Crappy bag to evening bag

I survived the seminar. I did get a small amount of knitting done.

I finished the crappy bag from the Yarnpath blog. Pictures later, my co worker that went with me, is a beader. She deemed after looking at the yarn strap I was making that it was all wrong, and pack my little bag up to take home and make a beaded ribbon strap. So from crappy bag to evening bag, I can't wait to see it!!

I also got a small amount of knitting done on some socks. The general consensus of the seminar people was "Why would you want to knit socks when you can buy them?" Yes I could find no fellow knitters. I managed to knit discreetly on breaks.


I did escape one evening and found a book store, I ended up buying several yarn related books:003

1) The Yarn Harlot's guide to the land of the knitting. Yes sometimes we just need to read about someone who loves knitting.

2) Two at a time Socks, Yes I am still looking at ways to do this, I find it intriguing  although most of the time not really happy with the result. This book looks promising.

3) Toys to crochet, this was so adorable I couldn't resist. A cow with her wobbly calf, Mermaid, and giraffe. I hope to make one of these soon.

After reading a little of the Two socks at a time book, I am going to attempt to convert the socks I am knitting now to one circular. So I am just continuing the cuff on the second sock to the same length of the first and I'll see what happens.



  1. You'll want to make the following changes to the technique section of the book, and then check Storey Publishing's website for the errata in a couple of charts. Changing the steps below will make this a smooth process (honest!)

    Step 17: next to last sentence should read “End having just worked a right side row”

    Turning the Heels, last sentence should read ”…beginning with sock A”

    Step 18: Should read “On heel flap A…”

    Step 22, 23: change all B’s to A’s.

    Have fun!!

  2. Well, welcome back to the land of the Knitters. Here you won't find anybody saying "Why don't you just go buy a pair of socks or mittens at Walmart?" A million good reasons why. Keep right on enjoying your knitting. I'll be knitting right beside you.


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