for this I found the best utube tutorial of Magic Hoop, I did try this and it seems, as promised to eliminate the ladders that are commonly seen with this method.

Check it out! From the KnitWitch


Crappy bag to evening bag

I survived the seminar. I did get a small amount of knitting done.

I finished the crappy bag from the Yarnpath blog. Pictures later, my co worker that went with me, is a beader. She deemed after looking at the yarn strap I was making that it was all wrong, and pack my little bag up to take home and make a beaded ribbon strap. So from crappy bag to evening bag, I can't wait to see it!!

I also got a small amount of knitting done on some socks. The general consensus of the seminar people was "Why would you want to knit socks when you can buy them?" Yes I could find no fellow knitters. I managed to knit discreetly on breaks.


I did escape one evening and found a book store, I ended up buying several yarn related books:003

1) The Yarn Harlot's guide to the land of the knitting. Yes sometimes we just need to read about someone who loves knitting.

2) Two at a time Socks, Yes I am still looking at ways to do this, I find it intriguing  although most of the time not really happy with the result. This book looks promising.

3) Toys to crochet, this was so adorable I couldn't resist. A cow with her wobbly calf, Mermaid, and giraffe. I hope to make one of these soon.

After reading a little of the Two socks at a time book, I am going to attempt to convert the socks I am knitting now to one circular. So I am just continuing the cuff on the second sock to the same length of the first and I'll see what happens.