Two socks on one circular needle

Wow, I bought the book Two at a Time Socks on one circular needle, loved the idea. After much confusion I found a tutorial at the blog: Type A Knitting Obsession, thank you, thank you.011

The book has a lot of great patterns, of 140 pages, only page 14-30 are the instructions on how to get this accomplished. With only 46 steps, I almost took my big knotty confusion of yarn and stitches and put them on dp's.012

I was looking for any tips online and the only one I could find was at the above blog. Although her tutorial is toe up, and I am doing a cuff down. The pictures and instruction got me going.

Thanks a million Lindsay!!009

In the middle of searching for this I found the best utube tutorial of Magic Hoop, I did try this and it seems, as promised to eliminate the ladders that are commonly seen with this method.

Check it out! From the KnitWitch

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